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Welcome to Antiquatis

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Submitted by LoneBear on Fri, 02/21/2014 - 15:28

I am currently in the process of reloading content from the old site, trying to keep the old URL paths valid. Registrations are enabled, you will need a registration code to create an account due to the high number of bogus registrations from "zombie" computers, trying to spam the site. I just don't have the time to waste deleting bogus accounts and posts; logging in to find 960 new accounts, all made of random letters and numbers, and 4000 posts pending approval for Viagra... I have better things to do.

I am making registration codes available on the forum (with an expiration date, to keep them from getting into the BotNet network) and will set up a referral system for any user that already has an account, so they can get an registration code to invite others. See the forum topic: Welcome to Antiquatis! READ BEFORE REGISTERING!

I have the site configured with four levels of access, depending on how much the material here interests you:

Anonymous, which is what the public (and search engines) see. This is basically the minimum level of information, to give people a general idea of what the site is about and has some public domain books, articles and blogs

Authenticated access, which is what you get when you create a user account. If you took the time to do this, then you are probably interested in the material and get a little more stuff, in the form of additional research and reference material.

Virtual Monastery access, which can be applied for by any authenticated user by following the instructions in the Kheb Monastery reference book. This provides a private area for discussion (still working on that) and access to the knowledge and experience of Guides to help you on your path. I am currently putting my research out there, on Life, the Universe and Everything.

Guided access, which I am still working on, where you can choose a personal Guide to help you work out things. This is basically like tutoring in school or hiring a tour guide, where some explorers work together in a small group of similar goals, so they can assist each other on their path and have access to an advisor that has some experience on that path. Having done this most of my life with a one-on-one situation, I am going to restrict guided access to a maximum of 5 people per guide. Having taught High School, I know what big class sizes are like--and the problems they create.

I have comments enabled for all the books, courses and reference materials, for non-anoymous access. Please post a comment if you have a great idea concerning something you read, or need clarification on a particular concept. Feedback is important in the sharing of maps.