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The Disrupted Cycle—The Cause Of The Crisis

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Submitted by Viktor Schauberger on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 14:08

Today a yearning for living naturally is on the increase. This craving for a strong, peaceful and healthy Nature is an inevitable symptom of the present age and the counterbalance to the inorganic civilisation we erroneously describe as culture. This civilisation is the creation of humanity, who high-handedly and without consideration for the true workings of Nature, has created a world devoid of meaning and foundation. Now she threatens to destroy him, for through his behaviour and his activities he, who should be her master, has disturbed Nature’s inherent unity.

Today we are standing helpless and perplexed before all that we have created; increasingly forced to recognise that our work, with all its problems, merely serves our own self-destruction. With no glimmer of improvement anywhere in sight we feel hopelessly propelled towards a forlorn future. It is quite understandable therefore that an increasing number of people are sick and tired of this insane activity and now seeking ways to return to Mother Nature.

The human is a being created according to Nature’s laws and is therefore dependent upon them. In the course of time our magnum opus, our self-created pseudo-culture, has become a meaningless and incoherent monstrosity. Through the immense power of technology it has reached such gargantuan proportions that it almost equals the power of Nature herself. At the very least it is already able to interfere destructively with her great life-giving functions. Humanity represents but a small spark, a mere micro-organism in Nature’s great panoply of Life. Encouraged by a short-lived, illusory success, humanity has embarked on a course that is beginning to disrupt the great coherence of Life. Not only this, but it is also about to put an end to all high-quality growth and production on our macro-organism, Earth.

Despite our accumulation of material wealth, humanity is now engulfed by a widespread economic collapse. Many areas of production exhibit regressive trends so that visible epicentres of decay are growing on all sides and threatening humanity itself.

Despite all the research no means can be found to prevent humanity from decaying alive. This is no more than the just and legitimate consequence of human activity. Knowing nothing of Nature’s omnipotent laws, and with mindless greed, humanity claws into the life-giving organism of Mother Earth. She is now, with elemental power, beginning to paralyse the wanton hand that dared disturb the forces that serve all Creation.

This unique law, which reigns supreme throughout Nature’s vastness and oneness, expresses itself in every creature and organism. It is the Law of Ceaseless Cycles that in every organism is linked to a definite time-span and a particular tempo.

If some intervening force should either accelerate, retard or altogether arrest the tempo of this cycle (wherein every event is governed by the action of the preceding one) then it can no longer serve the legitimate purpose for which, in common with all of Nature’s creations, it is destined. The affected organism lags behind, thrust aside from the main evolutionary stream of Life. All those organisms whose life or death are dependent on it are also condemned to death, ultimately causing the demise of the foolish, interfering hand which is to blame for it all.

The causative force is our mind and the soulless technology it has spawned, including our lawless and mind-destroying technological culture. These are jointly responsible for disrupting the circulation of the Earth’s water and blood. Moreover, if everything this mechanistic civilisation has created should perish in step with such development, then the breakdown is in no way a passing crisis. It is the inevitable collapse of a dizzily-high, foundationless cultural edifice, whereby whatever is left of genuine culture will also be swept away.