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07 The Man in the Moon

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Submitted by George Hunt-Wil... on Sat, 02/22/2014 - 13:48

7 The Man in the Moon

Men of other worlds have beaten us to our own satellite, and have established bases there. This is the reason why we have seen strange lights and blinkings on the moon for many years now. These have never been adequately explained.

These lights on the Moon have been reported by reputable astronomers over a long period of time. The following has been observed:

Star-like lights in the Crater Aristarchus; a pyramid in the open space of Linne; an `X' visible in the Crater Eratosthenes; a strange symbol visible in the Crater Plinus; the letter Gamma in the Crater Littrow; a luminous cable drawn across the Crater Eudoxus in the Northwest Quadrant of the Moon; strange happenings in the Crater Proclus; and in the Crater Picard. Many strange illuminations have been sighted in the Northwest Quarter of Quadrant of the Moon.

At a distance, the space craft do look like stars. The reason: they operate in a magnetic field just as all celestial bodies do! Flow long they have been on the Moon we do not know, but we can be certain that they have used it as a base ever since they began coming to Earth. We have not had telescopes very long, but as soon as this instrument was utilized we saw strange things on our satellite! The `man in the moon' made us laugh once, but he's an actuality after all! For several months now, we have been receiving letters from all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, England and other countries. Many of these have been from scientific groups and individuals. Several well-known astronomers have told us in writing that they firmly believe the saucer phenomena to be interplanetary in origin. We have these letters on file.