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Submitted by Viktor Schauberger on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 17:19

While the previous explanations may have been couched in rather harsh terms, this is done in the public interest. The danger will increase daily should contemporary methods continue to be applied. If determined action is not taken quickly then chaotic conditions will inevitably arise within a very short space of time. There is absolutely no time to be lost.

It is understandable that our hydraulic experts take no delight in the ruthless revelation of this deplorable state of affairs. However, this does not alter the facts of the matter. Numerous attempts in recent times to withhold my many informative dissertations from the public by removing relevant articles from books, newspapers and periodicals are childish. By so doing, they will ensure that I make even greater efforts to place these expositions before the public. Such attempts only demonstrate a certain weakness, and in any case are merely proof of the irrefutability of what I have stated. Frequent protestations that ‘contemporary methods are being practised world-wide and hence cannot be wrong’ mean absolutely nothing. At best, they serve only to explain why the whole world is in such an appalling state. In this situation the best strategy can only be a ruthless attack, in which all parties are at all times entitled to the right of defence and rebuttal. All those who wish to perpetuate the status quo for fear of losing their jobs should bear in mind that an existence built on false foundations cannot in the long run be maintained. That is, even when it appears guaranteed by security of tenure, because an impoverished people pays no taxes and therefore cannot afford an expensive bureaucracy.

When they become ill, let those who continue to believe that water is a lifeless substance to be controlled by mathematical formulae alone, then summon a mathematical genius to their sickbed instead of a doctor. Their fellow men will then be rid of such narrow-minded thinkers as fast as possible.

Unfortunately the catchword ‘systematisation’, which all too frequently governs our methods of working nowadays, has found greater favour than is good. Today, the expression ‘logical thinking’ or ‘mathematically-trained thought’ conceals sheer intellectual incapacity or mental inertia. By far the largest number of discoveries and inventions have not been made on the paths trodden by scientists, often to their astonishment, if not to their great dismay. The overall progress of the world is caused by a certain measure of discontent, the characteristic phases of which are revolutions or wars. Similarly great advances in the realm of the intellect are brought about by revolutionary thinkers.

A certain myopia has gained ground even in the empirical methods practised in contemporary hydraulic research institutes. People still cling desperately to the external appearance of a given phenomenon, thereby failing to study the far more important nature of its inner processes. Indeed, amongst those in this field who are responsible there are some who have already recognised the limited value of such purely superficial observations. Yet, for reasons of job security, they regrettably continue to abide by tradition.

There are many greedy individuals who believe that water, oil, coal and other precious substances can be torn from the Earth with impunity. Concerned only for their own well-being, they are quite prepared to create a black market not only in foods but even in the water destined for rich and poor alike. Such persons should be warned that the despair of the great mass of the people will bring about a much earlier end to their selfish endeavours than they could ever foresee. Everyone else, especially our young people, should co-operate as a first priority in the rebuilding of our former indigenous forest, and with this the restoration of healthy water to the Earth. Then we shall all be able to survive and humanity will continue to exist.

This year [1933] is to be remembered as the hundredth anniversary of Alfred Nobel (1833-1896), the Swedish chemist and engineer, who became a millionaire through the invention of dynamite in 1866. Becoming aware of the tragic consequences of his invention a few years before his death, he established the Nobel Foundation, no doubt in the desire to make amends for the frightful harm he had caused. Millions of human lives have since fallen victim to this fearful device of destruction and war. Further millions, perhaps even whole races, will yet be robbed of their lives, of their very existence, if humanity continues to avail itself of such inventions. It is not unique for humanity to have to traverse tortuous and often dangerous routes before arriving at a better understanding of a matter.

If we study Gilbhart’s article, which appeared in the business section of the Deutsche Zeitung (number 242, 1933), we see that the German government is now in the process of rectifying a serious mistake committed about a hundred years ago. It caused perhaps even greater harm than the use of explosives in modern warfare. This article was titled ‘New Forestry’. Scientists have long been aware that many practices in modern forestry are unsound and that our forests have declined in quality since the introduction of scientific forestry methods in about the middle of the last century. Yet they have so far failed to show the necessary courage to own up manfully to their mistakes. With the prohibition of clear-felling much has been achieved, but not all that is necessary. This was done merely to gain time in order to safeguard their employment, or at least to make provision for their old age at the expense of the general public. It will not succeed, however, because it will be studied in such detail that every schoolchild will understand what terrible evil has been foisted on the entire human race by forestry’s supposed science, as a result of its ignorance of the true facts. The same applies equally to modern agriculture and other contemporary achievements.

With regard to armaments and preparations for war, it is possible to render harmless all bombers, dirigible gas balloons and even gas and explosive filled grenades by the simplest of means. All other weapons of war will become like children’s toys once humanity fully understands the energies that slumber in water. In this regard, equal care will also be taken to ensure that everyone learns how to use these forces. For if humanity is truly intent on self-destruction through the use of force, then it should have the requisite means placed at its disposal, so that it can fulfill this desire as quickly as possible.

This should leave the reader with mixed feelings. It should be quite apparent that, in view of many undoubtedly correct observations and well-founded clues, it should not be necessary to attack science and technology as fiercely as they have been attacked here. Unfortunately, however, attack is absolutely necessary, because it would be utterly futile to seek any other worthwhile contact in this direction.

The following explanations, which will be further elaborated in later publications, should furnish sufficient proof of the impossibility of a compromise or of the incorporation into the existing scientific edifice of discoveries only touched upon here. The errors of contemporary science and the damage wrought by today’s technology are too great. With the present consumption of coal and oil at a level of two thousand million tonnes per annum, the moment when this important source of energy will be exhausted is coming disturbingly closer. Within a few centuries, as science has calculated, the last reserves of oil will have been extracted from the Earth. If we continue to busy ourselves in the same old way, we will have to search for other sources of energy since the loss of these energies would signal the end of our civilisation.

Science earnestly endeavours to discover new forms of energy and also believes these can be obtained through research into cosmic energies. However this pursuit demonstrates not only an almost boundless bias in thinking, but also furnishes irrefutable proof of the untenability of scientific endeavours and objectives. To put it mildly, they can only be described as Utopian. A science possessed of such goals cannot possibly be taken seriously, and cannot claim the right to a leading role in the fate of humanity.

The direction indicated earlier is far from being the only correct one. Nevertheless it is closer to the truth and is thus able to throw a revealing light on these misconceptions, since the ascertainment of the purest truth is an unattainable goal for humanity and will probably ever remain so. The very idea of using alternative (cosmic) energies once all the reserves of coal, oil and timber have been exhausted is so absurd that this alone condemns the whole of science.

Temperatures prevailing in the interior of the Earth are the product of interactions that take place between carbones contained in the Earth and oxygen entrained by infiltrating water. Were the last reserves of highly-organised carbones eventually to be totally stripped from the Earth, these interactive processes could no longer take place and the Earth would cool off. Since it is practically impossible to remove all carbones from the Earth however, these cooling phenomena can only occur to an extent commensurate with the severity of disturbance to these inner interactions. These disturbances are caused by the removal of carbones, or by ventilating the Earth. Conforming to natural law, the effects of today’s technological and industrial intrusions into the Earth must therefore lead to the following results:

If various external influences such as bore-holes, deep wells, shafts and open-cut mines, excessive extraction of coal, metals and minerals, all act to inhibit these interactions, they will provoke a cooling of the Earth’s crust. The atmosphere will also cool off as a further consequence. These causes, which ensure an excessive accumulation of oxygen in the atmosphere, must also result in its concentration due to the influence of cold. In the course of time air strata normally subjected to low atmospheric pressure will become heavier in the absence of upward-streaming groups of carbones. These strata will sink downwards, over-saturating both the vaporous and the fluid hydrosphere with oxygen. If, having now become over-saturated with oxygen and heavy, this water succeeds in infiltrating into deeper strata of the geosphere, into the carbonesphere for example, then under the prevailing high temperatures the accompanying oxygen will trigger off lively oxidative events.

The cumulative effect of these will result initially in localised explosions, eruptions or earthquakes, and subsequently in ruptures of the Earth’s surface. This will provoke the sudden release and elevation of gaseous carbone groups. These relatively elementary substances will first interact with atmospheric oxygen only at great altitudes, and in various hot zones will trigger off a regional redistribution, causing sudden cold spells and the movement of stronger or weaker air currents.

In equatorial zones the ascent of these carbones will be enhanced by the stronger reflection of heat. Under certain circumstances the reciprocal effects thus provoked can become so large and so aggressive that the zone of interaction in the lower levels of the atmosphere extends downwards in the form of funnel-shaped clouds. This leads to the general formation of tornadoes and the violent cyclonic storms which have long been known in equatorial regions. Through these powerful interactions, water-vapour will be forced into localised concentrations, resulting in the formation of heavy thunderstorms and the occurrence of cloudbursts. Apart from large quantities of carbones, substantial amounts of water-vapour are also expelled into the atmosphere during strong eruptions, offering increased resistance to the Sun’s radiant energy, and hence to an increase in heat (through the heat-absorbing function of atmospheric water-vapour).

The sequel to this phenomenon is a short-lived, luxuriant profusion of vegetation (a phoney agricultural success) in which consumption of gaseous carbones (carbon dioxide) is intensified. These substances, however, can no longer be produced from the Earth’s interior in the necessary and regular proportions. This leads to a qualitative decline in various forms of vegetation, and to a decomposition of the dynagens reflected back by the Sun, namely to a systematic cooling-off, and therefore to the inauguration of a new ice age. These developments will soon be brought about by the devastating activities of those involved in forestry, agriculture, water and energy-resources management because, as a result of their predominantly one-sided way of looking at things, the regularity of the water cycle will be inhibited, and with it the energy cycle and the upward flow of carbones. As already mentioned, it is inevitable that humanity’s present absurd practices will bring about a drop in the quality of dynagens reflected back by the Sun. Ultimately, by arresting the oxidative processes in the atmosphere, the generation of heat will also be reduced.

It can thus rightly be asserted that the next ice age will be virtually dragged in by contemporary science and technology. For this reason the manifestations of economic decline, familiar the whole world over, must logically keep pace with the advance of technology. This state of affairs will worsen at the same tempo as the sources of energy required to maintain technological progress are removed from the Earth. The greater the progress we achieve in technology, the deeper we will and must sink culturally and economically. However, this is not the end of the matter!! With the curtailment of the absolutely essential oxidative processes in the Earth, enormous aggregations of water must make their appearance, initially in the atmosphere and subsequently in the Earth, because in neither case can it be assimilated or reconstituted. Now heavily over-saturated with oxygen and poor in carbones, this water, which either infiltrates into the Earth or quickly re-evaporates and streams upwards into the atmosphere, will displace its freezing point due to the absence of its partner, the carbones. This results in an unavoidable and fundamental change in general climatic conditions.

Furthermore, when the potential of the groundwater, now possessing a unipolar charge, has been reduced though lack of carbones, it is forced to sink down to depths where carbones may eventually still be present. There it shifts its boiling point, oxidises prematurely and gives rise to violent eruptions. With the final subsidence of the water, all vegetation will gradually disappear in the same way that it once appeared. After the occurrence of immense catastrophes, which will manifest themselves in the form of earthquakes, cloudbursts, whirlwinds and so on, the vegetation zone, in conformity with natural law, will slowly but surely be covered with ice. Deluges and catastrophic inundations are already on the increase everywhere today, to which approximately 20 million human lives will fall victim. Presently these are only harmless events compared to the disasters which can be expected in the future. These must inevitably occur if humanity continues to allow itself to be guided and controlled by contemporary science.

As a case in point, the present explanation for the formation of rain is so incomplete that it is hard to believe how such a hypothesis could have been upheld for so many centuries. Science explains the origin of rain as the condensation of atmospheric water-vapour due to the presence of cold. This explanation is approximately true in its widest sense, but in the final analysis it actually describes only a very unimportant secondary effect. Even the formation of rain, as elementary experiments prove, must be attributed primarily to the above interactions. These can only arise when ascending carbones intersect with descending oxygen groups attached to microscopic particles of ice.

Were the scientific view correct, then in the higher strata of the atmosphere it ought to rain in winter and snow in summer, since it is well known that air and ground temperatures swap places with each other with the alternation of the seasons.

In consideration of the events described only in broad outline here, there is only one practical option left. That is to make humanity either suspicious or rebellious. Only thus, at the eleventh hour, will it still be possible, perhaps, to trigger off the necessary impulse towards recognition of the unimaginable danger that exists. This is a danger which today threatens a hoodwinked humanity regardless of race or nation. There are people, endowed with an almost God-given cluelessness, who have brought us to this terrible impasse and would lead us on into chaos also. Those apart, there ought to be people with enough humanitarian sensitivity to prevent our children from being led unawares into such frightful cataclysms. The possibility still remains to rip the blindfold from the eyes of sensible individuals and with their help, to undertake a rescue attempt. Our young people would doubtless energetically support this because it is their future that is at stake. There is no herbal remedy for stupidity, and therefore the unconsciously insane can hardly be called to account. However, if the causes of decline appearing everywhere are recognised for what they really are, then any continuation of these perverse practices, which are consciously leading all humanity towards disaster, would unquestionably be deemed a criminal act.

Conforming to natural law, the systematic disturbance of the water balance will reliably happen as a consequence of current industrial, technological and economic practices, leading to the increasingly extensive suppression of interactions that condition all life in Nature. The logical outcome of the cessation of oxidative processes occurring between basic formative substances is an increasingly widespread cooling and desolation of the all-nourishing vegetation zone. If the present modi operandi continue to be applied, then apart from the emergence of disease and degeneration, world-wide famine must inevitably follow.

The insights gained from the preceding explanations must force us to the following decision. We renounce the grievously damaging achievements of contemporary science and technology and we strip our reigning intellectual masters of their power. Alternatively we allow them, little by little, to strip us of ours, and by every trick in the book to put us on ice (in the true meaning of the term). In this scientifically contrived, conserved form, we will be preserved for as long as conceivably possible. At the very least we will eventually provide a future humanity with the cautionary end-product of a bygone ‘culture’.