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08 Saucers Still Speaking

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8 Saucers Still Speaking

Many groups are now experimenting in radio, trying to contact the saucers. Some of these groups have had success. Others have received nothing and others have not received anything from the saucers themselves over their radio receivers, but saucer sightings have coincided with their transmissions.

We have had more personal contact recently with the saucers, but this is of such a nature that we cannot put it into print just now.

One group, working with radio communication in Ohio has had success in contacting the discs. We have been in touch with them by letter.

A gentleman in Virginia writes the following; 'You asked me to describe the strange speech that came over my FM radio set. My wife and I heard it the first time, but a whole crowd of us heard it the last time, and special effort was made to get some intelligible word out of the conversation which seemed to be between a man and a woman. The first time I found the signal at 98 mc. on 15 April 1952. It was repeated the next day at the same time: 4:15 to 5:25 p.m. EST. The signal was very powerful, as indicated by the electric eye, but the voices were low in volume, as if our radio receivers were not precisely designed for the type of modulation being used. The sounds were of even tone like chanting, as if two trumpets were speaking, one low pitch, and the other high pitch, like a man and a woman.

'But the sounds were divided into words and sentences, one, then the other speaking. There wasn't a single word in English. On 16 April 1952 I photographed a huge cloud circle in the sky of this region. It was not caused by jet vapor trails. That same night the enormous vapor trails over Alaska caused the military alert, and the communication line between Alaska and the United States went dead. Also that same day, astronomers observed a double cloud on Mars that rose nearly 100 miles above the surface of the planet. Nothing like it has ever been seen before!

`The next radio voice came on 16 March 1953. It was the same chanting speech, but one of our listeners said he heard the word `Washington.' This was the only understandable word. Of course, this word would be the same no matter where used. I think this was on 103 mc. Unfortunately, I have mislaid my notes. It was also in the evening. I made some tests this time, and found the signal to come from a certain direction, straight to the radio, not through the aerial. When I stood or placed my hand in a certain place, the signal would dim and static would come in. Evidently this message just happened to affect the F M set on that particular frequency.'

On 29 January 1950 in Spain, several radio owners reported strange speech reception while saucers were being observed flying over the country. This was just about a month before the Great Saucer Armada arrival over Farmington, New Mexico. Other saucer sightings were seen at this time. It will be remembered that most of our own communication was done in the months when saucers were being seen everywhere.

In Iowa, there is a very fine group working with radio. It includes prominent professional men and several radio operators. On 18 March 1953 (this almost came on the 16 March 1953 date of the Virginia observations) the following happened to one of the members of this group.

`I was driving from---, Iowa westward. It was about 12:45 a.m. I noticed that on 550 kc. on the radio a very strong code sending was going on. It was a very foggy night and raining. The code became very loud and then would fade away at intervals. I stopped at the top of several high hills to see if I could see anything, but no luck. Finally at one point the fog thinned out and I saw a huge round glow coming down through the fog towards me. It became larger and larger with a bluish-purple color. Suddenly the fog broke away and to the east of the road I was standing on there shone a bright red light, then it turned to white, then back to red again. After changing several times, the fog closed in again and the light appeared as the purplish glow once more. I felt I was being watched! I drove on to ---, Iowa after the fog became thicker. The code sending continued and seemed to follow me all the way to town. I dug my partner out of bed at 2:30 a.m. and at his house among large trees the purplish glow came down through the fog again as he and his wife watched. The code signals kept coming in very strong for an hour, finally faded some, so we went to bed at 4:00 a.m. still able to hear the signals, however.'

Several times, immediately after this group would try radio communications, members would sight flying saucers over their town. And since they have been in contact via radio many sightings have been made in that part of Iowa. One time in their messages there was mention of a Bible passage and another time they received: 'WE FIND FEW NOW READY!' This speaks for itself.

Some groups have proven the telepathy part of the radio experiment by receiving messages pertaining to something they had never transmitted to the discs.

Sightings are still being made all over the world, but there seems to be a lull at this time compared with sightings made in the Fall of other years when usually there is a great deal of activity.

However, the saucers are still here and have very important plans for Earth. There will be more catastrophe in the future. The Ionian Island disaster by earthquake off Greece recently is very significant. Our fault lines are under great stress and are giving at certain points. Those Islands are directly over the area where three main, very large fault lines converge! Also, about that time an enormous exploding light was viewed in Denmark.

Yes, the Saucers Are Still Speaking! Let's listen to what they have to say!

(This section added 7 September 1953).