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The Chlorination of Water and its Consequences

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Submitted by Viktor Schauberger on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 15:07

In the increasingly difficult matter of supplying drinking and domestic water to cities and housing estates, scant consideration is given to the waters content of suspended solids. In addition, its internal physical processes and character are also completely neglected. As a rule, chlorination is deemed satisfactory to obtain clear, pure and germ-free water.

There is hardly a city where water is not disinfected or sterilised through the addition of chlorine, compounds of silver or irradiation with quartz lamps. In all these processes oxygen in statu nascendi, or an allotropic form of common oxygen, is produced which will kill off all living organisms. If water thus treated is drunk continually then the very same processes that we wish to achieve through water sterilisation must also take place in our bodies. Frightful consequences can ensue from the constant consumption of such water.

When sterilisation only is taken into account, there arise the various forms of the disease we collectively call cancer. In 1920, 2,400 people died of cancer in Vienna; in 1926, 3,700 fatal cases of cancer were recorded; in 1931, 4,900 fell victim to this terrible illness. From these figures the progressive spread of this disease is clearly evident.

This dreadful scourge which, despite all the efforts and skills of our medical research institutes, can neither be accurately recognised for what it is nor effectively controlled, and whose spread affects more and more victims, is primarily an after-effect of unhealthy or badly-conducted water. This not only contributes to the chemical make-up of our food and the constitution of our blood, but also determines the quality of the composition of the atmosphere directly surrounding the organisms inside the body. Relevant statistical data clearly reveal that cancer is most prevalent in those districts where no good, high-quality spring water is available. Even in those places where the spring water is still good and healthy, it will deteriorate as a result of being transported in pipelines sometimes hundreds of kilometres long. The emerging pattern of the spread of cancer can be measured against the length of the pipes in which domestic and drinking water flows to its point of use.

Naturally this assertion will be immediately countered by the statement that the water has undergone all conceivable tests and its day-to-day content of dissolved and absorbed matter is accurately monitored. If we continue to drink sterilised water only, we must also accept the ensuing consequences. If we do not wish to suffer a slow death in mind and body, we must search and strive for other ways to cast the Devil out of todays drinking water, but not with the Devil himself!