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12 Cosmic Rays and a Baby Sun

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12 Cosmic Rays and a Baby Sun

The inevitable question seems to be: `When and where will the UFOs land on Earth?'

To answer this, it is best to give the statements made by space intelligences themselves. When they were asked what they would do to prevent an atomic war on Earth, they exclaimed: `We will do absolutely nothing to prevent or stop such a war!'

They have stated that they do not know whether there will be such a civilization-destroying war or not. However, they point to the fact that all ancient prophecy, whether found in the Holy Bible, in other sacred books, or in manuscripts, definitely indicates that there will be a conflict of such magnitude that our present civilization will collapse completely.

They have stated in numerous authentic contacts that if we decide on peace and follow a true One World Policy, they will eventually land, share some of their great developments with us, and assist us in taking our rightful place in the Interplanetary Brotherhood. They have further stated that if we do not decide on peace, and an atomic war emerges, they will not interfere but will let such a war progress to the stage where it can no longer be effectively waged due to the fact that both sides have been defeated by the total ruin of technical organization.

Some might ask: `But if the space people are here to help us, why will they allow such a frightful war to continue, or even start in the first place?'

We must remember that according to Universal Law, our space visitors cannot interfere with our progress on Earth. Since the Earth is only a classroom in the Father's many mansions certain lessons must be learned before Earthman earns graduation to higher spheres. An eighth grader doesn't enter the first grade to make fun of the students because they do things more simply than himself. Likewise, spacemen aren't going to step in and dictate to us; they are going to let us learn our lessons in our own way, even though they will undoubtedly be painful lessons, for the history of the Earth has proven this to be always true on this sorrowful planet!

Space mentors declare, however, that the world is not going to end, even though there will be terrain changes, and violent storms, etc., still man is only to inherit the beautiful and good on Earth. After millennia this planet has managed to produce a harvest of souls who can live in fellowship, love and peace with their fellow men. It is this harvest or remnant that shall inherit the New Earth of the Golden Dawn.

I do not support the prophet of doom predictions that claim our world will be utterly destroyed. But that there will be great destruction locally in various parts of the Earth there is no question! Yet will it not be worth it, if we awaken to a New Earth, purified and cleansed of all lust, greed and war? Is this not the Great Dream of all ages?

You ask: `But what about the millions who will perish? Is this not a terrible loss?'

Let us remember that life is eternal... therefore no one will actually perish, they will only leave a planet that is no longer suitable for their development. Those who have not yet learned the lessons contained in the Sermon on the Mount will be reborn on other worlds where they will remain until they learn Universal Laws and how to apply them.

The space intelligences do not look upon death the same way as we do. If we are born to die, then we must also die to live! Why are the UFOs here? It is a difficult question to answer, but is usually summed up in the following: '

  1. Atomic experiments on Earth and our advancement in eventual space travel and the exploration of space have alerted other inhabited planets. [America expects to land a man on the Moon during 1968--Editor.] (There is always an increase in UFO sightings and fireball phenomena after atomic experiments and the launching of sputniks.)
  2. This is the psychological time for outer space intelligences to make their appearance on Earth due to the above (No. 1) reason.
  3. The space visitors wish to assist the remnant on Earth after catastrophe and return the Earth to the Interplanetary. Brotherhood from which it fell countless generations ago.
  4. They (UFOs) are fulfilling prophecy concerned with the approaching New Age, Great Cycle or Second Coming.
  5. Space friends intend to evacuate large portions of Earth's population in the event the axis of Earth shifts. [See Inside The Space Ships by George Adamski.]

Apparently the above reasons sum up the main purposes for the coming of the U F Os. However, for some time, I have been aware that there is a much bigger and even greater purpose be hind it all which the U F Os have not yet revealed in any contacts.

Although they show great love towards us, why have they decided to put in a mass appearance at this time? What arc they educating us for? If we are progressing in our own classroom why should they disturb us at all: What great cosmic change or knowledge of it has prompted them to come now?

At first, the man-in-the-street wants to know if there are, indeed, `little orange balls going that-away!' Once he is convinced that something is `going that-away,' then he wants to have the greater answer: Why are they?

In some contacts, a great dust cloud has been mentioned, and the fact that our Earth is now in the outer fringes of this area. Undoubtedly, by dust cloud they are referring to a great cosmic cloud or area of intense cosmic ray activity that not only our Earth is entering, but our entire Solar System.

Evidently, for centuries, scientists of other worlds have realized that our Solar System was heading directly for the centre of this cosmically disturbed area, and they knew what would happen when the Earth and its neighbors plunged deeper and deeper into this dark cloud of space! Yes, we are now on the outer fringes of a great field cloud of energy, and are experiencing the first effects in the form of strange weather, melting polar ice caps, earthquakes, increased cosmic ray bombardment and the effect on radio broadcasting. The latter was brought to the public's attention some months ago. The governments of the world have been aware of this change for some time and are deeply concerned. Special projects have been set up to study radiation and its effect on organic life.

`Project Rome' was set up to study the magnetic effects at the North and South Poles. Since a planet is a space ship itself, what better way to investigate the Universal Energy that powers such a craft, than to study the force at its source, the polar events of the Earth itself. Project NQ-707 was organized to attempt communication with the UFOs (at Edwards Air Force Base, California).

During 1955-56 I was in correspondence with a well-known foreign scientist who said that after intensive research by government scientists they came to a terrifying conclusion: that our planet is moving very rapidly on a collision course with a gigantic embryonic sun!

Research in this country by men such as Dr. Kurt Sitte, Syracuse University, and Dr. Jason, J. Nassau, Director of Warner-Swasey Observatory, Cleveland, Ohio, and others, shows us that indeed, the electron count has speeded up and the cosmic ray bombardment increased fantastically. The International Science Symposium held recently in Rome reached incredible conclusions.

What does this collision course really mean to the people of the world? First of all, relax, for it very definitely does not mean the end of the world. Eventually, perhaps centuries from now, man will have to leave the Earth, his old home for the last few million years, and migrate through interstellar space to a new home. But for our generation and time we are told we need not be concerned with the world ending. A new Golden Age is about ready to be born on the Earth and the planet beneath our feet will have to be here if we are to reap the glorious benefits of such a New Age. However, as we plunge deeper into the magnetic field of the new baby sun, the effects will become more noticeable, and this will increase as times goes on.

The most closely guarded secret of all time is not that visitors from Outer Space are here on Earth, but why they are here. They have come to prepare us for a new technology and age on our world so that we might be ready for the eventual journey through space that defies description. We are gathering data all the time on this and it will be presented as we receive and study it.

Unfortunately, our designated superiors and authorities are not preparing us for anything. It is pretty obvious that politicians aren't going to help us, neither are militarists, scientists nor religionists.

Noted astronomers are certain there is life on Mars. Great areas change from brown to green with the seasons and other blue-green areas change in tint. This is good evidence of vegetation or plant life. But what about more intelligent beings, Astronomers know beyond the shadow of a doubt that an intelligent race of beings exists on Mars because photographs taken during research in 1954 prove the existence of the canals and, more important still, prove that they are artificial, constructed by men like ourselves.

Scientists have had ample time since 1947, when the UFOs were first given widespread publicity, to do an about-face on their lifeless universe theory. They could have saved face by suddenly telling the public that through their great discoveries they had found intelligent life existing on neighboring worlds! No one, in the excitement, would remember that until the announcement was made science had refused to accept such a belief. However, propaganda in the hands of an expert works wonders with the masses. For example, remember how millions of Americans suddenly had their minds changed for them during World War II...`Bloody Joe' (Stalin) became 'Uncle Joe', and we had to learn to love Russia, a country we formerly were told to hate. After World War II, the public had its mind changed, and the allies we needed during the war had to become the hated ones again.

Once man had accepted life outside his own puny Earth, he would have been ready for the greater revelation. Not only is there life out in space, but it is now coming to Earth in the UFOs.

But there have been no statements from the `priestly' scientists! Will they reveal their discoveries about Mars, the Moon and the other Planets? They will not! Any astronomer who has dared to make a public statement has been literally shut up by having the security curtain dropped over him.

The UFOs are here to help awaken us. 'They are the fulfillment of all ancient prophecy in that they remind us that `our salvation draweth nigh.' The religious leaders of the world and their churches have done practically nothing about informing their flocks of the importance of the coming of the discs. That the UFOs tie in with prophetic statements of the Bible there is no question! What then is the matter with the clergy of the world? They are men of God who are supposed to bring Truth to the hungry sheep of the Lord.

But are they really men of God? By their fruits ye shall know them the Bible tells us. So, let us examine the fruit of the clergy for a moment. If they and by 'they' we mean any religious leaders of any denomination--really believe in Jesus the Christ and what He taught as Divine teaching, then why do they not interpret His words correctly?

During World War II ministers on both sides exhorted: `God is on our side, so you young men go out and fight for your country, your freedom and your Creator!' This is simply the pagan idea that God at various times takes sides and allows one group of men to kill and maim another group of men. It is the kind of theology that holds up a bloody god of war and death as the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe, an all-loving God! How contradictory can they become?

God takes no sides! Christ does not, and could not condone any war! Here is a challenge: Let the self-appointed priests of this world tell all men everywhere that because Christ said `turn your check,' `meet hate with love,' `love your enemies,' 'he that takes up the sword will surely die by the sword,' `do good to them that hate you,' they (they men of Earth) should never take up arms again to destroy their fellowmen.

If the World's great Christian religious leaders would tell mankind that it is utterly and completely against the teachings of Jesus the Christ to fight and kill, do you think a successful war could be waged? What if such an order came from the Vatican? What if a Catholic would suffer ex-communication for becoming a soldier or even for engaging in defense activities? A great number of potential fighting men in the world's population would be lost to the cause of the Hidden Empire wars.

But apparently people believe what they are told, and in many cases they don't want to think; it is much easier to let someone else do that. How many times have we seen paintings of Jesus with outstretched hands bestowing blessings on servicemen girded to the loins with all kinds of devilish devices for taking the life of a brother, another spark of Divine Life?

"The fault may lie at the door of the Emperor Constantine and his conclave of bishops and priests. This ruler in AD 325 assembled at Nicaca in Bithynia, a great council of over three hundred prelates, representing the different Christian churches throughout the Roman Empire and its satellites. They put into binding circulation certain dogmas, creeds and doctrines for the followers of the humble Christ. Therefore, a military emperor put his imperial signature to documents that were to affect most powerfully the destinies of the Christian nations, indeed, the whole world.

A military man cannot suddenly be called to the role of Dove of God or Dove of Peace. Today, the so-called rulers of Earth are nothing but the puppets of the International Cabal. Go to the polls and vote and you don't vote for this man or that, for no matter who is elected, only one power is going to be in control anyway--the same power that has been in control since man came to Earth and knew the difference between good and evil! It is the same power that made Constantine hide his bloody battle armor and act out the role of Christ's representative on Earth.

The Bible and other sacred books have been changed until they are no longer recognizable. Man has been enslaved by the powers of darkness on this strange little planet. But the time is fast approaching--in fact, is it not here? -- when men will no longer look to priests and kings, to scientists lost in their own imaginings, to authority wherever it exists! Man has access to the throne of God himself. He needs no one to save him from anything. Do not listen to the mouthpieces of the Hidden Empire, the politicians who promise you this or that for your physical existence, the priests who offer you life everlasting and eternal glory if you follow them, the generals who exist only because of war and suddenly are presented holy before you as god-fearing, righteous men, scientists who promise to give you immortality from a test-tube when you already are an immortal being!

Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments o f men. (Mark 7: VII).

Those who would place themselves over you as your guardians are teaching you the commandments of men and are passing them off as the doctrines of God! Wake up! In the name of an all-loving and compassionate Creator, wake up!

The quicker we realize that this is revolution, the quicker the job will be done and the Kingdom of Heaven established upon the Earth. Yes, this is revolution, a revolt against tyranny, greed, lust, war, hatred and opposition to the basic rights of all men. Let us not be found wanting. Stand with your Creator and not with the forces of darkness. If God is with us, who can be against us?

Recently, I heard a well-known radio minister tell his listeners that man was basically a terrestrial being and had no business snooping around in Outer Space. He said that other suns and worlds were God's secrets and man should not attempt to meddle in the Creator's private business. He believes that God will stop man from exploring space by direct intervention. In other words, God hasn't stopped man from committing the most atrocious crimes against Universal Law, but now He is going to step in and prevent us from taking a closer look at His celestial wonders.

What rubbish! Man is not essentially a terrestrial being. He is a spiritual being that takes physical form so that spirit may come to know itself. How gullible do such ministers think men are? Our ancestors believed that the stars were lights that God set into motion on tracks, and every night sent them around the heavens to amuse His chosen Earth-children. You laugh? And well you might ! But the situation is no better today. We are told that we must believe that all celestial bodies outside of little Earth are strictly taboo. `Hands off!', says God.

This same type of thinking has existed throughout all ages, and it enslaves mankind. But now the time is at hand when truly our `salvation draweth nigh.' Man will shortly stand as a true son of God himself, living in Truth. The vibrations of the New Age will not permit falsity of any kind to exist on Earth. The old falls away, all is made new.

Look at present world conditions, look at the wars and rumors of wars. Yes, there will be chaos on Earth, but fear not, for out of the tribulation ahead shall come the most beautiful age man has ever known on Earth, the pitiful little 'Red Star.'

Do not be deceived by those appointed over you who are in league with Anti-Christ. Believe no one just because he says it is true; do not even believe this book, but listen only to the dictates of your own heart and soul.

He that shall endure unto the end (of the age), the same shall be saved.

James Russell Lowell said: `Once to every man and nation, comes the moment to decide...' Perhaps, also only once to every planet comes the moment to decide. This is, indeed, the moment to do just that!

Do not be found asleep. Watch, for no man knoweth the hour!

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