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New World Religion: Enslaving the Human Spirit with a Blue Beam

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New World Religion (PDF)
Enslaving the Human Spirit with a Blue Beam

Part 2 of the Hidden Origin of Homo Sapiens


Originally, I planned Part 2 of this series on “The Hidden Origins of Homo Sapiens,” to be a discussion of prehistory, covering the origins of life on this planet, the SM1 colonization, and the early civilizations known as Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis. But there are times when the present is more important than the past, and based on some of the conversations ongoing on the ConsciousHugs2 forum, I thought there might be some wisdom in moving forward from Geochronology3 to the present, rather than taking the WABAC4 to 20 millions years in the past.

This paper is a discussion of Project Blue Beam, a plan that was created some 50 years ago by the folks bringing you a “new world order” at the onset of the hippie/New Age movement, to address the developing spirituality in homo sapiens—and what could be done as a long-term solution to control and/or eliminate it, along with the sense of freedom and individuality that the spirit complex tends to bring out.

My original understanding of Blue Beam was that it was a holographic technology that was bought out by the military-industrial complex from some New England inventors back in the mid-1970s. I was in High School at the time and recall a short news report on it, then never heard anything about it again. It was only recently that I ran across Serge Monast’s exposé5 on Project Blue Beam, and when I put 1+1 together and got 10,6 I realized that I had seen a lot of the early tech that was destined for this project. So I did some checking on recent developments and was quite astounded at the technological developments that I found… got to tip my hat to those NWO scientists, as it is some brilliant work and they have really taken it a long way down a difficult path. It’s just a shame that all that effort is going in to destroy the human spirit, rather than to encourage it.


Some of the concepts of my original “Part 2” are needed to understand what is going on with Blue Beam. A quick summary is that our world was colonized by a saurian race (whom “those in the know” refer to as “SMs”) just as native life was developing. Attempts to turn the natives into a slave force failed, and these saurians used their genetic engineering skills to create a hybrid slave force by combining the “good slaves” they brought with them (a kind of automaton, that were biologically unsuitable to the early, radioactive planetary environment), cross-bred with the local apes and Neanderthals, resulting in Cro-Magnon man. These stories formed the “creation of man” basis of many of the theologies we have today, which, of course, have been revised many times over the centuries to make them more acceptable, as mankind evolves and develops.

One thing that mankind has always been very skilled at is historical revisionism. That same revision process continues, under Blue Beam, where the old gods are now being supplanted by ETs (extra-terrestrials) or the new fad, EDs (extra-dimensionals), to meet the demands of a more scientific and technical community. Out with the “chariots of fire” and in with the anti-gravity starships!

The Human Role: Slavery

One of the obvious conclusions of this “hidden history” of mankind is that Cro-Magnon man was created for a specific purpose: to be slaves to the gods and controlled by their direct descendants, now known as the “New World Order.”7 This modality of thought is ingrained in the genetic code of human biology, so it is difficult to consciously comprehend—let alone, consciously override. Even today, most people spend their lives looking for someone to follow, worship, or obey—whether it be a religious figure, new age guru, government bureaucrat, successful corporate leader, or movie star. Like a cog in a big machine, that’s the role you were genetically engineered to fulfill: slavery.

The original colonists of our world were the race referred to in mythology as the Titans. Their descendants, known in Sumerian as the Annunaki (the Christian Elohim), became the basis for our classical gods—and the religious belief system does not matter, as they are all referring to the same group of SMs. What many people do not realize is that with some 5773 years of “royalty” in charge of the planet, they have managed to get control of all aspects of society. The 1978 British Sci-Fi series, Blakes 7, makes a good point of this in the episode, “Shadow” (an addictive drug), where Blake and his freedom fighters attempt to use the mafia-like Terra Nostra against a corrupt Federation, with a surprising conclusion:

Avon: This is the I.D. of a guard I killed. He was a member of Federation security—a very special member. He was one of the President’s personal security force.

Blake: The President of the Federation runs the “shadow” operation.
Avon: And since “shadow” is the basis of the Terra Nostra
Gan: I don’t believe it!
Blake: It’s quite logical. To have total control, you must control, totally. Both sides of the law. The Terra Nostra; the Federation: two sides of the same power. The same man of power.
Avon: Ironic, isn’t it? We were hoping to use the Terra Nostra to attack the Federation, only to discover that it is already being used to support it.
Vila: Where are all the good guys?
Blake: You could be looking at them.

And we have the same situation, here: two aspects of the same power: political leaders and religious leaders. Two sides of the same, new world power. Whether you realize it or not, we are already operating under a “one world government,” as well as a “one world religion,” separated by artificial boundaries called countries and faiths, to be “divided and conquered” by a group that believes you should murder one another, simply because “they” were born on that patch of dirt, while “you” were born on this patch of dirt. Or perhaps you believe the Donut Diner employee’s hats should be blue, while the “enemy” believes they should be red.8 They use any excuse for conflict, for without all these artificial “lines in the sand,” we would probably get along just fine without their dictates.

One of the premises of faith is that “god,” with whatever label you stick on him/her/it, is all-powerful, all-seeing and all-knowing… so what do gods need with slaves? Unless, perhaps, they are not as all-powerful as we have been led to believe.

By using the “theory of everything” concepts of Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal System to get our planetary evolution data in the right direction, mythology and legend tell a slightly different story, one where the “gods” were an advanced, extra-terrestrial race that came here to exploit the riches of a newly forming planet. Based on the the minerals and materials collected, and remnants of fused, “green glass” indicating the use or testing of nuclear weapons around the world, they were probably arms dealers, not spiritual leaders. And when one examines mythology from that premise, there is a good deal of supporting evidence. The “like father, like son” or “created in God’s image” behavior of humanity is strong evidence of that.

So why the need for slaves? The ancient gods were about as likely to go out and dig up radioactive elements with their hands as Hilary Clinton would be to sponsor a gun show. So they needed a large, expendable group to do their “dirty work.” According to Sumerian legends, the automatons they brought with them from prior expeditions did not do well here on Earth and expired quickly—maintenance was just too high for good productivity. Hence the need for a more genetically-compatible slave force, better equipped to do the work in this environment. And the “locals,” the Neanderthals (“Yeti” or “Sasquatch” as we would call them today9), did not seem to have much difficulty with the harsh, radioactive environment of early Earth. Sounded like a good mix for a hybrid; the slave mentality of the SM automatons, plus the sturdy genetics and robust bodies of the local inhabitants.

The early attempts were minor genetic alterations of the SM automatons, as the gods wanted to keep the slave mentality fully intact. But these original hybrid slaves turned out to be idiots, and they kept spilling the elixirs and tripping over the ottoman when entering a room10—and something had to be done about that. Enki, the Annunaki “science officer” and Ninhursag, the “chief medical officer,” came up with a plan to make these hybrids more intelligent, so they would be better slaves and able to anticipate the needs of the gods and fulfill them. But not too intelligent—that was reserved for the children of the gods, only, along with those tall hats they like to wear to either hide, or emulate, those extended craniums.11

Cloning was an unsure and time-consuming process, and Enki was in charge of that, so he got the idea to go behind the back of his brother, Enlil (General of the Annunaki military, always demanding more slaves) and did some unauthorized “updates.” Enki introduced genetic modifications to the functional saurian-Neanderthal hybrid slaves in the laboratory cage, the guarded enclosure of E DIN12, by introducing a retrovirus to make their test subjects more mammal-like, giving them this extra intelligence and the hominid ability to reproduce on their own.13

So, “after the completion of the seven years, which he had completed there, seven years exactly, and in the second month, on the seventeenth day,”14 Enki, the saurian serpent, slithered into the guarded enclosure behind his brother’s back, introduced a retrovirus into the food supply, and fed it to the test subjects. As the retrovirus did its work in altering the DNA, the saurian characteristics of the original slaves began to diminish and they became more ape-like, to the point of shedding their saurian skin and taking on a similar, hairy configuration of the Neanderthals. This resulted in the need for clothing, “and He made for them coats of skin, and clothed them, and sent them forth from the Garden of Eden,”15 to protect themselves from the elements—something unnecessary with the natural, saurian overcoat. The process took about a month, “and on the new moon of the fourth month, Adam and his wife went forth from the Garden of Eden, and they dwelt in the land of Elda, in the land of their creation16 to start a Cro-Magnon slave colony, under orders of the gods to till the fields, tithe the gods, and procreate more slaves for the other gods.

Things worked well. Plenty of new slaves being created in exponential series, and the gods were happy. Until a few of these new slaves started thinking for themselves and decided to tell the gods to “get stuffed” and set out on their own, leaving the colonized areas of the gods and heading out to parts unknown, where they could not be tracked nor controlled—the “barbarians” that refused to be told what to do, and preferred to live their own lives they way they saw fit.

Chains Without Chains

For a moment, let’s jump ahead some 5773 years since Cro-Magnon departed the guarded enclosure of E DIN, to the 21st century, and take a look at where these slaves of the gods are, now.

The ancestral line of the Annunaki gods, what we call the “New World Order” (NWO), has successfully implemented their plans for keeping their slave society under control:

  • Physical slavery: trapped within artificial, “political boundaries” known as countries, to keep the slaves as manageable groups, not allowing free access across the invisible borders without permission from the masters—and making darn sure they know where everyone is, after all, they don’t want a repeat of the “barbarian” incident, where enough free-thinking men got together in one place to challenge the gods.

  • Economic slavery: trapped within an artificial, “things of value” system, known as money, to keep the slaves from acquiring essential items like food and shelter, without the consent of their masters—artificial people known as banks and corporations. Also used as a reward system for “good slave behavior.”

  • Mental slavery: trapped within an artificial “set of beliefs,” known as education, where slaves are taught how to serve their masters, how to regurgitate what you are taught, and not question any belief, even if it is totally backwards.

  • Soul slavery: trapped within an artificial “system of faith”, known as religion, to externalize and restrict the growth of consciousness in an attempt to prevent the human soul from developing into an independent spirit.

As you can see, conformity and obedience is rewarded; difference (anti-social behavior) and independent thought is punished. People are still following the dictates of the gods, except these days we call them “lawyers,” “politicians,” and “priests,” to name but the few. But not much has changed… obey or you will be punished. It doesn’t matter if there was an actual crime or not, as the laws are full of “victimless crimes” that do nothing but attempt to legislate morality. We are still slaves to the children of the gods, and curiously enough, the same, genetic line of Annunaki descendants.

“… we should be trained from birth that we should all do what society wants us to do rather than what we want to do for ourselves; that because they have the technology to do it, no one should now be allowed to have their own individual personality.”17

Not So “Original” Sin

It all started there, back at the guarded enclosure of E-DIN, when Enki boosted man’s intelligence—fully aware that intelligence, in Medieval Latin, is the animus—which means spirit. The concepts refer to the same thing, intelligence = spirit. Every life form has a soul,18 as that is part of the biological life unit. But only the more advanced life, what is termed “3rd density,” has a spirit complex. (2nd density is just a mind/body complex.)19 The spirit complex is present at the onset of individuality and self-identity, that very trait that manifested in the “barbarous” rebels of the early, Annunaki colonization.

Enki knew from the beginning that this genetic change would put their slave society onto a path that would eventually lead to a new, independent and intelligent species in the not-too-distant future. His father, An,20 was not too happy with that idea, but figured they had plenty of time to deal with it. His militant brother, Enlil,21 was furious with this “fall” of mankind, saying that Enki had polluted the genetic line of the slaves, and all man was contaminated with this “original sin” of genetic corruption.

“And so it begins…”22 the necessity to make sure the slaves stay slaves to the gods, and not evolve into their own, intelligent species. A plan originally spawned by the gods, implemented by the sons of the gods, and enforced by their “royal, blue blood” descendants—those wonderful folks we now refer to as the New World Order. Things worked well for centuries, until the advent of the “printing press, v2.0”—the massive publishing capability of the World-Wide Web, where all these patriot and sovereign “barbarians” were able to get together to free humanity from the despotism of the royal lines.

Failing to achieve control over the Internet hardware and with ongoing (as of yet, unsuccessful) attempts to control “surfing” of the web, they targeted the weakest link in the system, the community of social media users, and started introducing all sorts of “insiders” with promises of freedom, ascension and free junk, cell phones, MP3 players, replicators, RVs, bank handouts, and the like, in hopes that the resulting viral spread of these ideas would overwhelm any real, pertinent information. And that plan has been working quite well, to date.

But these slaves that would not be assimilated and were still demanding freedom, created a major problem for the world leaders—one that needed to be addressed, and addressed in such a way as the slave would become willing slaves, once again. A condition of voluntary servitude is a much more desirable situation, as it becomes self-regulating; those in service will do all the dirty work for the elite, as they will do almost anything to keep from losing their handouts.

Project Blue Beam

Illustration 1: The Taelon
Earth Final Conflict

Back in 1994, Canadian journalist Serge Monast (deceased) wrote an exposé on a secret NASA project known as Blue Beam. These Air Force types do like the blue symbolism, as they deal with the sky. But let’s take a look at some older symbolism, first, to see if we spot any other meaning.

In J. E. Cirlot’s A Dictionary of Symbols, “Blue is the darkness made visible,”23 while “beam” comes from the Latin radiare, to radiate, or radio. So the “blue beam” is to use some radiative process to make something appear from the darkness. With that in mind, let’s examine what Monast revealed, before he “died.”

Monast’s dissertation broke Blue Beam down into four sections:

1. Engineered Earthquakes and Hoaxed “Discoveries”

To use the archaeological version of false flag operations to “discover” buried, ancient tablets and artifacts that were prepared in advance and hidden so they could be found by “useful idiots”24 after a seismic event dislodged them. These tablets, scrolls and artifacts reveal that existing religious doctrine is wrong, and “God’s words” are lies.

It is well known that if you want to pull off a massive deception, always include some truth, and this is the case here. Yes, our religious doctrines have been greatly edited since their inception, done by those in power (politically or religiously), to stay in power. Those many people that have studied the ancient texts and done some of their own translations, realize that all religious doctrine stems from the same source: the Sumerian gods. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty, and cause divisions of faith where there would otherwise be none. After all, if religious fanatics realized that they are all worshiping the same god, why would they ever engage in Holy Wars?

However, these “discovered” texts will not tell you of a common, religious ancestry, as that would unite people into a one-world religion that the NWO could not claim ownership of, and not be able to position themselves as “intercessors” between you and your god/gods—a position they like to be in, as you, accepting them as the voice of god, will do what they say, without question. That’s “faith.” They want willing slaves.

So what will these earth-shaking discoveries reveal? To determine that, one must examine the desired outcome of the “discovery.”

The current movement against the NWO (or “Cabal”) is being driven primarily by Christians, and the Christian doctrine is currently the largest in the world, at 33.39%.25 If these discoveries were to prove the Christian doctrine is correct, that would solidify the anti-NWO movement, and the New World Order will end up in the FEMA camps they created to put “we barbarians” in.

However, if they were to discover that Christianity is false, very few Christians would believe it, and again, may result in more anti-NWO patriotism. So one of the obvious goals is to disrupt the Christian doctrine to break up their leadership of the freedom movements. To do that, they are going to need an army—and not one from the United Nations, but from a “competing doctrine.”

Number 2 on the list of major religious groups, holding 22.74% of the world belief, is Islamic Muslims. What a surprise, looking at the current, American Presidency.26 Put on your thinking caps and do a “what if?” some ancient discovery proves that Islam is the correct doctrine, and Christianity—including the Patriot movement—is nothing but a bunch of heathens. Holy Wars, Batman! With 56.13% of the world population trying to kill each other off, that should address that “depopulation agenda” they also desire. Two birds with one stone—a faked, stone artifact, that is.

2. The Big Space Show in the Sky

“War on Earth is fast becoming obsolete. It will be replaced by war between planets. It would do good for every nation on Earth to unite together in order to form a common front against possible attack by people from other planets.”27

Monast’s second phase was the “return” of the ancient Holy Men, “as is” for the less technically inclined, or as “ETs” for those that have watched Star Trek and know about holodecks.28 This would be done using the actual blue beam hardware to produce three-dimensional holograms in the sky, coupled with technology that allows the transmission of voice (in any language) directly into the a person’s skull. This technology has been around for many years, and was even demonstrated by Jesse Ventura on Conspiracy Theory. And as we all know, technology you see demonstrated on television is the obsolete stuff; they are well past sending “channeled” biocommunications from Ming the Merciless into people’s brains (also known as “synthetic telepathy”29) and can now transmit the full spectrum of feelings, thoughts and stimuli, to generate the responses they desire in an untrained mind.

Imagine, if you will, a gun that shot “anger,” instead of bullets. Point it at someone, pull the trigger, and that person will experience the emotion of anger. How will the brain respond? Since you are feeling anger, obviously there must be something for you to be angry about, and it isn’t the mysterious stranger pulling the trigger that you have no awareness of. Your mind will search for something—anything—that it can use for an “excuse” to justify that feeling of anger, whether it be some perceived injustice from your boss at work, or your spouse spending too much money on shoes. The feeling is there, so the brain will find something to explain it. Then you will act upon that anger, causing harm or damage. A bullet may only injure a single person, but someone influenced by rage could cause a riot—a significantly more effective bioweapon. And you remain completely ignorant of the actual source. The ability to “shoot emotions” is a powerful technology and one that can be used to make a staged experience very convincing, because you “feel” it is “true,” rather than determine it through rational processes (even though feelings are, technically, a rational valuing system.30)

As Monast states, “Enough truth will be foisted upon an unsuspecting world to hook them into the lie. Even the most learned will be deceived.”5 Of course, if you’ve been reading my other Papers, you know that the “most learned” usually have everything backwards, so these new “truths” will just be an extension of more “backwards” information, to keep the “learned experts” on television, convincing everyone of their truth.

At the culmination of the “big show in the sky,” the projections of Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna, Matraia, Maitreya, Drake and others, will all merge into one—after the “experts”31 provide the correct explanations of the mysteries and revelations disclosed, so they are interpreted correctly.

According to Monast, “This one god will, in fact, be the ‘Antichrist,’ who will explain that the various scriptures have been misunderstood and misinterpreted, and that the religions of old are responsible for turning brother against brother, and nation against nation, therefore old religions must be abolished to make way for the new age, new world religion, representing the one god Antichrist they see before them.” As mentioned, a good deception always has a bit of truth, and the truth here is that the scriptures have been misinterpreted—deliberately—to keep humanity divided and conquered through the artificial boundaries of faith. The deception is that the problem is religion, not the religious leaders. Most religions tell you to “love thy neighbor;” it’s the religious leaders that tell you to murder him.

One of the big unknowns is exactly how many people will be suckered in to this light show. There has been a lot of Science Fiction around since the inception of Project Blue Beam, so there may be quite a few people that question the special effects, flooding YouTube with videos of “pixel errors” on the projected face of God. So there is a backup plan, if not enough people buy the “company God” line… a taste of Armageddon: those “messiahs” get revealed as demonic ETs whom let loose the dogs of war upon a suspecting people, via the use of our own “Star Wars” program, the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). This was successfully tested on the World Trade Center.32

But fear not, for out of the ashes will arise a super-secret government agency, as it does in virtually every Sci-Fi movie, paid for by trillions of your tax dollars that has super-secret technology that can defeat the rampaging, holographic aliens, win the war, and stand ready as “heroes” so the masses can bow and scrape before them, again as willing slaves. Of course, you only need holographic phasers to defeat holographic aliens, so the technology “revealed” may also be more of a light show, than a reality.

This phase of the project has some options:

  1. People accept the return of the ancient messiahs (not likely in industrial societies), go through their raptures, and become willing slaves to the “god appointed representatives” in the NWO.

  2. The messiahs turn out to be “friendly ETs,” here to harvest mankind with a mass ascension to higher states of being… they are here “To Serve Man”33 and hand out all sorts of free toys, like Star Trek replicators and free energy devices.

  3. The messiahs are cast as demonic, evil ETs, that blast the large cities into ruins and send the people scrambling to the New World Order for protection.

They have done a good job setting up their win-win-win scenario.

3. Psycho-Terrorism: Artificial Thought and Communication

“Clearly, psychotronic weapons already exist; only their capabilities are in doubt. That is not to say that problems do not exist with the weapons and the concepts. At the present time, unpredictable systems failure and difficulty in controlling testing are major weaknesses.”34

Illustration 2: The Visitors Provide Bliss for Humanity
From the television series “V,” 2009.

Psychotronic weapons are actually biological weapons, as they are used to target biological systems, in particular, the brain and its “software,” the mind. The range of concepts is wide; for the Blue Beam applications, the form of “psycho-terrorism” they need is to invoke emotional states that are associated with the archetypal images being projected. Most people will trust their feelings over rational thought, so if God is up there trying to make logical arguments for His existence and return, most people will not believe it. But, if they are filled with joy and bliss, or depending on the scenario, fear and terror, they will react before they think and consciously act. Reaction is predictable and programmable. Action, a free will choice is not. As to the kind of programmed reaction, Monast continues:

“Naturally, this superbly staged falsification will result in dissolved social and religious disorder on a grand scale, each nation blaming the other for the deception, setting loose millions of programmed religious fanatics through demonic possession on a scale never witnessed before.”5

Of course, the sudden, unexpected arrival of godlike aliens from a vastly superior world would be quite a shock to human society, so society had to be prepared for such an arrival, even if it was all faked with fancy, human technology. In order to do so, new information would have to be presented to “civilized” man at an early enough age for them to consider it, and remain in social media sufficiently long so they teach their young to accept it. This normally requires two generations,35 where the first generation is introduced to the concept, gets to live with it for long enough that it becomes safe and mundane, then pass it along to their progeny, whom accept it as “matter of fact.” In industrialized countries, the human generation is about 25 years; the time it takes for a newborn to grow up, get fully programmed into society, reproduce, and educate their young. So a proper preparation of this kind of event needs planning and about 50 years to execute.

Currently, society is very accepting of “aliens” and the ET concept, because it has been around since the hippie movement in the mid-1960s. Guess what… that’s 50 years ago. Society has been fully “prepped” and is ready to be fully “conned.”

The quotation made by Lieutenant Colonel Alexander starting this section was made in 1980—psychotronic weapons were well under way by then, including “synthetic telepathy,” the use of transmitters to put voices directly into the heads of unsuspecting people. Curiously enough, the early 1980s was also the start of the “channeling” craze—no longer the typical mediumship of the earlier years communicating with the spirits of the deceased, but now with a new twist: aliens from outer space, other planets and other dimensions.36

Monast’s inferences are that all this channeled information, purportedly from extraterrestrials, is nothing more than propaganda in an attempt to control the spiritual development of man by keeping the “god” concept externalized—simply shifted over from the old gods, to the new ETs. But still the same group pulling the strings.

The development of synthetic telepathy could not have happened at a more opportune time, as it coincided with the “recreational drug” craze that breaks down many of the mental inhibitions to radical ideas. Or, perhaps, the drug craze was introduced at the same time to assist in the acceptance of this new form of “C3.”37 Regardless of which came first, the result was the same: success. They were able to introduce all sorts of “new age” concepts into a willing population, for an agenda that was planned for execution some half a century later. If anything, the New World Order are patient folks.

4. Universal Supernatural Manifestations via Electronics

Illustration 3: The Ghost Shift
Doctor Who, “Army of Ghosts”

“Seeing is believing,” right? If you are making plans to control the spirit of an evolving species, that necessitates being able to create convincing imagery—not just in the sky, but in the minds of those you wish to control. It is not a new theme; it has been used on the BBC series, Doctor Who, a number of times, from the “ghost shift” from the Season 28 episode, “Army of Ghosts,”38 all the way back to the 1968 episode, “The Invasion,”39 where the Cybermen added a “micro monolithic circuit” to the then popular transistor radio that allowed them to take control of human minds, via the “cyber control signal” beamed from space.

That old Doctor Who episode actually had the right idea. To introduce subconscious signals into any kind of media stream, you do not embed it in the media where it could be discovered or filtered out, but into the equipment used to express that media directly into the brain: MP3 players, cell phones, computers, televisions, radios and the like. These days, they are all “micro monolithic circuits,” whose functions are buried deep at the atomic level of integrated circuitry, so you could put anything in there without the public every becoming aware of its function. When it comes time to activate, all one would have to do is to broadcast that “cyber control signal” across the global, cellphone network, and out the 6 billion cellphones where it will not only effect the owner of the phone, but most likely many others in the immediate vicinity. Back in 1968, a two transistor radio was “hot stuff.” A typical, multi-core CPU chip these days has over two billion transistors. That’s a lot of logic, and as it is said, “the best place to hide a tree is in a forest.”

Knowing that the technology is not only available, but implemented globally, allows us to examine Monast’s final section in detail, revealing that the technology is currently available to “rewrite” the software of the human brain via electronic devices in close proximity. Before long, Blue Tooth, or should I say, Blue Beam Teeth, will be taking another big bite out of freedom, controlling the electronics of your mind. And while you are at it, don’t forget to have your kids “chipped,” so “you” know where they are, at all times. After all, it’s for your benefit and has nothing to do with global domination and willing slavery.

Monast defines what he believes will be the final stages of the process of taking control, not only of the body and mind, but of the newly-evolving spirit:

  1. “It will begin with some kind of worldwide economic disaster. Not a complete crash, but enough to allow them to introduce some kind of inbetween currency before they introduce their electronic cash to replace all paper or plastic money.”5

It does not take much “surfing the net” to discover that this is already well under way, with projects like OPPT (One People’s Public Trust), Neil Keenan and his “global funds,” revaluation (RV) of Iraqi Dinars, free “replicators” for the good slaves to fill their lives with material possessions, “reset” of the banking system to remove all the debt you’ve run up with uncontrolled spending… the list just goes on and on, and the one thing they all have in common: they are all handouts: you get something for nothing. Nature uses the “handout” concept frequently—the only difference is that Nature calls it: bait.

  1. “The second is to make the Christians believe that the Rapture is going to occur with the supposed divine intervention of an alien (off-world) civilization coming to rescue earthlings from a savage and merciless demon. Its goal will be to dispose of all significant opposition to the implementation of the New World Order in one major stroke, actually within hours of the beginning of the sky show!”5

The same pattern, except instead of handouts, we have the “savior,” another old concept where one entity is burdened with the job of saving the helpless people, via intervention, the “mass arrests” of a corrupt, political or commercial system, or rescue via “harvest” or “mass ascension” to a higher state of being where you escape the system of oppression. Again, it requires you to do nothing except kick back, pop another brew, and “enjoy the fireworks.” Convincing people that they are helpless is a good way to reduce opposition.

  1. “The third orientation in the fourth step is a mixture of electronic and supernatural forces. The waves used at that time will allow ‘supernatural forces’40 to travel through optical fibers, coaxial cables (TV) electrical and phone lines in order to penetrate to everyone at once through major appliances. Embedded chips will already be in place. The goal of this deals with global Satanic ghosts projected all around the world in order to push all populations to the edge of hysteria and madness, to drown them into a wave of suicide, murder and permanent psychological disorders. After the Night of the Thousand Stars, worldwide populations will be ready for the new messiah to re-establish order and peace at any cost, even at the cost of abdication of freedom.”5

This is the natural consequence of a fear-based society; to push the level of fear and misunderstanding so high, a person cannot operate within their own world view and then takes their own life, or goes on an uncontrolled rampage—a form of “assisted suicide;” the ultimate Manchurian Candidate that did not even need to be put through a mind control program—they just make use of the hopes and fears already in place, through the careful nudging of mass media. If a willing slave is “set free,” they will do anything to find a new master to bring meaning and purpose back to their life.

The Mind Has No Firewall

In the old days, a “firewall” was just a noncombustible wall designed to protect a structure from fires. That wall could either confine the fire to a specific building or protect a building from an outside threat. Computer “firewalls” do the latter; it acts as a barrier surrounding your computer to protect it from external damage in the guise of computer viruses, unsolicited commercial advertising (SPAM) and the like.

Your brain and mind are much like a computer and its software, where by default, the “mental firewall” is switched off, allowing itself to be constantly infected from the outside, from the direct programming of “education,” to the subtle mechanisms of subliminal advertising, synthetic hypnosis, subconscious suggestion and a myriad of other processes.

However, these processes are only effective when you are unaware of them. The purpose of this Paper, as well as my other Papers on a variety of topics, is to make you aware of what is potentially going on around you, so you have the option to switch that firewall on. And should you switch it on, like any piece of new software, it will take some “tuning” to get it working properly, filtering out the “cyber control signals” attempting to influence your behavior. But remember, that in our society, “where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise.”41

Will taking up arms against this technological oppressor accomplish anything? In my opinion, no. “A leader does not need guns or knives to give him authority. His weapon is intelligence.”42 Turn on your mental firewall. Stop being subconsciously influenced. Become intelligent. Know what you do, and why you do it. Then you will see that there is another way, a “natural consequence” of biological evolution that has been slipping between the cracks, where those in power hope you will never look. As Roger Damon Price described it in a British television series back in 1973, the future of mankind are The Tomorrow People.43

Resistance is Futile; Evolution is Effective

In Price’s series, The Tomorrow People, young people developed ESP, “extra sensory perception” or “psychic ability,” what we call nowadays, psionics. These homo novus44 shared a specific world view centered around personal evolution to become peaceful explorers of the universe. As an impressionable teenager at the time, it was one of those public television shows that my friends and I would rush home to watch, as it gave us hope that there just might be a chance that we could grow up in a world that worked together for the betterment of mankind—even if children had to lead the way.

Within the framework of the Reciprocal System of theory, psionics are a natural consequence of the continued evolution of life units, creating a new, third level of existence for mankind (the first level being the inanimate, and the second being biological organisms). Because of this theory of everything basis, man, left to his own mechanisms, will eventually outgrow the need for competition, rivalry and fighting, and evolve into an ethical being, with the tools, knowledge and compassion necessary to work in rapport with all life. Some are already standing on that threshold, however there are sinister forces at work, as described earlier, that are consciously trying to prevent this evolution of mankind. As Larson describes, ethical man is an evolving subset of Cro-Magnon man—not many, but some:

“It is therefore evident that we cannot equate man with the Level 3 structure in the same manner that we were able to equate life with the Level 2 structure. Rather, we will have to identify the Level 3 structure with an idealized kind of human: an ethical man, let us say, giving the term “ethical” a very broad meaning. The boundary line between Level 2 and Level 3, then, is not between animal and man, but between man and ethical man. However, much of the human race is partly across the boundary; that is, each of these many individuals is at some times, and to some degree, under the domination of the Sector 3 control unit rather than the Sector 2 life unit.”45

Larson continues to analyze his “Level 3” and the influences of the Sector 3 control unit that creates an ethical consciousness, determining that this is where mankind exhibits his finest features: rapport, compassion, moderation, self-sacrifice and the conscious use of psionic skills, since both halves of the universe, the physical/material and the metaphysical/cosmic, are available to consciousness. When someone, of any age, comes under the influence of these Sector 3 control units, their motivations switch from the biologic rivalry of competition, to the ethical rapport of cooperation: they become a Tomorrow Person. And it is a “no turning back” situation—once you access that level as part of your being, you begin to understand things for what they are—not just see them as presented to you, which is why the New World Order folks must prevent this evolution from happening. It cannot be turned back once it does, so as long as you are following their artificial paths to ascension, trapped within their artificial boundaries, resistance is futile. Cross the lines that aren’t actually there, and you’ll find evolution is effective.

The Boundaries of Your Mind

The boundaries discussed in the “Chains Without Chains” section are psychological constructs, programmed into you at birth. They are not natural boundaries. Forget about them for a while; forget your faith, your patriotism, your corporate loyalty. When you bring those walls down, you can get a look at what it is that has been blocked from your consciousness by The Powers That Be. Knowledge is power, and the most powerful knowledge are the secrets behind those artificial walls in your mind.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am a proponent of Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal System of theory, which is technically a “TOE,” a theory of everything. And it is a simple one, using natural consequences from a ratio of space to time, called motion (though I am the first to admit that Larson does not do a good job explaining his ideas). It is not a popular theory because it is a consequence of nature, not of mathematics. Conventional science demands a TOE that proves that they were right—not one that says they screwed up from the start and spent the last 300 years making a total disaster of everything.

When trying to learn Larson’s concepts, one spends more time unlearning what they’ve been taught, as they were taught everything backwards. And that’s the key to dealing with the evolution of the human spirit—to throw a monkey wrench into the plans of the New World Order—just jump their walls and you’ll find that mankind, a bizarre, interplanetary slave hybrid, has more potential than any other species in this part of the galactic neighborhood. And believe me, our neighbors are well aware of that fact.

Since Project Blue Beam is primarily focused on extraterrestrials and aliens, let’s unlearn a few things about “who’s who” and “what’s that” in the neighborhood.

Unlearning: Breaking Down Artificial Barriers

In The Universe of Motion,46 Larson outlines a process to construct an entire universe that only requires two things: gravity and the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR). The process is simple; gravity aggregates radiation into particles, particles into atoms, atoms into aggregates, aggregates into stars, stars into galaxies and so forth. Gravity is a natural consequence of matter, so all you really need is a constant influx of matter from somewhere. Larson identifies the origin of the CMBR as not a “leftover from the Big Bang,” which one would think would have run out of juice by now, but from the cosmic sector,47 the realm of 3D time known in conventional science (and science fiction) as the universe of antimatter.

Stellar and galactic combustion processes are based on “age limit” fission in the Reciprocal System, which are constantly pushing matter to faster-than-light speeds, as exhibited by RF and X-ray emissions48 of both. Once you move faster than light, you are moving in 3D time, not 3D space, so our half of the Universe is sending over it’s own “material microwave background radiation” to the cosmic sector, where it built a cosmic universe in 3D time, which is always sending us back its “antiradiation” as the CMBR. That’s the reciprocal relation at work, and why the Reciprocal System is named “Reciprocal.” It is always a constant exchange.

So, the first lesson to be unlearned is that the CMBR is a constant influx of matter from 3D time. As such, it was not created by a Big Bang, and since nothing else is needed to create a Universe, there was no Big Bang needed, either!

So when ETs or channelers tell you all about them being the “best bang since the Big One,”49 they are lying. They are stooges for the NWO, trained by those conventional scientists that believe in the Big Bang theory, or just “useful idiots.”

Stars, as described by Larson and referenced in my other Papers, are constructed from this dust forming from the CMBR. That means they start out cold, warm up, get hot, hotter and extremely hot, until they blow apart in a supernova. The existing stellar evolutionary sequence is backwards, and since that is the basis of galactic evolution, that is backwards, also.50 And remember—all you need to create everything in this universe, is just gravity and the CMBR. Knowing the correct stellar evolutionary sequence allows us to learn of how stars evolve and produce planets, how planets produce life—and hopefully, ethical life.

A substantial part of The Universe of Motion is dedicated to stellar evolution. Summarizing, we find that stars grow in generations:

  1. First generation stars are newly formed from dust and debris and have no planets. Any planetary matter in the vicinity would be sucked up into the new star, adding to the stellar mass. These stars are characterized by a single star, with no companion, and “clean” space around them.

  2. Second generation stars form after the first generation star undergoes a supernova by getting too hot (Larson’s thermal limit). The result is a binary star system: a red giant that is composed of the matter in 3D space and a white dwarf, where the old solar core imploded in space and is expanding in 3D time, giving it its compressed form with an inverse density gradient.51 Over time, these binaries move to the main sequence and repeat the supernova cycle.

There is a possibility of a solar system at this time, if the stellar core is spatially fragmented during the supernova. However, the white dwarf fragments would be small, cool off quickly, and most likely get sucked back into the sun while still in its giant phase, so they would be unlikely to produce planets having intelligent life.

  1. Third (and greater) generation stars are either triple star systems, or single star systems with a collection of stable planets. Third generation stars, like our sun, Sol, are the generation of stars most likely to contain planets with intelligent life. They are identified as single red to orange stars with a large amount of surrounding debris (young with forming planets), or yellow to white with an asteroid belt and planets (middle aged with established planets).

ET Phone Home: Long Distance!

We can now use a process of elimination to find where real ETs are likely to reside. A single sun without a debris field, like the stars of the Hyades, won’t have any planets as they are 1st generation stars. Binaries, 2nd generation, are also out, as the stuff planets are made of is still locked up in that white dwarf companion. Triple star systems, like Alpha Centauri, are also out for the same reason—the planetary cores are still in the white dwarf component.

So let’s take a look at what astronomers have recently discovered and graph them in the proper direction of stellar evolution, to find out where our ET neighbors are, within a 45 light-year radius from Earth. See Chart 1.

Examining the chart, it becomes apparent that many of the popular, ET-channeled stellar systems don’t seem to have any planets around them, being first or second generation stars. They were picked because the names are well known by many cultures, and have been for centuries.

Chart 1: Solar Systems within 45 light-years

Something becomes apparent: Sol, our solar system, is the most evolved solar system within this 45 light year range! We’re the most advanced kids in the neighborhood. Tau Ceti, a G-class, yellow star much like our own, is a neighbor with planets—but those planets are younger than Earth, perhaps still back in the Jurassic period with dinosaurs running around. That also means a high magnetic ionization level, so the planetary environments would be radioactive—a similar problem the SMs faced here on Earth, during their colonization.

And yes, our sun is only about 20 million years old, according to the calculations of Prof. KVK Nehru of India, basing his computation solely on gravity and the available amount of matter in the area, including the CMBR.52 The estimated life span of a star generation, in the Reciprocal System, is approximately 100 million years, from dust to supernova.53

So where are the ETs hiding? The stars most likely to have intelligent life would be 3rd generation, old enough to get by the worst of the early radiation levels, but not too old as the sun would become too hot with radiation into the ultraviolet and X-ray bands that would become destructive to life. What we are looking for are 3rd generation, G and F class stars:



Stellar Class

Distance (ly)

Relative Age






Nu2 Lupi










HD 10180





(More Advanced)

47 Ursae Majoris




HD 1461




HD 96700




HD 169830




Upsilon Andromadae




HD 60532




HD 8799




If I were looking for intelligent ETs in the area, my choice would be HD 10180, which is a few thousand years further along in evolution than we are, with a large, 7-planet solar system that is similar to our own. With similar conditions, similar life may evolve. But, I’ve yet to run across hyper-intelligent, pan-galactic ETs (or even mice) that come from HD 10180, a star so insignificant our astronomers never bothered to give it a “real” name.


There is an active, ongoing program to suppress the spiritual growth of humanity, being implemented by those folks that consider themselves to be the direct descendants of the gods. They have positioned themselves as royalty and political leaders, priests and gurus, and the leaders of the military-industrial complex. Like the Kings of old, they consider their “genetic purity” of ancestry to be the dictate for their rulership of the planet and the only reason the remainder of mankind is allowed to exist is to be their slaves. Their modus operandi is rivalry and competition, using the tools of technology.

You have been trained to believe that the “man in the mirror” is who you really are, having about as much substance as your reflection. The powers that be are experts at manipulating reflections and have used it to their advantage to make sure you never realize that there is something real and tangible casting that reflection.

Through control of education, they have you believing everything is backwards so you cannot see the consequences of Nature. Even if you try to take a step forward, they have all the spiritual avenues well guarded with the “ascended master” of your choice. So, buyer beware.

Correcting the stellar evolution shows that our solar system is the most evolved in the immediate area of nearly 100,000 cubic light-years, and there are not a whole lot of similar solar systems nearby. But, astronomical research has shown that there are hundreds of “up and coming” solar systems circulating about red and orange stars that will become viable in the near future for explorers and colonists.

The natural consequences also indicate that the majority of suns that channeled sources claim to be from, do not have planets, hence the logical conclusion is that they are part of this spiritual misdirection. Most of these sources also claim “mass ascension,” where you can receive all the knowledge in the Universe, just by sitting on your butt sucking a brew, watching people beating up each other on sports shows. I ask, “could anyone of reasonable intelligence actually believe this?”

Epilog: The Cro-Magnon Matrix

Just like the progression of the natural reference system described by Larson that causes all physical systems to grow and interact, Nature also impresses its goal to evolve consciousness on all the life that comprises it. There is substantial information indicating that man is a genetic hybrid between native life and an extraterrestrial species, but man is still part of the life matrix on Earth and subject to those same rules that desire the evolution of consciousness. That gives us an evolutionary option that cannot be taken away—only disguised.

These “blue bloods” have a blue pill to offer, and if taken, you remain ignorant of your own potential and live in their world of artificial boundaries with backwards education, reaping the material rewards of being a good slave. Not having achieved a state of ethical consciousness, the jump to “Level 3” that Larson describes, you remain in the loop, and as any engineer can tell you—entropy increases, until there is nothing left to make the loop again.

Blue pill vendors always have a common agenda: that of rivalry, even if they are stooges believing they are doing the right thing. Things to look for: competition, fighting, wars, starfleets of warships, hierarchal orders, chains of command (be it political, social or military), superior beings for you to worship, “us” versus “them,” free handouts, promises to get something for nothing or ascension without effort. Anything based in fear, control, power or ego gratification.

Red-blooded Terranean genetics have a red pill to offer, part of our inheritance from the apes and Neanderthals that make up a significant part of our DNA. If taken, you become aware of your own potential and can work to transform yourself and the world around you back to a natural course of evolutionary development. The Tomorrow People, welcomed as peaceful explorers in an ever-evolving Universe.

Red pill vendors also have a common agenda: that of rapport, of working together to accomplish common goals, where each donates their unique approach to life, without demands of compensation. Things to look for: cooperation, harmony, compassion, exploration (of any subject), psionic ability used to assist healing and evolution, requests that you do the work yourself, and share what you discover on your path; hard work, dedication and ascension with a LOT of personal effort!54

Using these basic agendas, it becomes fairly simple to sort through the myriad of information available, to find what is real, leading to the evolution of consciousness, and what is just a showpiece, leading back to the start after a long delay and detour.

The first step to solving any problem, like the spiritual evolution of mankind, is to identify the problem. Hopefully, this research will assist you in doing just that. Now that you have an understanding of the problem, mankind can start cooperating to find a solution to get us back on track, without having to resort to the same fear tactics that those in power are already using.

Just remember: the red pill is hard to swallow at first, then as you wake up from the illusion, you find the freedom it provides is rather sweet.

1 “SM” is a general term for the “Saurian Men”, “Sumerian Men” or even “Space Men,” that is a generic term to refer to the Titans and their children, the Annunaki, that colonized the area of Sumeria early in the planet’s history.

2, formerly “SoldierHugs.”

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