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09 Epilogue

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9 Epilogue (to original edition)

`Yet so shall it be; these fruitless strifes, these ruinous wars shall pass away, and the Most Great Peace shall come.'--Baha'u'llah.

As we complete this report, we watch the newspaper headlines and listen to the newscasts with great interest.

Fantastic Sky `Spook' Sighted Over Dallas; Navy Gives Chase (San Diego Evening Tribune. 6 January 1953).

U. S. Jets Chase Saucers Towards Siberia--Radar Picks Up `Saucers' Over Japan; Pursuit Fails. (Los Angeles Examiner, 22 January 1953).

Weird Lights Fly Near Kurile Isles--Air Force Reports Observations By Pilots, Radar Over North Japan. (Phoenix Gazette, 21 January 1953).

Pilot Sees `Disc' Make Pass At Jet. (Phoenix Gazette, 27 January 1953).

Jet Chases `Saucer' At Beach. (Los Angeles Examiner, 30 January 1953).

Marine Flier Chases Disc Over Southland--Jet Fighter Unable to Overtake Object; Four Others Reported. (Los Angeles Times, 30 January 1953).

Pilot Sights `Saucers'; Fiery Disc Races Jet. (Phoenix Gazette, 30 January 1953).

We could go on and on with newspaper stories and the reports of fearless commentators. The predictions made by our friendly communicators are coming true daily. They have told us that we would see more and more of them in the near future. They said they could not stand by and see another waste. Many of the people of Earth shall see them and no longer doubt who or what they are. They come as our friends to aid us in a dark hour on this planet. Soon, we believe, they may even land in great numbers. But this is not an invasion of our world. Billions of Earths were created for mankind. They need not take any one of them by aggressive action.

Let us look up and watch our skies, for our atomic blasts have alerted the Universe, and the flying saucers are here to stay! There are those who hope they will go away, but they never will!

For centuries scientists have set up theories which are guesses based on carefully observed facts. When a few of these scientists want to leave the Desert of Past Mistakes and Guesses, they are held back by the Giant known as Orthodox Science. This Giant has many followers, who claim him to be All Perfection. In the fifteenth century his mighty voice rang out to men like Columbus, `Thou shalt not believe the Earth is round!' Today he stands there still, shouting, `Thou shalt not see nor believe in flying saucers.'

There are many well-known scientists today who are devoted slaves of this Giant. They are presumably dedicated to bringing the light to all mankind, yet they hold aloft their own puny torch, hoping someone will carry it on. But its light is dim and flickering. Soon a greater light shall take its place. While the Giant gleefully watches in the darkness, others slip past him into a new day of greater knowledge.

The renowned astrophysicist, Dr. Donald H. Menzel of Harvard Observatory, has written a book that is supposed to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about flying saucers. Other scientists have said his laboratory experiments cannot be duplicated in nature. University students who flock to his lectures conic away very disappointed. They say, `We couldn't help but feel that Dr. Menzel was covering up and leaving something out. It's that "something" that has us worried!'

While Menzel was playing with his car headlights, another world-famous astronomer, Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of the planet Pluto, was seeing a space ship! In the sky over Las Cruces, New Mexico, in the summer of 1948, whizzing silently overhead from south to north, was an oval-shaped object. It had about a dozen windows which were clearly visible at the front and along the side. The rear trailed off into a shapeless luminescence. It was traveling too fast for a plane and too slow for a meteor. Many have said that no astronomer of repute has reported seeing unidentified aerial phenomena. However, as we can see from Dr. Tombaugh's report, they are wrong in their statements.

Other so-called authorities were seeing swarms of giant locusts crossing the moon. The same authorities claimed the moon was without atmosphere! Locusts in a vacuum! While they were seeing reflected light on floating dandelion seeds; spiders riding gossamer wisps in the sun's eye; `flitting flies'; and extra-terrestrial flying barnyards; other scientists with vision, who are also men of science, were seeing the saucers as they really are--spacecraft!

Even stodgy Harper's Magazine succumbed to commercialism. They enticed their readers into buying a recent issue by placing the title, `Little Men and Flying Saucers,' on the cover page. The article, by Dr. Loren C. Eiseley, professor of anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania drags the reader through tales of mermaids, griffins, salamandrine beasts of the coal swamps, carnival freaks, and Darwinism. Very little, if anything, is said about the flying saucers. For a man who is presumably a trained observer, this is indeed a poor observation. He tries to bring in material that has no bearing on the saucer phenomena in order to disprove it. Why? Because he and his cohort, the Giant, have said. `Thou shalt not!'

He tells us that it is just conceivable that there may be nowhere in space a mind superior to our own! According to him the human ego likes to believe that other worlds are inhabited. And since he is so fortunate in knowing what the truth is, he tells us that man is a solitary and peculiar development on the planet Earth! While others are going forward he is still back in the middle of the desert with Charles Darwin.

Is it egotistical to believe that men are to be found everywhere in the Universe? Or is it egotistical to believe that only the Earth is inhabited--thus making the Earth unique, Does man want to be alone on this globe with his many wars, crimes and waste? If he contemplates other inhabited worlds for a moment he sees visions of greater Powers that he may have to answer to.

Some scientists claim that the statistical probability of the life on this planet being reduplicated on another planet is so small as to be meaningless. Yet, the law of averages tells us differently! Dr. Harold C. Urey, Nobel prize-winning atomic scientist, tells us that one quadrillion worlds may originate and sustain life. If we think in terms of Infinity there must be many, many more also.

Certain authorities accept the idea that cellular life may exist out yonder in the dark. But high or low in nature, they do not believe it will wear the shape of man. These same men tell us we are the only thinking mammals on the planet, perhaps the only thinking animals in the entire sidereal Universe. My, my, the burden of consciousness has certainly grown heavy upon us, and it is thus we torture ourselves! These men are all alone in the Creation with their super-brains !

Anyone really studying and knowing animal life would never say that we are the only thinking mammals on the planet.

Getting back to Harper's contribution to saucer research again, we find the article tells us that the describers of two-foot men forget that a normal human brain cannot function with a capacity, at the very minimum, of less than about 900 cubic centimeters of capacity. We say that the author of this article has forgotten it is a relative matter! He mentions `meteors whispering greenly overhead.' There are scientists today who would tell him that meteors are never green!

We are told that nowhere in all space or on a thousand worlds will there be men to share our loneliness. So, there may be boneless, watery, pulpy masses, but of men elsewhere, and beyond, there will be none for ever!

The great scientists of Columbus' time told him that horrible monsters would swallow him and his little ships. Others are telling us the same thing today--that there may be monsters in outer space, but no men! Remember, Columbus found only more men--so will we!

Scientists who really want to leave this dry desert will do just that. All others can stay behind tortured by their terrific burden of a super-brain and their loneliness.

We are told that Dr. Eiseley has been wandering around getting himself covered with sand burrs and other prickly seeds, all of this activity being pertinent to the writings of a book. The prickly seeds must have gotten in his eyes, for if they had been airborne he might have seen a flying saucer. He claims he would rather have lunch with a purple polyp than with a man from Mars. Perhaps he will get his wish!

There is still another type of Giant worshipper that uses the cloak of spirituality and religion. Orthodox science or orthodox religion is the same thing. They are both demanding and dogmatic. This type of man is usually uneducated, for if he were educated he would probably be a super-scientist. Instead, he has no choice but to be a super-religionist. A man-made evangelist bringing hellfire and damnation to all sinners. This type is egotistical and dogmatic.

One of these is Mr. William C. Lamb of Wyoming. He claims he has photographs of God and the Holy City. He quotes reams of Scripture to prove his own opinions. Yet, he believes that atomic energy was a gift of God to his `angelic Earth children' so that they might blow up all the devils and imps, sending them to everlasting fire and brimstone. This type does not realize that God cannot be photographed. (Even their Bible will tell them so.) The Creator is the unmeasured and timeless one!

We do not believe that a loving God would give man a gift whereby he could destroy innocent women and children in a horrible holocaust! Our Mr. Lamb has astronomical photographs of the Orion Nebula. (Interpreted by him, of course.) God's Throne is supposed to be there. He is telling us that the Creator is smaller and more insignificant than His own Creation! He says the Omnipotence and Omniscience of Deity is a secret that no man is able to fathom, yet he claims to know more about the flying saucers than anyone else. He is contradictory, but fortunately his type is easily discerned. There isn't enough intelligence amongst them to dupe us with lengthy scientific language.

To all of this, we say what Charles Fort said, `The trash that is clogging an epoch must be cleared away!'

We see a vision of the future. A world without a slave, man at last free, where our loyalty is not to something called mine, but to all humanity, to the ideal of a higher Universal civilization which will spew out war forever as the vilest of all human defilements. There will be no imaginary boundary lines of nationality, race, color or creed. The Earth will be swept clean of these false walls that for centuries have shut man from man, nation from nation, and have filled the Earth with lamentation and tears, with rivalry and hate, cruelty and oppression, injustice and greed, selfishness and pride, bloodshed, battlefields, and death.

It will be a new world where work and worth go hand in hand, where men's lips are rich with love and truth. A race will exist without disease of flesh or brain, for health will come to all as a divine heritage. And above it all will be the Eternal Father.

Those who cling to the old methods and beliefs will go down with the old order. This is the uncovering period. Soon man will feel deeply that he is indeed his brother's keeper!

Our only remedy for saving ourselves is to turn from hate and national enmity to love and a realization of the Fatherhood of God, the Motherhood of Nature, and the Brotherhood of Man.