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The Error of Civilisation

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Submitted by Viktor Schauberger on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 14:30

Is there really such an enormous difference between the breaching of a riverbank and the bursting of our blood vessels? Is it really necessary that the last human being must rot away alive before we all become consciously aware of the errors of our ways? Why can we not admit to ourselves that it is our senseless activity that is killing us? Do we actually have the right to stuff such worthless knowledge into our children, when science has already led us to the very brink of disaster? Where does our knowledge begin and where does it end?

Does anyone still dare to speak of science and culture in the same breath? Are our children actually wrong if they refuse to be instructed by their parents and teachers, and choose to go their own way? Is one seriously to believe that hunger can be appeased by political phrases and bayonets? Are there really still people who believe that improvements can be achieved through coercion, when work undertaken of their own free will has already brought such unspeakable misfortune?

If this be true, then let Nature quietly continue to so prevail, for she will then do great and noble work. Nature is simpler in her effects and more complex in her functions than our rational minds can conceive.