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Other books on the Reciprocal System of physical theory

Dewey B. Larson

Structure of the Physical Universe (1959)

Nothing But Motion (1979)

Basic Properties of Matter (1988)

Universe of Motion (1984)

Beyond Space and Time (1996)

Quasars and Pulsars (1971)

The Neglected Facts of Science (1982)

Beyond Newton (1964)

The Case Against the Nuclear Atom (1964)

New Light on Space and Time (1965)

The Road to Full Employment (1976)

The Road to Permanent Prosperity (2008)

Monograph on the Liquid State (1996)


George Hamner

Quaternion Organon (2002)


KVK Nehru

Collected Writings of KVK Nehru on the Reciprocal System of theory (1982)


Ronald Satz

Unmysterious Universe (1971)


Arnold Studtmann

Towards a Unified Cosmological Physics (1965)


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