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The Achievements of the Twentieth Century

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Submitted by Viktor Schauberger on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 14:39

We have today become accustomed to the fact that millions of people can no longer earn their daily bread by honest labour. They must obtain the necessities of life by scavenging from refuse heaps like animals, by begging, robbery, fraud or even murder. Having lost faith in present methods and customs, and viewing education as an exercise in futility, our children are banding together, arming themselves and preparing to secure their rightful place in society by force.

Under conditions where hospitals and refuges for the homeless are overcrowded, where the clientele of drug addiction clinics and lunatic asylums is increasing and where cases of suicide are growing; it is understandable that no sane-minded person any longer gives credence to the empty promises of our leaders. It has long been apparent to thinking people that, if no radical departure in current economic doctrines and practices occurs, then only an enforced decimation of the overlarge population, a well-organised mass-murder or, expressed more aesthetically, a modern war, might perhaps cut this Gordian Knot.

The most remarkable aspect of the matter is that neither the instigators of this apparently inevitable war (who seem concerned only for their own skins) nor our young people (who seem determined to fling away what they perceive as their futureless, worthless lives) have recognised that this sacrifice is totally uncalled for. In other words, the ghastly, almost suicidal annihilation of the despairing masses with poison gas or other weapons is absolutely unnecessary.

Both parties are unable to perceive that this scenario, which is impossible to equate with any cultural development, is only the entirely natural secondary effect of the intervention of a much higher power. A power with completely different means at its disposal. Means that are more fundamental, and more importantly, work much more drastically than all the weapons of war human brains have ever devised. If we were being honest, these were the very brains that we all had hoped would find a way out of this chaos.

Let members of the older generation philosophise, drawing attention to their reductionist knowledge and its hollow clichés. Let them rant and rave over these developments, for in the final analysis, the rising generation is absolutely right no longer to place any trust in the ability of its forebears, which has borne such bitter fruits. They are right to refuse to follow the false dictates of our intellectual leaders, who have brought such wretchedness upon us. Despite its supposedly high technological culture, the civilised world has reached such an ethical nadir that it has become incapable of perceiving that this physical and moral decline is none other than a progressive cultural dissolution.

Humanity’s most sacred possession, its freedom of subjective thought, action and feeling, will be literally trodden underfoot by people who were never really in a position to intervene in a positive way. In such a situation the colours under which these leaders choose to march is quite immaterial, because the same oppressive drive exists everywhere. Generally, the inner perception as to the true causes has been lost, and consequently, the last chance of really effective help. Moreover, those in positions of power, who are incapable of forming their own opinion, must constantly rely on the advice of so-called experts who are themselves victims of a universally inferior education. As a result, they are unable to realise that it is precisely their advice, and the actions arising from it, which will inevitably transform this Earth into a hell, when it could be a paradise.

If humanity does not come to its senses soon, and realise that it has been misled and misinformed by its intellectual leaders, the prevailing laws of Nature (with poetic justice) will reliably act to bring about a fitting end to this ineptly contrived culture. Unfortunately the most frightful catastrophes or scandalous disclosures will have to happen before people realise that it is their own mistakes that have led to their undoing. These can only be rectified with great difficulty precisely because they were principally committed by the authorities. Rather than pass judgment upon themselves, these institutions and individuals, who are ever protective of their own interests, would allow millions of their fellow human beings to perish before they would ever admit to their mistakes.

In discovering the causes, however, only one small step has been taken, because a host of so-called experts is arrayed against any systematic attempt to put these errors right. These experts are obliged to advocate the course they have championed, because it is their livelihood and they wish to be looked after until the end of their days. Yet, even this obstacle might be overcome, if the mistakes could at least be restricted to a particular branch of industry. A thorough investigation into the most common mistakes made over the centuries reveals the enormous spread of the malaise arising from fallacious precepts and perverse practices. It reveals such grave cultural, technological and economic transgressions that no branch of industry is left untouched by it. No even partially unaware expert, can absolve himself of his complicity, whatever his chosen field.

When it becomes evident that the job-security of nearly every expert would be threatened under these circumstances, it will be quite futile to expect any support from such circles. At the outset a powerful opposition must be reckoned with. But this obstacle should cause no alarm, for we are not concerned here with the livelihood of a few, but with the existence or non-existence of the whole of hoodwinked humanity. The behaviour of our young people today certainly provides clear evidence that humanity is still morally healthy. They militate vehemently against the signs of decay emerging everywhere and refuse to continue to trot mindlessly down the road to war that has led us into an economic and cultural cul-de-sac.

Opposition alone, however, achieves nothing. Our youth will only achieve any practical success in their struggle when the causes are identified and the errors are revealed that were made by us and previous generations, plunging the world into misfortune. For this reason it will become a sacred duty for all those who perceive the full extent of what has happened, to put aside all personal advantage and enlist for the final putting-to-rights of these many errors. The same is also the duty of everyone whose inner feelings admit the mere possibility of wrong-doing.

The most effective way of doing this is to inform the general public of the great dangers of defective reasoning, and the futility of pursuing the present goals. Rich and poor, high and low alike, must become seized by doubt and well-founded mistrust. Affecting ever widening circles, this will ultimately kindle an inner sense of self-preservation in the broad mass of people. Once awakened, this inner sense must not be allowed to rest until the people (and therefore God) have made their verdict known. They will then begin to work at a grass-roots level and bring about the necessary change for the better. It may indeed be a thankless task to inform the broad mass of people of the coming dangers which it neither sees nor wishes to see. However, regardless of the possible futility of revealing the fearful Menetekel hovering above them, the attempt should still be made. At least our children and those dying helplessly in hospital should be made aware that they are the victims of history and the present culture arising from it.

Therefore the purpose of the following discourse is to arouse this inner sense of self-preservation in the public. If an instinctive premonition of the enormous dangers ahead, coupled with the mistrust latent in every human being, can be successfully awakened; then neither the problems affecting the Establishment’s prestige nor its fears for its future will significantly impede humanity’s final rescue from self-destruction. It is not the purpose of these general explanations to elaborate on the many indicators brought to light in a one-thousand year-old review. These are referred to briefly only where they have a profound significance and their correct understanding is necessary for comprehension of the whole. Naturally with such understanding, much will also have to be discarded. Once humanity perceives the wonderful conformity in natural law, and the uniformity prevailing throughout Nature, it will gain ethically and renounce any over-reliance on outward appearances.

If we want to influence the course of our own existence positively, an existence now constantly imperiled by the re-emergence of alien life-forms, and if we wish to safeguard it against further degeneration, we must allow Nature to take command. Or, if we do wish to intervene, we must first become conversant with the simplest principles of Life. Every living thing is ultimately a bridge towards the build-up of the whole. Similarly the various religions and world-views merely represent spiritual bridges (often in primitive form) and so must make way for better ones, once the ethical upswing of humanity has overtaken them. Indisputably the mightiest bridge of all for the evolution of life is represented by the entity WATER.

Science views the blood-building and character-influencing ur-organism, water, as a chemical compound, and supplies millions of people with a liquid prepared from this standpoint, which is everything but healthy water. All efforts to make science acknowledge the serious errors it has made are useless from the start, because for it to make such an admission would surely be to condemn itself. Of necessity, therefore, it must adhere to its present doctrines. All those still possessed of healthy common-sense should categorically refuse to continue to drink water prepared in this way. By continuing to consume such water they will inevitably degenerate into cancer-prone, mentally and physically decrepit, physically and morally inferior individuals. Let the experts and scientists, who are heavily attacked in what follows here, examine everything objectively and refute, if they will, the many criticisms presented.

Those best placed to judge whether these assertions are well-intentioned or not, are the farmers, already struggling so hard for their native soil. Let all those who are forced to work in the great cities seriously contemplate what would happen if, in addition to their bread becoming increasingly scarce, expensive and of worsening quality, their water also disappeared. This danger will be all the more dreadful because the remaining reserves of water will become an unquenchable source of that most frightful disease, cancer. Cancer is constantly on the increase and, if too far advanced, has no really effective cure. Therefore let all those not fortunate enough to enjoy a cooling drink directly from a healthy spring consider where their water comes from, how it is distributed, and what artificial additives are used to make it drinkable.

Those unfortunates who are forced year-in and year-out to drink sterilised water should earnestly consider how an organism will be affected by water whose naturally-ordained ability to create life has been forcibly removed by chemical compounds. Sterilised and physically-destroyed water not only brings about physical decay, but also gives rise to mental deterioration and hence to the systematic degeneration of humanity and other life-forms. The same is equally applicable to all forms of vegetation and all other preconditions for life in Nature. The reason people mistake their cultural and economic decline for a passing crisis and strive in vain to master the increasingly widespread misery, lies mainly in the intellectual deterioration of humanity. Conforming to natural law this deterioration is followed or preceded by physical degeneration. Only a penetrating study by intuitively gifted people can fathom the innermost nature of the life-giving substance, water. Only through a painstaking investigation of the materialised ur-substance, water, will it become possible to show a mentally and physically degenerating humanity the ways which will once more lead us upwards.