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The Pulsation of Water

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Submitted by Viktor Schauberger on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 16:56

These various spheres are inter-connected through the agency of water. On the other hand water’s various states of aggregation form the bridges for the formation and transformation of the basic elements it transports, which are thereby transferred from the stratosphere into the interior of the Earth and vice versa.

Apart from the purely mechanical cycle of physical water, there is another form of circulation which operates in the opposite direction—the ‘energy cycle’. Here two contrasting movements are involved: the upward movement of carbones with the carrier water and the downward movement of oxygen. At the point where the paths of these mutually opposed currents intersect, energy is freed. Owing to the constant variation in the length of night and day, these energetic interactions cannot arrive at a state of equilibrium. So shifts in individual micro-climatic conditions must constantly occur, resulting in continual modification of the qualities and quantities of basic elements.

The outcome of this continuous reciprocal interaction is the metamorphosis of the different forms of water in each individual zone and the constant transformation of the various species of vegetation in which water, ceaselessly moved by this interplay of forces, wends its onward way. This inner equalisation of forces is to a certain extent inhibited by the effect of the self-weight of the water. Through fluctuations in the magnitude of the component forces, water particles are constantly made to rise and fall. In other words the pulsation of the water inevitably occurs.

Every new entity and all growth evolves from the smallest beginnings. Further development in the early stages can only be accomplished if the cycle in the interior of the Earth proceeds correctly. In the natural order of things, every higher form of vegetation is built up from the lower forms preceding it. The carrier of the necessary elements and the moderator of life-processes in the vegetation root-zone is groundwater, whose movement is triggered by a drop in temperature, which on its part is caused by inner metabolic processes taking place in the here-decisive groups of basic elements. The impulse for the movement of water is hence a product of interactions between the opposing elements it contains, the necessary resistance for which is supplied by the water itself. This resistance to the interaction between the carbones and the oxygen further results in continual fluctuations in temperature, which impart an additional impulse to the movement—the pulsation of the water.

As it moves along its path water dissolves salts at one moment, transports them at another, deposits them at a third and creates and transforms energies. The essence and purpose of these eternal metamorphic processes is to build up and maintain various forms of vegetation and physical bodies, which on their part represent bridges by which energies are created and maintained. The potential differences that are always present between the inner temperature and the outer ambient temperature are none other than different patterns of force which both terminate and reactivate the circulation of water.

The two forms of evolution are therefore of material (physical) nature and of immaterial (spiritual) nature. All that exists, be it a stone, a plant, an animal, a human being, a planet or the Sun, represents an organism possessing both body and soul. Every ray of light and heat requires a physical form in which it can manifest itself and evolve. Every body requires an inner energy which creates and transforms it. When a body decays, then the energies that initially created it are again freed. They are never lost—should they lose their habitat with the decay of the body, then they willingly coalesce with the water that eternally circulates in, on and over the Earth and transmute it into to a new life-form. Therefore wherever we look there is life, eternal creation and transformation. Should we look into apparent emptiness then a sea of spiritual life, of past and future generations stares us in the face.

Every material form of vegetation always has its immaterial counterpart in light, heat and radiation. Every change in sphere changes the overall internal and external conditions, alters the weight and inner intensity of the radiation of the physical substance—water—and thus the direction in which the carrier of life moves. Disturbances to the inner and outer conformities with natural law lead to the disturbance of the very foundation of all life’s creative processes. The disappearance of water or its material transformation is a very serious warning sign, for if its inner structure and composition is changed then its character and hence the character of all forms of life, including humanity, will also be changed.

Regression in the quality of the various forms of vegetation, qualitative deterioration of the highest plant organism—forest—and the increasing physical and moral decadence of humanity are simply the logically-consistent symptoms of disturbance of the physical constitution of water and disruption of the geosphere brought about by humanity’s subversive activity in the organism ‘Earth’.

The religion of the Chinese forbade any kind of intrusive interference with the Earth. Even the construction of railways in China encountered stiff opposition in religious circles. In the light of all that has been stated so far it can be seen that the culture of the Chinese, which has endured longer than that of any other people, is no accident. It owes its existence to the fact that the carbonesphere remained untouched for a long period of time. China’s decline was inevitable the moment the Chinese began to adopt the manners, customs and technological achievements of the western world. Another horrendous example concerns developments in Russia, which took only 15 years to catch up with what other nations had taken 100 years to achieve—famine.

What we are experiencing today is no crisis. It is the dying of the Whole—the qualitative, physical deterioration of all organisms initiated by the disruption of Nature’s water-balance. In step with this proceeds the moral, intellectual and spiritual collapse of humanity. This collapse is already so far advanced that despite all the warning signs, people are still unaware of the gravity of the situation. Behaving far more cruelly than animals, people see their ultimate salvation in decimating the mass of humanity with weapons which—together with the banners under which our children are supposed to bleed to death—our priests actually bless.

The decision—whether we take the latter road of collapse or save ourselves at the eleventh hour from our own self-mutilation—lies only with ourselves or with politicians and men of science who take upon themselves a truly appalling responsibility. They do not consider the seriousness of the situation and are unable to provide any really effective assistance in salvation—and out of selfish interest they continue to adhere firmly to their present point of view.