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The Forest

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Submitted by Viktor Schauberger on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 14:19

Foremost amongst the various professions is modern forestry, which for a century has unsuccessfully attempted to transform the highest plant organism, forest, into a timber factory. Trees are set out in rows and the preconditions for the natural regeneration and intermixture of species are altered arbitrarily. Nobody has any idea what happens in the interior of a tree. Or why, contrary to all the laws of mechanics, water can rise with its various substances to the very top of a tree via its capillaries. Some talk of osmotic pressure, while others speak of root-stimulation. All agree, however, that the Sun is the ultimate driving force. What none of them know is how.

This research is carried out with the aid of mechanical equipment. So their attempts to find out are coloured by mistaken thinking and are therefore useless. In the first place every pump requires a motor. Secondly, it is not enough merely to tickle the trees’ toes. Thirdly, it is a well-known fact that trees cover themselves with branches, a sure sign that they desire to shield themselves from the Sun and its direct warming influence, for they are only able to benefit from sunlight indirectly. But what does the forester care? He simply plants ‘shade-demanding’ trees in the light, and lo, they grow more readily! Unfortunately even this magic is short-lived. The structure of such trees becomes looser and more coarsely-knit and ultimately the identical process begins that is now apparent in our increasingly filthy river-systems.

Discoloured blotches initially appear in the cross-section of the trunk. Then the rotting process sets in, spreading from the centre outwards. In the interior of the tree a multitude of alien life-forms develop—cancer—to which the macroorganism, the tree, gradually falls victim. Various microbes are now eagerly collected, receive Latin names, and many people are gainfully employed in documenting the innumerable diseases which from year to year and in ever greater number assail the tree’s prime asset, its health. All fail to see that the much sought-after instigator of this alien life-form is the forester and his absurd practices.