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The First Doubts

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Submitted by Viktor Schauberger on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 14:23

The more that exact science, the very foundation of such practices, begins to shake, the greater will be humanity’s mistrust of it. The deeper the groundwater sinks into the Earth, the worse the climatic conditions will become, and the more forlorn the future and the more characterless the people. Hardship and hardship alone will increase. Gradually mothers will begin to sell their love and their souls in the streets. Fathers will begin to beg, contemplating robbery and murder, and the political situation will become increasingly fraught. The greater the stench of this deranged and lunatic industrial society, the paler the cheeks and the more garish the artificial rouge.

The more terrible the weapons of war, the greater the fear between one people and another. Every statistic bears witness to the increase in the ultimate and most dangerous disease—cancer. Doctors stand helpless and perplexed before this unbridled development. The victims of this terrible disease are without number. Blindly the knife hacks away and overcome with pain, people rot away in hospitals. Nobody understands why this hideous disease is reaching epidemic proportions. Everything is registered and organised. Innocent animals are tortured in the search for the virus of our most dangerous enemy. They will never find it in this way, for it is inherent in the very nature of the way we work.