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Homo Sapiens Ethicus: Life, Death, Reincarnation and Ascension

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Homo Sapiens Ethicus (PDF)
Life, Death, Reincarnation and Ascension

Part 3 of the Anthropology Series on the Hidden Origin of Homo Sapiens



In order to understand how the created, Cro-Magnon man differs from other evolved life on our world, an investigation into the structure of life, itself, is a necessary prerequisite. Once the natural norm is defined, deviations from that norm can be investigated and consequences determined.

This paper will cover two basic concepts, as energetic consequences: life and death, along with the evolution of these processes: reincarnation and ascension. Life, as a natural consequence of the postulates of the Reciprocal System, is covered in detail by Dewey Larson in his book, Beyond Space and Time.1 In hopes of defining the basic pattern of what causes natural death and what happens during, and after, the death of the physical body, the concepts of death, reincarnation and ascension are extrapolated from the core concepts of cultural mythology and theology, correlated to corresponding concepts in a framework of a universe of motion. This information can then be extrapolated to see where mankind, as a species, is heading.

The pretext of this paper, based on the concepts proposed in Geochronology2 and New World Religion,3 is that Cro-Magnon man, from which modern man is a direct descendant, is a hybrid of the evolving life on the planet plus an “extra-terrestrial” or “divine” influence that was introduced by a species collectively referred to as the “SMs” that colonized the planet in ancient times, creating the Mu and Atlantean epochs.4 The progenitors of this hybrid species of man are commonly referred to as the Biblical Adam and Eve, so this hybrid approach is a mix between Darwinian views and theological ones—both are correct. Man was created and is now evolving on his own, as a distinct species.

Terminology is going to be difficult as many of the words have subjective meanings to the reader. To help alleviate this difficulty, the terms will be defined prior to being used, so context can be maintained. There will be those that disagree with the choice of specific words, but these are what we’ve been using in the scientific underground for 30 years and have held up well. It is the concept being related that is important, not the word used to express it.

There will also be those who vehemently oppose Larson’s concept of consciousness being a consequence of life, rather than matter being a consequence of consciousness. I ask that you “suspend disbelief” for the moment, as it is a reciprocal relation. Asking “what came first” is like asking if the inside or outside of a box came first—neither did. Once you have a box, you’ve got an inside and an outside. The same situation exists with consciousness; it’s all a matter of perspective.


To the best of my knowledge, Dewey Larson has the only theory, the Reciprocal System (RS), that deduces both life and ethical consciousness as a natural consequence of its Postulates. What Larson proposed in his book, Beyond Space and Time, is that life is essentially a stable combination of matter and antimatter.5 Most physicists will tell you that when matter and antimatter meet, they cancel each other out and you get an explosive result. What Larson found was that matter and antimatter can also meet “out of phase” with each other, such that they form a stable, more complex structure: the living cell. Still an explosion, but a constructive explosion of life, rather than a destructive explosion of radiation. Because of this mix of material and cosmic (antimatter) motions, the living cells operate primarily in the intermediate speed range, analogous to the processes in stars, but due to this stable balance, the process is at much lower temperatures. To quote Delenn from Babylon 5, “We are star-stuff,”6 literally.

This unique understanding of the living structure as an aggregate of a physical, spatial body and an invisible, temporal body, allows an investigation into that “other realm,” the cosmic half of life that philosophers and spiritualists have identified as the soul or mind (as in the conventional, New Age concept of Body/Mind/Spirit). Whereas soul and mind have many connotations, the Medieval Latin term, anima7 will be used, as commonly used by psychologists. Anima will be used to refer to this “soul” half of the living organism, the unobserved presence in 3D time.

According to the Reciprocal System, the physical8 universe consists of two sectors of expression, existing 90° out of phase; each the antithesis of the other; two perspectives of scalar motion:

  1. Material sector (matter): three, coordinate dimensions of space with one dimension of clock time (duration). This is the observable, measurable sector of our everyday experience, known to the 19th and early 20th century researchers as “ponderable matter.”

  2. Cosmic sector (antimatter): three, coordinate dimensions of time, with one dimension of clock space (distance). This is the origin of etheric phenomena (“imponderable matter”) and is not directly observable nor measurable from space. We can indirectly measure how time changes space, by observing how material structures change when influenced by temporal ones.

However, when confronted with certain, observed phenomena such as ethical behavior and psychic ability, Larson found that the two sectors of his physical universe did not supply sufficient relationships to account for these features and he added a 3rd, nonphysical sector to hold all the evidence and observations that were yet to be sorted out and placed into the theoretical framework of the Reciprocal System. He called this third sector the Ethical sector, and the structures created within it, control units.9 Unfortunately, Larson died of old age before completing this study.

Larson’s concept of “sectors” also maps to the esoteric concepts of ontological planes of existence:

Sector #

Sector Name

Esoteric Plane










Note that Larson’s investigation ended with his third, ethical sector, because of his death. This does not imply that there are not additional sectors, nor levels of existence, waiting to be unraveled as natural consequences of the Reciprocal System.

The Levels of Existence

Larson defines three different levels of existence, based on the relationships between the three sectors:



















Particle, Atom, Molecule












Life Unit








Control Unit


  1. Inanimate: Material or cosmic sectors; the atomic and chemical realm; matter or antimatter. Combinations destructively interfere to produce energy.

  2. Biologic: Material and cosmic sectors, combinations constructively interfere to produce cells. The material, spatial aspect of life is the corpus, the body. The cosmic aspect of life is the anima. Both halves, together, are referred to as a life unit.

  3. Ethical: Material and cosmic and ethical sectors; a structure built upon the framework of space and time, but reaches beyond it. These “ethical control units” are cells of intelligence,10 that we collectively refer to as consciousness. The influence of these cells upon the body, mind and soul, as the spirit, for which we will use the Medieval Latin term, animus,11 to eliminate pre-conceived notions concerning the concept of the spiritual.

As can be seen, Larson, through the natural consequences of his Reciprocal System, is slowly and surely beginning to deduce the existence of the esoteric, philosophical or spiritual realms—purely from the relations of space and time as motion. And he is finding that they have the same structure as ancient literature suggests, with the only difference being that as natural consequence of the theory, the attributes and properties of these levels, sectors and units can be explicitly determined—as well as how they interact with each other. This gives us the basis to analyze evolving life, as well as the concepts that go along with life, such as bioenergy (prâna, qi, ch’i, shen, kundalini and other forms), death, reincarnation and ascension. We don’t have to guess, when we can just deduce where life is going, how it is going there and what we can do to assist this growth of consciousness.

Force and Energy

We are already familiar with the basic forces of Nature, namely electrical, magnetic and gravitational. We also know about certain forms of energy as waves, of which there are two ranges in the Reciprocal System, divided by unit speed:12 Low Frequency (LF) waves that contain low energy and do little harm, such as sound, light, heat and radio; and High Frequency (HF) waves, which can cause serious injuries, such as x-rays, gamma rays and cosmic rays.

Force and energy, though similar, are not the same thing. When Larson’s natural units of space (s) and time (t) are used to define quantities (rather than the names of dead scientists), the concepts behind force and energy, and their differences, become obvious.

Energy (t/s) remains constant, but force (t/s / s = t/s2) is energy that changes with respect to space—not time. If one looks at the conjugate relationship, speed that changes with respect to time, s/t / t = s/t2, we find this is a familiar concept: acceleration. Force is just temporal acceleration. And because coordinate time is not directly observable, it acts invisibly on space.

This gives a clue as to the nature of energy and why we can only detect it by the way it changes space: force and energy are temporal structures, moving with clock space, not spatial structures moving with clock time. As temporal structures, they exist in 3D time (or as physicists say, are localized in time).

This is easily observed by the way a magnetic field moves iron filings, making the shape of “lines of force.” We cannot see the magnetism itself, because the effect is nonlocal, but we can see how the magnetism changes the spatial arrangement of the iron filings.

It is the temporal component that is the “energy,” t/s, which causes a change in space, Δs; the observed result of a force, t/s / Δs = t/s2.

All life units contain atoms, atoms have electric and magnetic fields and are responsive to gravity, just like their inanimate counterparts. But life goes beyond the electromagnetic forces due to the linkage between the material and cosmic atoms—that stable, matter-antimatter relationship—and that relationship generates additional fields expressed by the term, bioenergy, the energy of biologic organisms. Keep in mind that everything that happens in our observable, spatial reference, also happens in the unobservable, temporal reference, resulting in additional “anti-” concepts, such as antigravity—temporal gravity.

Biological Energy

Biological energy, or bioenergy13 is the “Level 2” version of electrical, magnetic and gravitational forces, where these atomic properties are intermixed with their conjugates—the temporal, “antimatter” version of force and energy that comprises the invisible, cosmic half of the life unit, the anima. What this interaction does is to create an energetic aura around both the spatial corpus and the temporal anima—what is termed the etheric body.14

The Aura of Life Units

The unobservable half of the life unit, existing in 3D time, casts its shadow around the life unit for the same cause and reason that electric and magnetic fields cast their shadow about inanimate structures—except in the case of the life unit, they are referred to as auras. These auras form the etheric double of an organism, which is the shadow of the anima about the corpus, the body in space. All life has an aura, and the aura reflects the condition of the cosmic half of the life unit, its “soul.” The soul is the seat of emotion, so the etheric double tends to reflect the emotional state of the life unit.

A second auric field, not generally advertised by mystics,15 also forms around the cosmic anima creating an analogous structure to the etheric body that surrounds the physical body. This material double shows the condition of the physical body to the intuitive side of life, which is how a person can perceive that someone “feels sick” (as mothers always seem to know about their children, regardless of how far away they are). Being a non-local connection, it works analogously to the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen bridge16 because the souls can remain adjacent in time, as a type of “soul group” for family and friends, while the body may be separated by significant spatial distances.

Forms of Bioenergy

The life unit can be considered a “more complete” expression of scalar motion because it contains both sectors in a single, cellular structure. Atoms and particles, being either spatial or temporal, only have “half the story,” so to speak. Whereas the universe is defined by three dimensions of motion, it is only natural that we would find three expressions of bioenergy in living organisms, reflecting the three speed ranges associated with astronomical motion.17

Every culture has its own names for these three forms of bioenergy. For the purposes of this analysis, the Chinese terms will be used:

  • jing (fohat), cellular, libido or sexual energy, associated with health and the corpus.

  • qi (ch’i or prâna), life force, associated with the anima.

  • shen (kundalini), consciousness, spiritual and intellectual energy, associated with the animus.

We all know that to store energy you need some kind of battery, and complex biological systems come with such batteries—known in Chinese as the dan tien or the alchemical elixir field (the elixir, itself, is another term for bioenergy).

These structures, being rotational in nature, exist in an analog to Larson’s equivalent space, though more aptly named equivalent motion for a life unit, as the equivalency includes the merging of equivalent space with equivalent time. These equivalent motion structures are not directly observable from our conventional reference system, but are localized at three areas in the body, as indicated, and can strongly effect both the physical corpus and temporal anima. They operate much like a charged electron, where the dan tien is the electron, putting out “lines of force,” called meridians, throughout the body to collect and distribute bioenergy.

Jing: Cellular Energy

Jing is analogous to Larson’s “low speed” range (1-x), being a binding energy within and between cells. Jing is acquired through consumption of food—other living cells that emit jing as they are broken down for use in the body. The better quality the food (such as organic), the more abundant the jing is. Very poor food18 may have so little jing that the body, itself, must supply a portion of it to aid in digestion.19

Jing is also provided during conception, where the new life is provided with a quantity of congenital jing from the parents to initialize the life system for independent operation. When the baby is in the womb, it is dependent upon the activities of the mother to do the initial charge of these bioenergy batteries, as those “jumper cables” are only disconnected upon the severing of the umbilical cord at birth.

After birth, natural processes work to acquire additional jing from outside sources (acquired jing). Jing is expended with day-to-day activities and consumed quickly in stressful and fearful situations, these days known as “everyday life.”

When the total quantity of jing is expended at a biological organism level,20 the natural process of dying is initiated. If the organism does not have sufficient qi to engage the reincarnation process, the result is death—a demotion. For most of the lower forms of life that are still bound to a collective anima, this demotion is a return to the inanimate, chemical realm. Higher forms of life, having more complexity, get demoted to a level of complexity that is maintainable with their remaining, bioenergy level.21

Qi: Life Energy

Jing is the low-speed energy that keeps cells on either the material or cosmic side functioning. Qi is the next step up, the “intermediate speed” energy (2-x) that keeps the material and cosmic aggregates together and communicating.22 Because this stable matter-antimatter bond is what defines life, qi is considered life energy.

Qi can be manufactured from jing or obtained from the environment. Because jing is far more abundant and very easily obtained from a good meal, qi is normally manufactured from jing through the Xia dan tien, then sent for storage in the Zhong dan tien.

Environmental qi is actually quite abundant in natural areas and many people can sense this with a good feeling when out hiking or camping. The primary source is good, clean air, which is why qi is associated with breath, and why practices to encourage and store qi concern breathing exercises. Those that practice these exercises in remote areas often notice that it is far more effective when there are thunderstorms in the area. There is a reason for this: the intense, dielectric field produced by a thunderstorm alters the form of water vapor slightly, converting inanimate water into living water,23 a direct source of life units having a structure easily converted to qi.

Unfortunately, few of these places exist in civilized countries that have been overrun by electromagnetism, as this form of energy prevents environmental qi from forming in any abundance.

Shen: Spirit Energy

Qi can be converted to shen as an act of will. Shen is not normally acquired from the environment; it is only obtained as a deliberate, conscious act (however, the process of reincarnation will provide a quantity of shen to the newborn, as well as some shen obtained from the parents). When a life form obtains sufficient shen, it activates the spirit complex—the intelligence—and develops a degree of ethics, as Larson describes in his “Level 3: ethical” approach in Beyond Space and Time.

Shen can be considered intellectual or creative energy, depending upon whether the material corpus or cosmic anima is dominant in the organism. Those on a typical, alchemical path that are trying to balance the masculine and feminine aspects within, will tend to exhibit both forms of shen, being intellectually creative (composers) and creatively intellectual (inventors).

With the exception of the Gaia24 hypothesis, Nature has not yet developed sufficiently to be an environmental source of shen, so any external accumulation is done from creative and intellectual pursuits involving others of similar mind and spirit; a process analogous to resonance amplification.

When jing runs out and there is sufficient shen, another option for death opens up—that which is commonly called ascension, a process to exit the cycle of life, death and reincarnation, by moving to a different realm. If one does not have sufficient shen to ascend, it most likely will have sufficient qi to reincarnate and follow that route to try again.

When the mind is enlightened, the spirit is freed; the body matters not.25

Yin-Yang = Time-Space

Another concept that is used from the Chinese is that of yin-yang, the concept of “inseparable opposites” that Larson calls motion. Yin is the involutive concept: feminine, polar, curved, full or cold, whereas yang is the evolutive concept: masculine, linear, straight, empty or hot. Within the material sector context of the Reciprocal System used in this analysis, time is yin and space is yang.26

Yin-yang also represents a way to represent the concept of simple harmonic motion (SHM), where a yin (inside) SHM is a vibration, and a yang (outside) SHM is an oscillation.

Vibration, when applied to a rotation such as an atomic system, creates the concept of charge, a rotational vibration in the Reciprocal System that is the source of electric, magnetic and gravitational charges.27 Charge is energy, and the charge on an electron is expressed as force—the motion the charge causes on atomic systems. Charges are easily acquired, but not required. Particles and atoms can exist in either a charged or uncharged state, a concept not recognized by conventional physics. Because the field effects of an uncharged particle do not vary with respect to time or space, they are not readily detected. The most common example of an uncharged structure is that of the uncharged electron, which is observed as a “hole,” the positive “charge” of electric current. The charged electron is the conventional electron, acting as static electricity.

All the forms of bioenergy, like their inanimate counterparts, have both a polarity (poles) and can exist in a charged or uncharged state. Each type of bioenergy can exist in four different states, uncharged yin, charged yin, uncharged yang or charged yang, resulting in what appears to be twelve different forms of bioenergy: four types of jing, four types of qi and four types of shen.

Death and Dying

The final concept that needs clarification right up front, is that of death. The term “death” can be viewed as both a condition and a process. In this Paper, the word “death” will be used to represent the terminal condition and “dying” to represent the process.

  • Dying: the process initiated after the biological organism cannot retain viability.

  • Death: the condition where the organism gets demoted or returned to inanimate status.

The process of dying is initiated either naturally (old age), involuntarily (disease or injury) or unnaturally (murder, accident). The bioenergetic condition is different for each process:

  • Natural: The bioenergy of jing has been depleted. Qi and shen are unaffected.

  • Involuntary: Stress depletes jing by converting it to qi to operate the immune response, until jing is expended. Fighting the disease and regenerating tissue will expend qi.

  • Unnatural: Remaining jing is converted to qi in large quantities, which may cause the etheric double to obtain sufficient cohesion to take on a “life” of its own. But without a viable, spatial body to contain it, the etheric double becomes a ghost.28

Origins of the Afterlife Choices

The majority of western concepts concerning the afterlife can be traced back to a single source, Plato’s Myth of Er,29 which goes like this:

With many other souls as his companions, Er had come across an awesome place with four openings—two into and out of the sky and two into and out of the earth. Judges sat between these openings and ordered the souls which path to follow: the good were guided into the path in the sky, the immoral were directed below. But when Er approached the judges he was told to remain, listening and observing in order to report his experience to mankind.

Meanwhile from the other opening in the sky, clean souls floated down, recounting beautiful sights and wondrous feelings. Others, returning from the earth, appeared dirty, haggard and tired, crying in despair when recounting their awful experience, as each was required to pay a tenfold penalty for all the wicked deeds committed when alive. There were some, however, that could not be released from the underground. Murderers, tyrants and other non-political criminals were doomed to remain by the exit of the underground, unable to escape.

After seven days in the meadow the souls and Er were required to travel further. After four days they reached a place where they could see a rainbow shaft of light brighter than any they had seen before. After another day’s travel they reached it. This was the spindle of Necessity. Several women, including Lady Necessity, her daughters and the Sirens were present. The souls were then organized into rows and were each given a lottery token apart from Er.

Then of their lottery tokens, they were required to come forward in order and choose their next life. Er recalled the first to choose a new life, a man who had not known the terrors of the underground, but had been rewarded in the sky, hastily chose a powerful dictatorship. Upon further inspection he realized that, among other atrocities, he was destined to eat his own children. Er observed that this was often the case of those who had been through the path in the sky, whereas those who had been punished often chose a better life. Many preferred a life different from their previous experience. Animals chose human lives while humans often chose the apparently easier lives of animals.

After this each soul was assigned a guardian spirit to help them through their life. They passed under the throne of Lady Necessity, then traveled to the Plane of Oblivion, where the River of Forgetfulness (River Lethe) flowed. Each soul was required to drink some of the water, in varying quantities, apart from Er. As they drank, each soul forgot everything. As they lay down at night to sleep each soul was lifted up into the night in various directions for rebirth, completing their journey. Er remembered nothing of the journey back to his body. He opened his eyes to find himself lying on the funeral pyre, early in the morning, and able to recall his journey through the afterlife.

As you can see for yourself, all the classic elements are here. The path in the sky became Heaven, the path in the Earth became Hell, the idea of reincarnation and the veil of forgetting… even those “cast out” of heaven through that 2nd door to take on lives of atrocities.

If we make use of the Annunaki context that is presented in this Series, what we have here is the classic dichotomy of the battle between Enlil (sky god) and Enki (earth god) and the promises made to their slave population, humanity. Enlil (and his father, An), lived in the “heavens” and would come down to the surface world as rulers of the land. Enki, with his undersea Abzu and handling mining operations across the planet, lived beneath the surface and would come up to the surface world, bring the treasures from below to placate the sky dwellers. With the onset of hostilities between them, these domains of control became the classic Heaven (Enlil as Yahweh/Jehovah) and Underworld (Enki, the Adversary30). The role of human souls in this Annunaki scenario will be expounded upon later, after some foundational concepts have been reviewed.

Options While Dying

The quantity and type of bioenergy acquired during life provides options when dying of natural or involuntary causes. Unnatural death causes a situation where the remaining jing (the years taken from you, so to speak) are converted directly to qi upon the loss of the corpus. As a consequence to this boost in qi, death from unnatural causes seldom occurs, as the boost to qi jumps an entity directly to the reincarnation option. This is a type of “fail-safe” that is embedded into the system to give those entities a second chance, providing they don’t want to remain earthbound to spook others as ghosts.

Reincarnation and ascension are entry points into a more complex system of tests and consequences, where concepts such as karma31 come into play as well as evolutionary history. Here, the concept of death can be considered analogous to “flunking out” in school, in which you return to a prior grade to learn the lessons you obviously missed, and try again. True death, a total return to inanimate status, is basically flunking out of Kindergarten, so it is infrequent.


A natural consequence of this structure is that if life were to acquire jing at a rate faster than it were to expend jing, the natural process of dying would never occur and one could live forever. That is true, but there is a catch, which has to do with our old friend, the magnetic ionization level32 that is responsible for determining which elements are radioactive.

A non-zero magnetic ionization level allows atoms to collect neutrinos to add isotopic mass. In the inanimate realm, atoms can remove this excess mass through radioactivity, but in the case of the life unit where the material and cosmic structures are in balance, isotopic mass builds on both sides. The material and cosmic structures continually increase their atomic displacements until the isotopic mass reaches a point where it neutralizes the atomic rotation.33 This causes the linkage between the material and cosmic structures of the life unit to disassociate, causing cell death. By acquiring more jing, you can extend your lifespan, but you will continue to “get old.”34

But as ancient history teaches, the “gods” were immortal, so they found a way—but not by extending the life of a single, physical body—but by creating bodies “on demand” and transferring their personality from one body to another, through the use of what was termed, “black magick.” There is a way to achieve immortality for humans, as documented by the ancient, Taoist masters—if you are willing to pay the price. Curiously, many of the Taoist masters that achieved immortality and departed the mortal realm for the realm of the gods, often returned to live out mortal lives—though never explaining why.35

The Death Experience

If you want to understand death, the last place you want to look is modern religion. And the second to last place to look is to the “New Age” experts. Go to the source, which starts with the Sumerian records and the books written by the gods of old, such as the Book of Jubilees, which is a dictation from God recorded by Moses on Mount Sinai, while He etched those stone tablets for the Israelites. Yes, God did create man—though the genetic engineering context got a bit lost in the translation. So if anyone understands the structure of mankind, it’s the folks that designed the hybrid—and that information is good reference material.

What is described are two realms, the mortal realm of our everyday existence and this “other” realm, which I’ll just refer to as the Other Realm,36 as there are just too many names in use, all with extreme religious connotations. If you’ve done your homework and followed up on Larson’s Reciprocal System, you already know what these two realms are: the two “sector” aspects of the biological level of existence, namely a “2nd density” version of the material and cosmic sectors.37

When it comes to dying, humans, the Cro-Magnon descendants, are a mixed bag—a hybrid of both natural processes and “divine” processes from their Saurian creators. The bulk of humanity is more the “down to earth” type, consisting of a genetic mix of Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal—the “red blooded” folks. A smaller subset, billing themselves as the “blue bloods” of Royal descent, operate more on the Saurian “top, down” principles, than those of the evolutionary natives. The natural process will be addressed here, as natural consequences of life.

Death is a deconstruction of the biological level of existence, which may reach all the way back to the inanimate level. Like any radiative or radioactive process, energy is released, and in the life unit situation, bioenergy is liberated. But unlike electrons, alpha particles and gamma rays, bioenergy continues to have a continuity of form for a period of clock time, still able to slightly influence the spatial realm through the forces generated by the anima. The higher functions of consciousness, being nonphysical, remain intact and operating, leaving this etheric ghost in a transitional state. Post-death rituals, such as those documented in the Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, were created to assist this ghost in the options available to them, during this period.

Unnatural death has the tendency to “explode” the etheric body out of the physical, sometimes to such a degree that a person does not even know that they have lost their body. Due to the high level of qi, and the fact they don’t realize something happened, no attempt is made to “move on” and the ghost remains earthbound until either such realization happens and they can make their choice, or qi (which cannot be replenished) dissipates to a point where a choice is forced.

The Reincarnation Process

The presence of qi allows a secondary process to activate when dying—that of reincarnation. If qi is totally inadequate (less than one natural unit, as Larson would put it), then there is not enough to power the afterlife system, so it is back to inanimate status. Higher forms of life tend to have accumulated a large amount of qi, so the reincarnation process is normally available.

People have been through the reincarnation cycle a considerable number of times over the last five millennia, and when born, already have a quantity of qi and shen carried over from the previous cycle. Qi often determines the relative health of the newborn, whereas shen is the determining factor for karma. As in all energetic systems, bioenergy has both charge and polarity. A person with bad qi may end up deformed upon reincarnation, whereas a person with good qi may end up athletic. Good shen will give a person a more virtuous life, whereas bad shen may cause constant problems and a fearful life.

In order to understand reincarnation, one must have some idea of what “incarnation” is. It is derived from “carnate,” which means “to be put in flesh” and that means to come alive. Reincarnation is to become alive—again—inferring that there was something that carried over from a prior incarnation.

Upon death, the material and cosmic atoms disassociate, returning the corpus to inanimate status. But the bioenergy field remains as the ghost or etheric double. It is in this state that the consciousness experiences the afterlife situation.

In the diagram above, I have identified the first afterlife realm as “Purgatory,” an old Catholic term for a place that souls reside immediately after death to do a life review to see where they’ll end up for eternity. In researching this realm, most systems add an additional step, what can be called “The Mist.”

When consciousness loses the physical senses as the body dies, it gets a bit confused, as things like sight are only available from what is known as the 3rd eye. Things start out rather hazy at first, like looking through a mist or dense fog. At this time, the consciousness is still very connected with the spatial environment—people, structures and reference points can still be identified, just not as physical systems—only energetic ones. Without a body, you haven’t got a “ghost of a chance” with actual, physical contact.

The dying experience continues in this state for 40-60 days, depending on the culture.38 It is thought that during this time, the folks one has left behind have the opportunity to still communicate with you to say their final thoughts and get closure, before you head on to more interesting things. Also remember that movement, in this ghostly form, is not spatial—it is energetic, so your consciousness can localize at any point on the Earth when it needs to. And that need usually arises when a loved one is thinking about you. So it does seem probable that this period of transition exists to get closure.

After interactions with the physical world are complete, you have gotten a pretty good idea of what you were like as a person and enter a process of “life review.” This is where you decide what is going to happen next, and one can be quite hard on themselves. In our society the victim status is rewarded, which leads to a sense of worthlessness that does carry into the afterlife.

In the classic religions, the life review ends up with two, simple choices: selfish and “go to Hell” (the black or dark aspect of the wave) or charitable and go to Heaven (the white or light aspect). Note that these “waves,” like their oceanic equivalent, are transient—a personalized version of heaven or hell, not the collective version that was initially established by the gods of old.

The mind is a powerful thing, and since the mind is the cosmic aspect of life (with the brain being the material aspect), it survives death of the body but is no longer constrained by the shared, spatial illusion we call “reality.” Your mind can create any illusion it desires in order to balance out your bioenergy, so you may continue on the path of spiritual evolution.

Those having a near-death experience typically enter the waves, just like a person on the shore wading into the splashing of the ocean. They have not fully engaged the dying process because at some level they knew they were not going to die. But, they do get a glimpse of what personal judgment may result in, and as such, the experience can often make a substantial change to a person’s outlook on life—normally for the better—once they discover that a personal hell is built upon all those things that they spent their life repressing and hiding from.

There is also a third choice, which is labeled “The Path of Kheb.”39 This path opens up when, during life review, when you realize that “yes, I have done some selfish things, but they were necessary for survival and growth,” concurrent with “yes, I have done charitable works, and they were also necessary to balance out the selfish acts.” Most people that are not strongly biased in their political, religious and philosophical views fit this description. When the consciousness enters this state, neither a personalized heaven nor hell suffices to provide further growth of consciousness, so “Door #3”40 opens up—as the Minbari41 say, “I am gray. I stand between the candle and the star. We are gray. We stand between the darkness and the light.” This removes one from the personal realm of self-judgment, the “I,” and into the Density of Choice,42 the “We,” and what interactions—selfish or charitable—have been done in order to assist in the evolution of consciousness.

The Realm of Illusion: The Density of Choice

An integral part of the transition zone particularly applicable to the more complex organisms such as humanity, is the Realm of Illusion, referred to in the Law of One material as the Density of Choice. It is reached when there is sufficient qi and one has judged their life to have been worthwhile; they have accomplished what they set out to do in life and are at relative peace with the complexes of the psyche.

The Realm of Illusion considers the larger picture—not only what you did with your life, but how your actions have affected others, with a single determining factor: did your actions help the evolution of consciousness? This determination is non-judgmental as to orientation, as a self-serving act may result in the evolution of consciousness, just as easily as a charitable act would.

This realm is described in ancient records as containing an environment that is manifested by the intentions behind the actions you took during your lifetime (or deathtime, as the case may be), as the immortal realms consider intention over action. It is a realm of thought-forms, created by the qi bioenergy. When one chooses to treat this artificial reality as a real, tangible environment, they have elected to reincarnate through one of the service paths: service to self or service to other. The qi of the person is released into the environment, so they can experience this service path and eventually be born again, in the mortal realm or the other realm, depending on the one they departed.

Here, entities can remain for centuries of clock time, until they figure out that they are basically on a holodeck43 of their own making and the environment they are living in is nothing more than a projection of their own unconscious. That realization will stir the movement of the bioenergy field that has been used to create all the structure and interactions around you. Your artificial reality collapses and you get an influx of qi—so what do you do with it? At this point, what was real becomes unreal44 and the qi that was sustaining the system is returned to conscious control—but at an elevated stage: the energy returns as shen, indicating that the reincarnation process is not going to work for the further development of the consciousness of the organism.

Some will get “pissed off” and use that qi to repel the world around them. This normally happens with service to self based individuals, whom believe that they are the center of the universe to begin with. As a result, balance is lost and they proceed to the Underworld, the more classic Christian Hell, where this energy can be literally “burned off.”

Alternately, some will fall in love with the experience, handing their qi off to others and get sent to the Overworld, where they can continue the experience for a very long and loving time—until they run out of qi and fall back into the incarnative process.

Again, there is a 3rd path available that emerges after you realize you’re on the holodeck and accept this artificial reality of thought forms for what it is—a really good education on how to balance yourself. At that point, you can just “call up the Arch” and “Computer, end program.”45 The released qi has no where to go via an unconscious act of service, so it is yours to command. After all, qi is intelligent. So introspect on your holodeck experience, and that introspection will convert qi to shen and open up the 3rd path, the first stage of Ascension.

The Ascension Process

When the ethical man, through a conscious and knowing act, generates sufficient shen prior to expending his jing, the option becomes available to skip the whole reincarnation drama. There are two entry points into this realm, either through the Density of Love (or Hate, 4th density) or through the Density of Honor (5th density). The selection depends on how you generated the shen—through rivalry or rapport.

The Realm of Color: The Density of Love and Hate

There are two doors that enter the realm of color, one from the Realm of Illusion and the other directly from the process of dying with a sufficiency of shen, but still engaged in the discord of rivalry or competition. Entry into this realm indicates that the organism has developed a sufficient animus (with both thinking and feeling aspects) to exit the reincarnative system, but has not yet reached the status of immortality, which begins with entry into the Density of Honor.

This Density of Love and Hate46 (not “like and dislike”), the 4th density of the Law of One, is a colorful place where the personal choices are at extremes. It is known as the Realm of Color because of the extreme nature of the values and choices made. Many people that go on chemically-induced, psychedelic experiences end up here for a short time.47 Looks good when you get there, but one does not realize what they are actually experiencing because they have skipped over the process to arrive at that destination. This realm acts like an overlay to both the material sector and the cosmic sector, sitting beyond space and time. From this vantage point, both sectors can be viewed and interacted with at the same time; the concept of past and future changes into a complex landscape, where a person’s body can be seen following one path through space and their soul can be seen following another path through time. Much of the metaphysical folklore regarding travelers from the future or past originate from this realm, as pasts and futures are geographical directions in time.

As there are two entrances, there are also two exits from this realm. The first is when shen is expended through continued rivalry and discord, usually through interference in the lower realms. The second exit opens when one brings into balance the extremes of color and becomes gray… a system in sympathy and rapport, which leads to the immortal aspect of ascension.

The use of rapport and rivalry do not indicate a dichotomy at this level, but more a level of complexification or dissolution of consciousness. Shen is a conscious energy, whereas qi is an intelligent energy. Those who engaged in rivalry to generate shen have basically fought the system using the attractive and repulsive principles of love and hate. Competition can be friendly or hostile, and that forms the basis of rivalry.

Rapport, on the other hand, is the “pro-consciousness” approach that not only provided yourself with shen, but assisted others in getting it along the way (frequently confused with service to others). When rapport is the basis of shen, then one needs not go through the resolution of the competitive methodology and can proceed to the Density of Honor, manifest in the Realm of Flame.48 The realm is analogous to the “mental” plane of other systems, where one obtains the ability to create and destroy structures in the physical, spatio-temporal worlds.

The reference the Realm of Flame comes from descriptions of the energetic body resembling that of a flame—yellow or golden in color, vibrant, energetic, though still anthropomorphic. Yellow is the color of mental energy, which is why this realm is equated with the mental plane.

Overview of the Mortal and Immortal Realms

The mortal realms are the realms in which we have physical existence. In the Reciprocal System, physical can be either spatial or temporal, so the mortal realms are either existence in the material sector of 3D space or the cosmic sector of 3D time. When your consciousness is in one sector, the other sector has the appearance of the “afterlife.” Most theological conventions consider where your consciousness currently resides is the mortal realm and its conjugate, the afterlife, is the other realm.

What many folks do not realize is that even when you die, you’re still “mortal”—just mortal in the afterlife realm and will, after a deathtime of experiences, get old, be born and come back to life, here. It is a symmetry of existence between the matter of 3D space and the ether of 3D time. The mortal and afterlife realms are just opposite faces of the same coin, so when you go around the edge of that coin, you die on one side to be born on the other. The primary difference is that physical existence is valued by space (sensation, thinking, distance, clock time) and the afterlife existence is valued by time (intuition, feeling, duration, clock space).

In the mortal realm, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”49 and one is valued (judged) by their actions, not their intentions. The material realm (life) is based on spatial relationships—the purpose of our physical body is to sense and manipulate space. The cosmic realm (afterlife) is based on temporal relationships—the purpose there is to intuit and manipulate time. Both cases require interaction between consciousness and the environment.

The immortal realms are reached by the ascension process, breaking the cycle of reincarnation. To use the coin analogy, it is very difficult to jump off the face of a coin, but easy to do when you are making the transition around the edge. The most notable difference between the mortal and immortal realms is that the immortal realms exist beyond space and time, and as such, the valuing systems that we are accustomed to are very different—they take on a reciprocal form. There is little difference between thought and manifestation, so valuing is done by a concept similar to intention.

However, in the immortal realm, “the path to mortality is paved with actions.” It is from this premise that we get the non-interference directives of higher beings, such as the ascended Ancients of Stargate SG-1. Consider: once you have ascended, you did it because you no longer need to experience the physical interactions (sensation and intuition) present in the life and afterlife realms. In other words, you have graduated High School and have started attending College. But… if one continues to have an interest in interacting with the physical realms, then obviously you did not complete a lesson there, which is why you have the motivation to continue interacting with the physical. Once that link is formed it tends to get stronger, as an ascended being can greatly affect the affairs of the mortal realms due to the fact that their thoughts will manifest as structure and action, substance and force. Eventually, they get sucked back down into the reincarnation cycle to figure out, and finish off, the lesson that they failed to learn. So, when one gets “cast out” of the immortal realm, they return to mortal status with some knowledge of higher learning—but that knowledge is often misunderstood, as the mortal mind/brain does not have the mechanisms to comprehend non-corporeal lessons.50

Ascended Laws of Non-Interference

Do interactions between the mortal and immortal realms occur? Yes, frequently. But it is seldom a physical interaction. It normally occurs during a ‘tween time (an in-between time, the edge of the coin, high noon, midnight, sunrise, sunset, birthdays, anniversaries, doorways, windows, bridges, shadows… any time a new cycle starts, or opposites become connected). And it is done at a thought or conceptual level that can provide some very insightful information, but is still up to an individual to act on it, physically, since that is the dictate of mortal existence. It is from this interaction that we get the concept of spirit guides, ascended masters, avatars, guardians, et al.

There are times when the thoughts and intentions of someone in the mortal realm pokes through to the immortal realm and gets the attention of immortals. It is usually associated with a flash of insight about the nature of one’s purpose in life. It does not happen often but when it does, most choose to ignore it. (Remember that the immortal realm is valued by intention: if a mortal does not intend to follow through by indicating no interest, putting it on hold, or just denying it, the offer of interaction will be withdrawn—it is usually a one-shot deal.)

When an offer comes from the immortal realm, it indicates that the recipient has a quality of character that would allow them to do bigger things than what biological existence would have them do.

Something to note is that an immortal guide will never tell you to “do” anything nor act on their behalf. They have no interest in the mortal realms, but do have an interest in the larger picture—of which you can make a difference, if you choose to do so. If you encounter a non-corporeal entity that wants you to perform or act on their behalf, you probably have another mortal inbetween lives that has used projection to gain access to this side. The immortals simply give you access to an enormous realm of knowledge and experience, and like a librarian, will assist you in finding what you are looking for—but you will still have to read the book and act on the knowledge.51

Interaction between the realms is a free-will choice, and hopefully an informed choice.

The Conjugate Realms: This World and the Otherworld

One of the more spectacular conclusions that Dewey Larson made with his reciprocal relation between space and time was the discovery of a sector of the Universe that is the conjugate of the one we are familiar with—literally, the Universe of Time, which he termed the cosmic sector. This cosmic half of the universe contains structures similar to what we observe in the material, spatial half: atoms, dust, rock, asteroids, planets, suns, galaxies,… everything that can exist here in 3-dimensional space, can have an analog in 3-dimensional time; these two halves of the universe are not separate phenomena.

The close coupling of these sectors can easily be identified by the difference between structure and force fields. Structure is spatial; we can observe it, we can measure it and we can manipulate it. However, force fields are temporal—unobserved except by the effect they have on structure. A simple way to represent the interaction of these two halves of the universe is through the concept of the complex quantity, where the real component is space and the imaginary component is time. Note that this is the case from the material perspective; from the cosmic (antimatter or afterlife) perspective, the situation is reversed: time is real (3-dimensional) and space is imaginary. Perfect compliments of each other.

In the ancient mythologies and parables, this “world” refers to the 3-dimensional, spatial realm of observed structures, being ordered by clock time and invisibly influenced by the “otherworld.” The properties and characteristics of this otherworld closely match the natural consequences of a realm of Larson’s cosmic sector. Reported journeys into the otherworld equate distance and duration. Should a visitor to the otherworld fail to exit it from precisely the same point they entered, upon returned, they would be displaced in clock time—arriving before birth or years after death. This is the concept of clock space, where distance in the otherworld equates to duration in this world.

This world is identified as the land of the living, entered by birth and exited by death, but only comprising half of the cycle. The otherworld comprises the other half of the cycle, the “afterlife” as it is oft called, entered by death and exited by birth. There are those in this world that do not believe in “life after death.” And usually the same folks, after transitioning to the otherworld, do not believe in “life before death.” (This usually indicates that they haven’t been around the loop very many times.)

The Transition Zone

As mentioned earlier, if an organism has not acquired sufficient amount of qi upon the dissolution of life units while dying, both “halves” of the organism can return to inanimate status—the dust from which you were created. This is a “true death,” in the sense that nothing of the pattern of memory or spirit of the organism is able to be carried forward. It is not a waste, however, as the atoms release in both the material and cosmic sectors will eventually be reused in another living organism. The universe is “recycle friendly.”

However, when there is sufficient qi to retain the pattern of identity, the organism enters the transition zone and enters the reincarnative or ascension process. The transitional zone starts with “reincarnation” or “ascension” blocks on the chart and ends with either rebirth (reentering the conjugate sector through birth) or ascension to the immortal realms. Note that the transition zone is not the cosmic otherworld. The basic nature of the otherworld is indistinguishable from this world to the newborn consciousness—you believe you have been reincarnated into the same world you left, but have actually transitioned to the conjugate aspect. Upon death in that world, you will again enter the transition zone and return to the land of the living. Though in both cases, “living” and “afterlife” are relative terms.

The Immortal Realms

The term “immortal” means, “not subject to death, everlasting.” In the context of the ascended being, this is indeed true as they have moved beyond the necessity of the reincarnative cycle, as well as the concepts of clock time and clock space. It is just another stage of existence that is a natural consequence of the evolution of consciousness and does not infer special power or ability, as those concepts are mortal ones, not immortal ones.

The Realm of Flame: The Density of Honor

The 5th density mentioned in the Law of One is the Density of Honor, more appropriately called, “duty, honor and responsibility.” It is the first of the immortal realms where systems are brought into balance through the concept of rapport. Though the system is in balance, it is more like a juggling act than perfect symmetry. The net bioenergy of the organism has reached peace, but it is far from symmetric or crystalline.52

Honor has aspects of duty and responsibility, which play an important role in the Realm of Flame, because the primary energy of the realm is shen, the animus, intellectual or spiritual bioenergy. The activities here are primarily mental ones and this is also known as the mental plane of existence, where one has a duty to continue the evolution of consciousness along with a responsibility not to interact with the mortal realms. Newly ascended entities are very tempted to interact with the mortal realms, because of the displacements in space and time they carry to hold their balance. But if they do, then that displacement is offset and they literally fall back in to the mortal realm, having not learned their lesson.

Evolution in the Realm of Flame is achieved by burning off the remains of the material and cosmic values, those of self-centeredness, excess charity, service to self and service to other. When the chaff of mortality is cast off, the system becomes more symmetric and the transition to the Density of Unity begins and consciousness enters the Realm of Light.

Densities of Unity and Timelessness; the Realms of Light and Creativity

Information from human sources is scarce on these immortal levels of existence, but can be inferred through the extension of Larson’s process of elimination, by removing what we can attribute to the other densities and realms and taking a look at what is left over. Unfortunately, it does not leave much, other to indicate that there are two, additional levels that have been achieved by conscious, intelligent beings (hard to call them “human” at this stage of development).

The Density of Unity and the Realm of Light is the stage at which consciousness takes on a new role, based in rapport and has the ability to be a creator, perhaps better termed, evolver. It is not about genetically engineering new races or zapping new worlds in or out of existence, but concerns an investigation into the evolution of consciousness, itself.

Once this investigation has reached some conclusions, the Density of Timelessness and the Realm of Creativity become the next step, where these conclusions can be put into action. The research of George Hunt-Williamson on the Cyclopeans and the group he terms the Elder Race provides additional details.

Using the corrected geochronology developed in Part 1, the first visitors to this planet were the Cyclopeans during the Paleozoic Era and their presence may have well been responsible for the Cambrian explosion of life, documented in the fossil record. Williamson’s premise was that these visitors were a spiritually advanced race, seeking the next stage of the evolution of consciousness and were looking for an out-of-the-way place to take the final stages of this more advanced form of ascension, not a movement to a higher density, but a transition to the next octave of existence. Our solar system, being on the leading edge of the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy being pulled into the Milky Way,53 was at the leading edge of solar system evolution and therefore made a good “monastery” for the completion of this research. The Cyclopeans did not directly interfere with the development of life, as did the Titans and their Annunaki progeny, but the presence of a field of consciousness that intense would undoubtedly accelerate the development of biological diversity in the local environment. So our solar system is a special place, being both on the leading edge of solar system formation and having a collective boost to the life energy of the world.

The Psychology of Souls

Psychology, “the science of the mind, mental states and the processes of the psyche,” is not something taught in grammar school—though it should be, as it is a type of “owners manual” to your brain. Of course if you understood psychology at an early age, you could not be easily influenced by things like subliminal marketing, political propaganda (aka “the News”) and might actually reap some significant benefits such as finding good, stable relationships with prospective friends and mates, as you would not need to stumble around with “games” to figure out how relationships work.

Many psychologists have already accepted that some kind of “energy transfer” exists that can be described in psychology with the concepts of projection, identification and transference. These are the bioenergetic “ties that bind” that can influence your decisions, get you to act a specific way, or even take your very life energy from you.

These concepts have a simple, inanimate realm analogy: force fields. If you are an iron filing, you will be easily—and invisibly—influenced by a magnetic field, or could have an electrical discharge pass right through you. Fortunately, you are not an iron filing, but a biological organism, and are therefore subject to the bioenergy version of force fields, an aura, which is a nonlocal effect that is represented by the interaction of the etheric and material doubles—not the corpus or anima (as they are both physical aggregates).

The most common of these auric interactions is identification. This normally happens between a person and an object that they find some strong attraction to or are totally repulsed by. The object, itself, is inert in the auric range, but its structure, color or memory54 resonate with your aura and produce feedback. Positive feedback means you just have to have that thing—and cannot live without it. This is what sales and marketing plays upon, to get you to buy all this stuff you never knew you needed, but can’t live without.55 Negative feedback pushes you away from an object and is often used to hide things, by making their appearance grotesque.

Projection is similar to identification, in that you voluntarily transfer your bioenergy to someone or something else. In a typical relationship, a partner will transfer their “unseen half” onto the other, in order to see what is going on within themselves. Typically, a man will project his anima (soul) onto his wife and the wife will project her anima onto the husband. This projection works just like the projection screen one watches films on and is a tool the psyche uses to help to understand oneself. Unfortunately, the actor/actress on this psychological screen has free will, behaves the way they normally behave and does not act out the role that has been projected on them—expectations are not met and the relationship suffers. Once you realize that you are both a projector and a screen, then it becomes easier to interface with others, as you can begin to identify your own expectations—not because someone acts them out, but because they fail to do so.

As long as people are fulfilling each others expectations, relationships are maintained (it’s called a complimentary neurosis). Once that fulfillment stops, the relationship is terminated and all the bioenergy that is tied up in that exchange gets released with a snap, comes hurtling back into yourself, and in most cases, the result is anger and emotional injury, just because the other person was a terrible actor for the role you gave them to play.

Projection can take on a more serious and potentially life-threatening form, known as transference. Rather than just giving someone a role to play on your stage in life, one removes that entire chunk of their psyche and hands it to the other person, script and all, and you no longer have any control over it—only they do. And when they fail to meet your expectations, you do not get the bioenergy back, as you have literally given them a piece of your soul. They get to keep it and use it for themselves.

Transference is the mechanism used by people that want power over you, namely anyone seeking power, control. or fame in the public eye. And they are fairly easy to identify as they will use possessive terms like “my people,” “dear ones,” “constituents” or the like. They use the tool of charisma to get you to project some need you want fulfilled onto them to fulfill, basically volunteering to play that role for you. Once you have projected those desires, your auras become locked together—and distance does not matter, as it is a nonlocal, bioenergetic connection. Then they take steps towards that fulfillment, usually by making savior-type promises and even providing some artificial evidence that attempts to lock you into the system (a common, political tactic). You have been nibbling at their bait, and they want you to swallow that hook and fully engage in transference, as they normally do not have the ethical development to obtain that energy for themselves. And once they get it, one of two things will happen: first, if you’re a good slave to them, you will go out and recruit more bioenergy “food,” increasing the size of their contingent of followers. Second, if you have outlived your usefulness, they will say or do something to make you reject them and leave so they can keep the bioenergy of the transference. Look at any of the “leaders” of the world and you can see this in full operation.

Cheating Death

The psychology of transference, when done at extreme levels, gives an organism the ability to cheat death because the choices available during dying are based on bioenergy. Bioenergy, being organic in nature, does have a “footprint” from the life form it belongs to, but that footprint is erased and replaced once voluntary transference of bioenergy to another organism is made.56 On the plus side, it allows life to provide life energy to another life for the purposed of health and healing. On the minus side, it can cause life to get “demoted” from lack of bioenergy that was transferred away, when they otherwise may have had a shot at ascension.

Since there are significant karmic repercussions in this “cheating death” scenario, those that engage in the practice desire not only to avoid death—but avoid the entire cycle of reincarnation, altogether. This can be accomplished using techniques commonly known as “black magick,” though it is actually just the weaponized version of a “science of the soul.” With a basic understanding of the life unit and how it works as a bridge between 3D space and 3D time, one can unravel this process of cheating death, without having to resort to religious symbolism of Satan or Devil-worshiping.

Corporeal death is a “given,” due to natural, involuntary or unnatural causes. Extending the life of the body only has limited results and is not actually cheating death. What is actually done is to engage the reincarnation process to the point where the anima disconnects from the corpus (that is returning to inanimate status as chemicals), then drop that anima back in to another body that is young, alive and healthy. The problem to be overcome is that this young corpus is already “occupied.” So, what is needed is either: an uninhabited corporeal body or a tenant that will voluntarily vacate the premises, when it is time for someone else to move in.

Our good friends of the New World Order have taken both approaches in their attempts to cheat death. First are the attempts to genetically engineer compatible bodies, from “alien hybrids” to modifications of life on our own world, just as the Annunaki originally did. Next comes the volunteers, people raised without any sense of identity or independence, so they do not have much, if any, of the spirit in the 3rd, ethical sector to put up any resistance when it comes time for eviction.

Bioenergy is still a form of energy, in general, and like its inanimate equivalent can be manipulated through technology—but requires an organic technology to do it. To the best of my knowledge, genetics has not yet advanced to the point of creating life, hence they are not able to engineer organic computers at the DNA level. So one must use the tools at hand, which is other life, combining their auras to act like a magnetic scoop, to catch a person that is dying and transfer that bioenergy into another corporeal body. These are “exposed” by journalists as those black, ceremonial rituals. It is not a lot of mumbo-jumbo, because it is generating vectors in 3D time—the cosmic sector where the anima remains intact as a structure. That is what the chanting and prayer is doing—aligning temporal vectors, like a net.

The consequence of these techniques is that the same souls with the same personalities, can continue on, indefinitely, just “downloading”57 into a new body when theirs is about to expire or when it gets damaged beyond repair. Of course, the public does not suspect that we’ve got the same “world leaders” running things that we had 500 years ago, which explains why faces change, but the world continues to degenerate. They are cheating death and avoiding karma from reincarnation, so they do not have any concern over the consequences of their actions. As can be seen, depravity and criminal insanity tend to set in over the centuries.

The Collective Soul

This ability to cheat death is partially genetic, in that it requires a stronger presence of Annunaki DNA to allow for a clean separation, since the SMs (our “gods”) cheat death in a similar fashion—except their genetic engineering skills allow them to grow their own, custom bodies58 to relocate their souls into.

Whereas humanity is a hybrid of Annunaki and Neanderthal, this ability is reserved to the Blue Bloods, the Royal “children of the gods.” The rest of the Red Bloods end up with a choice of reincarnation, with its karmic repercussions, or even ascension. Of course, because our world is controlled by those that enjoy fear and suffering, we all experience a great deal of punishment, as stated in the Myth of Er, and as such are continually choosing to make a better lifewe are choosing to evolve.

What holds humanity back can best be described as a collective soul, the half that is tied to the Annunaki genetics that influences us to be voluntary servants and to not seek independence.

Evolution of the Species

So where does this path of life, death, reincarnation, ascension, bioenergy, auras and psychology lead to? A doorway that is the next stage of human evolution, the ethical man,59 taking his place as a peaceful explorer of the Universe. So why is this happening, now?

First, a quick review of “intervention” upon our world by extraterrestrial visitors, of which there were three major groups, the Cyclopeans, the Titans and the Annunaki (descendants of the Titan An/Anu), followed by some “locals” called the Cabal these days (the descendants of the Annunaki), along with the local inhabitants whom have been here all along, the LMs:60

As mentioned earlier, the Cyclopeans were an advanced, philosophical species that came here looking for type of monastic environment, somewhere “out of the way” to complete their research on ascension to the next octave of existence. In those days, our world was called Tiamat,61 meaning “the final place of our love.” The presence of these highly advanced beings, because of the nonlocal effects of bioenergy and auras, accelerated evolution on Tiamat causing the “explosion of life” that heralded the beginning of the Cambrian Period of the Paleozoic Era. Upon completion of their research, they left Tiamat by ascending to the Theta Octave,62 leaving their monastic cities behind along with an archive63 of their travels and researches—a kind of road map for those who may choose to follow.

Long after the Cyclopeans ascended, another group arrived in our solar system—but not with such spiritual aspirations. They came here to exploit the natural resources of a newly developing solar system for more “militaristic” reasons, as our mythology speaks of: the war-mongering Gods of old, the Titans.

Tiamat was not actually their destination; they just stopped by to make a survey, then proceeded on to Mars, which, being further out from our early, orange sun (remembering that astronomy is backwards), was further along the evolutionary path than Tiamat was, making it more suitable for colonization. And the Titans colonized Mars, using it as a base to access the enormous heavy metal resources of the asteroid belt.

As the millennia passed, Mars had become fully established and, as Orson Welles so aptly put it, “Yet across an immense ethereal gulf, minds that to our minds, as ours are to the beasts in the jungle, intellects vast, cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.64 “Us,” in this context, being the native, LM inhabitants that have been growing and evolving on Tiamat, courtesy of the Cyclopeans. The Titans dispatched An and his progeny to Tiamat to begin colonization under the direction of Enki, chief engineer and scientist. The colony was known as Eridu, in Mu (Sumeria). The planet became known as Ea’s Eridu,65 later truncated to Earth.

The colonization, exploitation and subjection of the “Earth” was the responsibility of An’s progeny, the Annunaki. They founded the original colony in the motherland, Mu, then expanded over to the Americas/Antarctica as the Atlantean era, where they ran into some trouble—the barbarian rebels, with assistance of one of their own, Enki, who became technologically advanced enough to put up a considerable amount of resistance to the Annunaki “Gods.” And these LMs did—and after a centuries-long, but successful attack on their “home world” of Mars,66 forced the Annunaki off Earth.

Humanity has literally been “caught in the middle,” as a hybrid of SM and LM genetics. The “pure line” of descendants from the Adamic stock became the overlords of the planet, the Nobility, Royalty or Blue Bloods that were the original children of the Gods, a mixture of Adamic and SM genetics. The remainder of the hybrids interbred with us low-life Neanderthals, becoming more like the Red Blooded natives, then slaves to serve the Gods. And that is where you find us, today. This “Cabal” of self-appointed rulers of the planet, keeping all the knowledge and secrets of their SM ancestry and technology to themselves, with the “peasants” to do their bidding.

Over the centuries, homo sapiens, the “thinking man,” did exactly that. Man was genetically engineered with a significantly higher intelligence than the great apes and easily became the top of the food chain—namely, the best killers on the planet, courtesy of those SM genetics. This boosted intelligence was split over the two realms of biological life, half went to the corpus, embodied in the brain, what is termed thinking coupled to the physical sensations. The other half went to the anima, expressed in the heart—feeling, coupled to the temporal senses as intuition. These concepts form the basis of psychological typology as rational (thinking, feeling) and irrational (sensation, intuition) types.

Occasionally, mankind would think and feel at the same time, bringing balance to both halves of the biological organism and realizing that these psychological valuing systems were just two aspects of something else, some kind of ethical or spiritual side manifest in physical reality, and the study of Alchemy was born—an attempt to document and reproduce this access to a kind of “spiritual motion,” access to Larson’s Sector 3 “control units” and the ethical level of existence.

Alchemical, spiritual knowledge67 gave mankind the ability to advance beyond being a slave and automaton to the Nobility68 and he started to do just that, with some covert assistance from the LMs, as far back as the 16th century.

This, however, was doomed to failure, as population levels were still small enough that the occasional plague could handle any insurrection and put the people back into a state of fear, running to the nobles for protection behind their large, impregnable castle walls.

In order to compensate for the developing spirituality in mankind, nobility was split into two factions: governments and religions—again, two aspects of the same nobility. So when people became upset with government, they could turn to religion to save them. When religion started the Inquisitions and the people became upset again, they could run back to government to save them. This oscillation has been going on for centuries; it takes about two centuries for people to get upset with one aspect, to switch over to the other—but still under control of the same group of nobles.69

In current world affairs, led by the United States of America, Inc., we have the same situation, yet again. People are fed up with government lies, spying and abuse and are turning to the Christian religion to save them, demanding to “live free” under God (otherwise known as Enlil). There will be a short time of prosperity at the switchover, then back to the same, old thing. Just one dictator replacing another—unless mankind decides, “enough is enough,” and makes a conscious choice to take the next step in human evolution: dump rivalry, embrace rapport and become peaceful explorers of the Universe in all its forms, as: homo sapiens ethicus, the ethical man.

Humanity: The Next Generation—Homo Sapiens Ethicus

We have, right now, an excellent opportunity to make this transition to peaceful explorers, courtesy of a single, technological improvement that, curiously enough, was designed to make warfare more efficient: the World-Wide Web or Internet. For the first time since mankind was created, he has access to virtually all the knowledge on the planet, at the push of a button. The Internet has done to the Cabal, what the printing press did to the churches.

In the old days, the churches controlled what knowledge the general public had, through its scribes. The printing press allowed anyone to publish to the public, at little cost. The churches lost control of information and the public became smarter. The Internet is doing the same thing with the Cabal; no longer can they get away with false flags and corruption, without it showing up on YouTube. Only knowledge will set you free.

The historical path of evolution is summarized in the chart below, showing the paths of ancestry—nobility can trace its origins back to the Annunaki Gods, whereas the peasant stock only has an indirect route to the Gods (hence the necessity for an intercessor figure, like the Blessed Virgin Mary), with its roots planted firmly in the LM stock of ancient Tiamat.

The life units that define the “noble body” are primarily from genetic engineering, as an engineered species can be custom designed for specific tasks and duties, from rulership to tripping over ottomans. Nobility desires genetically engineered life, as that is their path of evolution.

The “peasant body” tends to be sturdier, having a natural evolutionary path via “survival of the fittest” from the Neanderthal stock. The peasants desire natural processes and tend to be organic in their desires, as it is their path of evolution. Our planet also contains a mix of the two lines of descent, so there is a full range of expression of life.

So where is mankind going from here? Two choices are apparent, particularly if one looks at the goings-on in the world about them:

  1. A reinforcement of the Noble/Peasant system, by genetically engineering the peasant stock to be more “slave friendly” to the Nobility. Thank the “Gods” for Monsanto… literally!

  2. An evolution of the peasants into an independent species, a species that is basically organic in nature, does not need nor desire bioengineering. Like its LM ancestors, works in rapport with the other life of the planet (and elsewhere, as peaceful explorers).

Implementing of the first choice is simple enough, just “engineer” the food that limits the body and regulates the soul to encourage the system of rivalry and obedience, to get your good slaves. Also, reduce the population to manageable size, to go back to the good ‘ole days of a single plague to keep the peasants from revolting.

The second choice is where many people are heading, and if you are reading this Paper, you are probably in this group seeking the evolution of the species.

So how does one do this? Simple: make the ethical choice! Work to develop your shen bioenergy and become intelligent. Forget the distractions that plague the “entertainment” industry and start learning new things. No one can do the work for you, so you will have to choose to become intelligent—the only thing that holds you back is societal programming, as it was designed to keep you “the Fool.” Become the Magician, instead… learn, teach and advance yourself to the next stage of human evolution, that which Roger Damon Price referred to as The Tomorrow People, homo sapiens ethicus.

“Door of opportunity have sign that say, ‘push to open.’ It never locked.”70 Alohomora!


As some final comments, I want to point out that you are not alone on this Magnum Opus—the Great Work—to homo sapiens ethicus—there are many, many people now getting to this stage. And there is some assistance on this Path—not from more extraterrestrial aliens, but from right here on the planet—a little place that is the anima of the planet, called Agartha. It is said to hold all the beauty of Aphrodite. And if you’ve understood what I’ve said about life, the universe and everything, then I don’t need to tell you where it is located, as you will have already figured it out for yourself—which is what you are supposed to do. To do the work, yourself.

The location of Agartha was chosen because it is inaccessible to the Titans, Annunaki and their Noble descendants, due to the structure of their soul. As such, it made for an excellent “rebel base” for the natives of Tiamat, and as things developed, transformed into a center of culture and philosophy for all the life on the planet—including the ethical men that have “figured it out” over the centuries.

But, as explained in the earlier sections of this Paper, there is a policy of “non-interference” in terrestrial life, so they do not “channel” or send telepathic signals trying to influence people (or any of the other life on this world). Free will is paramount in that you are free to choose your Path, whatever path that may be. However, if you understand the process, then you’ll know what “counts” as interference and non-interference.

So learn what it is to be “human” and make use of the abilities that come with being human. Use your genetic heritage to advantage. There is a lot more to each and every person than they may realize—all that is needed is the opportunity for expression. Everything is based on conscious choices, so choose to be wise and seek the path that will improve life, not just for yourself, but for everyone you interact with. You will notice a change—and an opportunity.


1 Larson, Dewey B., Beyond Space and Time, Tucek & Tucek, published posthumously in 1996; written in 1979.

4 This concept is referred to as Intervention Theory.

5 Antimatter in the Reciprocal System is called cosmic matter and is technically “conjugate matter,” composed of atomic rotations in space, placed in a 3D temporal coordinate system, using clock space as a measurement of change. Larson refers to it as inverse matter, but it was pointed out by Prof. KVK Nehru that the inversion must actually be a conjugate, to preserve dimensional relationships. For example, the inverse of material force, t/s2, is s2/t, which is incorrect. Cosmic force has the dimensions of s/t2. The aspects of space and time invert, but the dimensional relation in the numerator and denominator stay the same, making it a conjugate, not an inverse.

6 Babylon 5, “A Distant Sun.”

7 “That which animates” or brings to life.

8 “Physical” includes all the relationship that are defined by 3D, scalar motion with the aspects of space and time. This includes matter (material atoms), antimatter (cosmic atoms), electric and magnetic fields, gravity, biological organisms (life, including body and mind/soul, but not “spirit”) and their bioenergetic systems.

9 Larson, Dewey B., Beyond Space and Time, op. cit., p. 81.

10 Not to be confused with the moron, a particle of stupidity that is highly contagious in bureaucratic systems.

11 Animus is typically defined as the intellect or spirit, often associated with the concepts of ethics and morality.

12 Unit speed is the speed of light, 1 natural unit of space per 1 natural unit of time, unity in the Reciprocal System, or 299,792,458 m/s in conventional physics.

13 Bioenergy in the sense of the various forms of biological energy, not the common reference to energy obtained from biomass, such as biodiesel fuel.

14 The ether (or æther), in the context of the Reciprocal System, is the cosmic sector of 3D time being interpreted from a material sector, 3D spatial perspective.

15 This material double is the mechanism used to inflict bodily harm in certain martial arts, by energetically attacking the projection of the material body in time. That energy damage is reflected in the physical body after an interval of clock time, giving rise to the famed “touch of death” made famous by practices such as Dim Mak.

16 The classic wormhole that connects things remotely across space, though there is no actual need for a connecting tunnel, as the linkage is just the inverse relationship of the ratio of motion.

17 Stellar events and life units actually have a lot in common with the way they interact at faster-than-light velocities. One can almost consider a cell to be a thermally-balanced, microscopic star.

18 This includes genetically modified organisms, poorly fertilized plants and animals pumped full of hormones to produce physical muscle, but not the corresponding levels of bioenergy. The best beef is “free range” because of this—the cattle are using their muscles, grazing many miles in a day, which produces a proper balance of structure to energy.

19 That “loss of energy” feeling you sometimes get after eating a meal is often due to the body having to supply the bioenergy to digest it, rather than it being part of the food being eaten.

20 Cells can exchange qi with jing to assist in keeping an organism alive. The process is known as healing.

21 This is the origin of caste systems, normally regulated by karma. This demotion process reverses the evolutionary pattern of complexity, returning the life unit aggregate to a simpler level to try again.

22 Known in some esoteric circles as the “silver cord” that connects the body and soul.

23 Living water, as documented in detail by Viktor Schauberger, has the atomic structure of antihydrogen hydroxide—one of the hydrogen atoms of the water gets accelerated to superluminal velocities, pushing it over to the cosmic side, converting water into the structure of a life unit. This is also the source of Brown’s Gas, aka oxyhydrogen.

24 Gaia being the collective consciousness of the planet and possessing intelligence from that consciousness.

25 Oma Desala, Stargate SG-1, episode “Meridian,” and the monk at Kheb on “Maternal Instinct.”

26 Yin-yang and time-space represent the same concept. Physicists just don’t like those “metaphysical” terms in science!

27 Conventional physics only recognizes electric charge; magnetic charge is treated as momentum and gravitational charge as isotopic mass.

28 “Ghost” will be used as the shadow of the cosmic aspect of life units, not “spirit,” which is a common translation for the animus.

29 The Republic, Plato, 380 BCE, 10.614-10.621; translation taken from the Wikipedia entry Myth_of_Er.

30 Enki, having accused Enlil of working against the best interests of the Annunaki, became Enlil’s biggest adversary and was given the title of the “accusing adversary,” satan. “Satan” is a title, not a person, much like “President.”

31 Karma is the carry-over of actions and intentions from prior incarnations that influence the current one.

32 In the Reciprocal System, the magnetic ionization level, an environmental variable, controls the amount of isotopic mass an atom can accumulate before undergoing radioactive decay to eliminate the excess mass.

33 One would think that as one ages their weight would increase, due to the additional isotopic mass—as the bathroom scale seems to demonstrate to me, every day. But that is not the case; because mass and anti-mass is being added together, there is no net observable change in atomic mass within the cell.

34 Wherever Nature provides a problem, it also provides a solution… such as the Fountain of Youth, which may not be the fairytale people think it is.

35 I’ve wondered what “heavenly” situation could be so disruptive, as to make one give up immortality? Perhaps it’s those 24/7 “Elvis” concerts!

36 Concept borrowed from the television series, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, where the non-mortals (witches, wizards, mythical beings, etc.) can exist, and move between, the mortal and “other” realms.

37 A “realm” is a better term than “sector” in this situation, as a sector is from section, a piece. The biological realm is both material plus cosmic, so it is inclusive of both sectors.

38 Mo Pai, 40 days; Bardo, 49 days; Native American, 2 moons ~56 days.

39 From an Egyptian story and also the references to Kheb in the Stargate SG-1 television series, as a place to learn the path of ascension.

40 A comical reference to an old television show, “Let's Make a Deal,” where contestants were given options to keep prizes they had won, or to risk them and to pick a door, something behind a curtain, or the box Carol was standing next to.

41 The Minbari are a philosophical, alien species in the television series, Babylon 5.

42 The Ra Material lists seven densities of existence, or levels of complexity. The densities are used in this work for lack of better terms.

43 A “holodeck” is an artificial reality suite, popularized in the Star Trek, the Next Generation television series.

44 A concept played upon heavily in “The Matrix” films, concerning the red and blue pills.

45 The holodeck contains an archway with a computer interface, that can be called into manifestation during a simulation in order to alter or end the running program.

46 The Law of One material omits the “and Hate” part, though the dichotomy is obvious from the descriptions.

47 Hence the predominance of bright colors and patterns preferred by psychoactive drug users.

48 Note: “flame,” not “fire,” as in Stargate SG-1's Ori. Though this is the realm in which one would find Stargate’s ascended Ancients.

49 Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, circa 1150 CE.

50 In Don Elkins’ book, Secrets of the UFO, he describes Wanderers as high-density entities that made a “choice” to return to Earth and help out. When you include information from other sources, such Asatru and Native American mythology, a slightly different picture emerges—though one can easily see Elkins’ perspective derived from it. Wanderers did not voluntarily re-enter the Density of Choice—they “fell off the wagon,” so to speak, and “cast themselves out” because they chose to interact and participate in the physical system again, from the ascended realm, and managed to generate karma as a result.

51 One big concern about psychoactive drug use is that it artificially pokes one’s thoughts into the immortal realm, that would not happen under natural circumstances. Native American and aboriginal people respected this; use of psychoactive substances was restricted to shamans and anyone wishing to seek their use required years of instruction prior to their first dose. It was a very respected tradition. But now the immortal realm is learning that humanity is “crying wolf” with these artificial projections and may soon cease making offers, altogether, to humanity.

52 When something crystallizes, it becomes frozen and unchanging with respect to either clock time, or clock space.

53 Our sun is part of a small, irregular dwarf galaxy being absorbed into the Milky Way. Remember that stars consume matter to move from red giants to the main sequence. The Sagittarius Dwarf, sitting outside the rim of the Milky Way did not have much in the way of matter to consume until it began to enter the galactic disk. At that time, abundant “fuel” became available to advance the stars on the leading edge quickly, developing binaries, trinaries and solar systems well in advance of the rest of the dwarf.

54 Inanimate objects do possess a function analogous to memory, which is a structural arrangement in 3D time that is not visible to the spatial observer.

55 In order to generate this auric feedback, marketing often uses sexual symbolism to identify their product as a catalyst to engage in sexual intercourse, which is a very strong biological function in humans.

56 This is why voluntary compliance and voluntary servitude is so important to “the powers that be.”

57 In the re-envisioned version of Battlestar Galactica, the android Cylons were able to download their consciousness into a duplicate body upon death, making them immortal.

58 As depicted on many Egyptian etchings of the gods that are partly human, partly something else.

59 In The Tomorrow People series (1973), this next stage of evolution was original called homo superior (superior man), then later changed to homo novus (new man). In the remake of The Tomorrow People (2013), they reverted back to homo superior so they could complain about it… after all, how could a bunch of kids be “superior” to the rivalrous, competitive politicians, bankers and priests running this planet? Homo sapiens ethicus is a more accurate term, reflecting the “ethical,” Sector 3 origin of the evolution and meaning “the wise, ethical man.”

60 LMs refers to the “mythological” beings, such as faeries, dwarves, sprites, &c., along with the great apes, cetaceans and Neanderthal precursors; basically all the native life on the planet that evolved to obtain a higher degree of consciousness.

61 ti+amat, “our” + “love or fondness.” Ti is also the final note of the diatonic scale, before the next octave begins.

62 We currently exist in the Eta Octave of the seven densities, which is the 7th octave of the evolution of consciousness.

63 This “Archive of the Ancients” is referred to as the “little red brick schoolhouse” in the research of George Hunt-Williamson and can be accessed by any life that has developed a level 3, ethical consciousness. It also became popular on the Stargate SG-1 television series as the repository of the Ancients (though taken off-world).

64 Welles, Orson, The War of the Worlds, Colombia Broadcasting System, October 30, 1938.

65 There is evidence that “An” was a title, not a name, and the entity’s name was Ea. That way, Ea’s Eridu would always refer to the entity—not the job—in historical accounts, much like July is for Julius Caesar and August is for Augustus Caesar—we don’t have a month called “Caesar.”

66 The war was basically an asteroid-throwing contest known as the Great Bombardment, leaving both planets covered with impact craters. In those early days, Mars was a fertile world, with oceans and an abundance of life.

67 Alchemy derives from Hermetics—the god Hermes—one of the Annunaki that sided with Enki and the rebels that worked to assist mankind toward evolving into his own species. The Maya, Aztec and Inca, being the locals of Atlantis at the heart of the rebellion, all had a developed version of Hermetic knowledge that the Europeans brought back to the old world, where the actual tradition of Alchemy was born.

68 Originally, there were four castes: the nobility (Royalty, being both political and religious leaders), the military to enforce the demands of the nobility, the merchant “delivery boys” and the peasants—the farmers and ranchers. Note that these form the four suits of the Tarot cards, “trumped” (or triumphed) over by the Annunaki.

69 Wong, Eva, Tales of the Dancing Dragon: Stories of the Tao, Shambhala, 2007; an excellent historical account of Chinese history and this oscillation between government and religion; one comes into power with promises of greatness, becomes corrupt after a couple generations and is replaced by the other, doing the same thing. Contains many excellent stories of how seekers have reached this Level 3 consciousness and the attempts to control that information by both governments and established religions.

70 Singh Li Peng, Shaolin priest, China.