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Submitted by Viktor Schauberger on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 14:21

Hand in hand with the forester works the landowner. The blood of the Earth constantly deteriorates, the fertility of the soil decreases and happily the need to fertilise is there! Forward strides the chemist and strews his salts! Unfortunately this good man neither has any inkling why and how these salts are dissolved, nor what processes enable the development of the energies required for thriving plant growth.

Success lasts only a few years, after which the soil very quickly becomes clogged with artificial fertiliser. Once again Man has worked against Nature, by cheerfully plugging up the last sources of food, the capillaries in the soil. At a complete loss, the farmer now stands bewildered in his field, which for a short time rewarded him very handsomely with quantity at the increasing expense of the quality of his produce. As a result he actually harvested less in the long-term, although short-term his harvests were almost unlimited in quantity. Instinctively seeking vital substances in the Earth, he gets out his deep-cut plough and destroys the soil’s capillaries.

The same thing now happens to agriculture as is happening to the forests. Superficially everything appears to blossom and flourish. These are but false blossomings, which are nurtured by rotting marrow. More than ever before they now begin to bear the fruits of decay—cancer. Cereals lose their starch content, the meadows become overgrown with mosses and the fields with weeds. All that increases is the labour and the expense. The end is the loss of soil, house and home.