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Introduction to the Revised Edition

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Behold a fairer time is with you than any men have dreamed of; behold there is gladness again in the heavens when a host not of earth is seen of all shepherds.

High in open heavens, a new Host rusheth unto you; it singeth of beauties whose eagerness greeteth you;

There is a new trumpet and an excellent tongue to voice it; there is a new paean and a stronger throat to roll it, there is a high summoning and yet a new joy that Man perceiveth to surfeit the threats to darkened infinities.

These things a new Host voiceth, and their silver hath a trade-stamp that rebuketh man’s incredulence.

—From The Golden Scripts


In the first edition of this book, published in America in 1954, the radio operator who received signals from space remained anonymous. He was referred to as Mr. “R,” a radioman. Since his first experiments, many other operators have been inspired to attempt radio contact with the intelligence behind the UFO. In 1955, a Canadian official wrote to me and informed me that Canadian radio operators had successfully communicated with the same space group that had originally contacted Mr. R in Arizona.

The radio messages are printed in SMALL CAPITAL letters for easy identification. In some cases, the messages were in a code not understood by the radio operator or witnesses present. Therefore, they are reproduced exactly as received. Some of these unknown messages seem to be part of a two-way communication between space ships, others are nothing more than reports between very earthly ships at sea.

In this edition, Mr. R is revealed as Mr. Lyman H. Streeter, W70JQ, a radio operator for the Santa Fe Railroad. Photographs of his home and radio ham shack in Winslow, are reproduced here for the first time. This edition is enlarged with the addition of the chapter, Mr. R’s Secret, and the chapter, Cosmic Rays and a Baby Sun.

At the end of this edition, you will find the Merint Programme radiotelegraph procedure sheet (authorized by the Secretary of the Navy, USA). This is the first time it has been copied or published anywhere, since the United States wants apparently to keep knowledge of Merint from private citizens. The programme is used by USA and Canadian Merchant Vessels (coastwise) “for early warning in defense of the North American continent.” The radiotelegraph sheet is to be posted in the radio room and on the bridge of every ship. It bears the designation: OPNAV 94-P-3B (there is a similar sheet, OPNAV 94-P-3A, that is used for radiotelephone procedure).

The reader will notice the statement: “Report immediately all airborne and waterborne objects which appear to be hostile, suspicious or are unidentified.” The perfect drawing of an UFO is interesting.

The American government is aware that UFOs exist (proven by recent statements in the House of Representatives), how much they know about them is another matter.

Recently, a well-known “Saucer” author wrote a book titled Flying Saucers Farewell. I rather doubt the idea that UFOs have gone home again. They have been surveying us for thousands of years and they will not leave until their programme is culminated. Farewell, indeed? They are still being seen daily all over the world. The little group of researchers in Arizona in 1952 opened the way for radio contact with space. When will the governments of the world continue that pioneering effort? Only time will tell, and there isn’t too much of that left.