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05 Parlour Diary

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5 Parlour Diary

Remember that this is a Documentary Report, and truth is almost always stranger than fiction. All happenings listed herein are true and factual. Some of the methods used to make contact are certainly alien to our present ways of thinking. The Radio Diary which follows this section, will be readily acceptable to many, and will give them an opportunity to make the necessary links to reality as we understand reality.

This report contains a timely message. We have decided to tell it exactly as it happened and to fictionalize none of the story. If the reader refuses to accept recent developments in the field of Parapsychology and the work of Dr. Rhine at Duke University, that is his or her privilege. But the fact that there is such a thing as Extra-Sensory Perception cannot be denied. Many well-known scientists and universities are conducting experiments in telepathy. They realize that if we probe deeper into the man non-physical, we may eventually discover more about the fundamental nature of the human being and his place in the Universe--where he stands in relation to the entirety.

When F. A. Mesmer first brought mesmerism (now known as hypnotism) into notice in Vienna, about 1775, he was pronounced a charlatan. For many years hypnotism was considered a magician's trick or the work of the devil. There are many people today who still consider it as such, but medical associations have recommended its use to physicians and dentists. And it is being used daily throughout the world by reputable men of science.

Automatic writing itself, belongs to the order of mediumship known as mental, but at first sight it appears to be of the physical order. One has only to remember how difficult it is to cultivate the art of writing to realize that at all times the co-operation of the individual's own mind, although not necessarily of his consciousness, is necessary. Automatic writing has often been produced by medical men from the patient's subconsciousness; and it is reasonable to conclude that the medium's subconsciousness is operative when such writing is impelled by an outside communicator. Researchers in the psychic phenomena field have claimed that this writing can either be from the medium's subconsciousness or it can be from some disembodied entity. If this is so, then we can understand how telepathy in the form of automatic writing could be accomplished between two living beings in the same plane of existence, but located in widely separated areas. Distance, whether two miles or two million miles, would not be an important factor.

We know now that this telepathic contact can be made with human beings of outer space without the use of ,my device such as a pencil. However, this initial contact needed something whereby those receiving the messages would not think it was the product of their own minds. They could more readily accept what was written down in front of them in black and white.

In his book, Men o f Other Planets, Kenneth Heuer (Lecturer at Hayden Planetarium) says, `We do not know all that there is to know about the nature of the universe, and we are only beginning to learn a little about the science of the human mind or soul and its operations, powers and functions. The distance from the earth to Mars is nothing where the transmission of the force of attraction is concerned; it is almost insignificant in the case of light, a few minutes sufficing for a wave of light to traverse those millions of miles. Experiments made in the domain of magnetism equally prove that space is nothing for the will power of a mesmerist; and one day it may be possible, through some great strides in psychology, to establish communication between two beings on two different worlds.'

At different stages in the reception of the following messages, we altered our method of contact at the request of the space intelligences. As stated above, our first contact was through automatic writing using a sheet of paper and a lead pencil. The second method was employed to make it easier on us, and to speed up the transmission of words. We took a large sheet of ordinary wrapping paper and drew on it the letters of the alphabet and the numbers from 1 through 10. This still did not prove entirely satisfactory, so we made what we later called the `board.' It consisted of the same letters and numbers, plus the words `Yes' and `No' and a plus sign on the right side and a minus sign on the left side. These signs indicated positive and negative.

This was much easier than holding a pencil for a long period of time. A glass tumbler was inverted and used as a 'locator.' It moved over the paper surface with considerable ease. Since the letters and figures were now arranged in a circular form, the transmission was speeded up greatly. Messages received in the above manner follow:

2 August 1952

'Masar to Saras.' (After much questioning we learned that Masar was the planet Mars and Saras was our planet Earth. It is interesting to note that Saras or Saros means `repetition' in the ancient Chaldean language.) By your year of 1956 there must be a new Saras. Bell Flight 9 (Crystal Bells are the saucers) should land on Saras in 1956. Organize yourselves. There must be peace of mind. You are all for a purpose. You have a destiny. Don't fight Universal Truth!

`You are a dead civilization. We want your co-operation. Time is limited. I am Nah-9 of Solar X Group. I am the leader of a contact group. We were seen over Southern California last night and early today.' (Sunday, 3 August, newspapers carried stories of Air Force jet fighter bases being alerted for instant pursuit of saucer objects. They had been seen over the Mojave Desert at 11:45 p.m., Friday night, 1 August, and Saturday morning at 12:14 a.m., 2 August. Our contact had told us this information before we knew they had been observed.)

`Good and evil forces are working now. Organization is important for the salvation of your world. Contact us as soon as you can.

`There is a mass of planets in the organization. Why are your peoples unbelievers? You have begun the research. The time is up to you! Look up into the skies above you, don't lose contact with each other...

`We are friends of those interested, but we are not interested in those of the carnal mind. By that we mean the stupid preservation of self; disregarding the will of the Creative Spirit and His Sons.

`Your world has been observed for over 75,000 years. A survey was begun long ago of this planet Earth. How can we deny the eternal verities; Life, God, the Creator's place in the divine scheme? How can we sit by and watch the progress of evil men on this blob, the Earth? Come now, if you wish the answers that all mankind has been searching for since time began. You are wishing for these answers.

`Our group will be a duplicate of yours. We represent the people of outer space, you represent your world Saras. Cycles are computed by a group for this known as "Timekeepers."

`We have not wanted to interfere with men of Saras before. All men must make their progress wherever they are. But we cannot stand by and see another waste.

`We are all of the same Creation! Warning! "There will soon be a destructive blast to be felt on Saras. "This is of your own manufacture. Evil planetary men, who abound, will attempt contact with evil men of Saras for destruction! The good men of Saras must unite with the ben men of Universe. (ben means good). Great destruction can be caused by your H-bomb. It could all come too soon. Some destruction will come for sure! We have been alerted. We repeat, it is most important that you organize.

`Jupiter-9999, Ankar-22 speaking: Bell Flight from Jupiter joining Masar. Jupiter now leading group. Mercury, Morning Star (Venus), Andromeda-26470 and Wolf-359 are also in group. There are all he (males) in our group. Yon must have a group for contact. Band yourselves together.

Kadar Lacu speaking: `I am head of Interplanetary Council-Circle on Master-craft. I am elected from the Universe.

`Why don't you all go eat now? We were wondering when you were going to wake up to the fact you are hungry. We have stomachs too, and we are empty. Meet you here at 8:30 tonight. Signing off.'

We had eaten early and were now ready for a light lunch. The above shows that the saucer intelligences have a sense of humour. This was evidenced several times during contact with them. At 8:30 p.m. we again received messages:

`It takes much mind power for our thoughts to reach you on Saras in this manner. Again we say that you must be very well organized amongst yourselves. For better contact we suggest a powerful receiving set or radio. You should have your own set as our set is radically different. But we can reach you in this manner. Our people have trod your byways. Have you not seen us? Bell Flight-9 is a Masar flight to Saras. Masar means Mars. The name Mars has been passed down to you in legend, but it is known to us as Masar. By 1956 Bell Flight-9 will come to Saras. [It may have come secretly--Editor] We have chosen you as you have chosen us and we know what your purpose is. It has been known since the very beginning. You all have a job to do for this Earth. Some chosen ones will be removed from Saras. Separate black from white (races are not meant here) and only a few will be saved. This is to preserve Earthian thought beginnings. Changes can take place, however. Yes, there will be a new Earth! There is much we must cope with. Your actions and plans will be guided by the powers of the Universe with the Creative Spirit's guidance. The evil forces of darkness will tell you that you can die for all of the research you are doing. They will say you can be destroyed, so the ben can never accomplish a plan.'

At 9:40 p.m. we received the following:

'Ankar-22 speaking of outer space contact: You have read about the recent explosions on Masar. These were not of our doing but were caused by your atomic experimentation. This caused extreme volcanic eruptions on Masar. Our bells are saucers. Crystal bells. Mankind must awaken or there will be an end to your civilization. More sincere ones will be added to your group as time goes on.'

In December 1951, Mr. Tsunco Saheki, Director of the Mars Section of the Oriental Astronomical Association and Lecturer at the Municipal Planetarium in Osaka, Japan, observed strange phenomena on Mars. There was a strange bright spot on the Tithonius Lacus and a large `snowstorm' over the south polar regions. He said that the theory that it was caused by Martian volcanic eruption or fire seemed most likely. However, volcanic activity has never been reported on Mars before. But that means it has never been observed during the history of astronomical observation, which began approximately in the seventeenth century with the use of the telescope. Of course it was never observed before! Our experimentation has caused it to occur now for the first time due to earth's atomic explosions!

Also, a huge greyish cloud, sixty miles high and nine hundred miles in diameter, was observed on Mars in January 1950. The only theory offered was that it was caused by an extremely violent explosion, possibly a volcano and volcanic ash cloud. Again they said that such volcanic activity was unknown in Mars history. A worldwide observation was ordered, but no progress in understanding the phenomenon was made. It was originally observed by two Japanese scientists.

6 August 1952

'Zrs, my name. Transmitting. We will leave more definite information with you soon. Signing off at 9:30 p.m.'

9 August 1952

`I am Regga of Masar, Council Circle meets. You were assembled tonight. Oara is here. He is the planetary representative of Saturn. I must tell you a few things of interest. These true facts may even surprise you, but they are so. Many of your people on Earth know them to be true. Your Sun, which is our Sun also, is not a hot flaming body. It is a cool body. One of our great astronomers believed this and stated it. The so-called solar prominences are as cool as your aurora borealis (northern lights). You do not necessarily have to have heat just because you have light. Look at your firefly. You think your Sun gives off great heat because you can "feel" it. Certain forces come from the Sun and when they enter the earth's magnetic field this resonating field causes friction. And from friction you get heat. There are other facts about the Sun I cannot tell you now. In outer space the Sun does not appear as bright as it does to you on Earth.'

10 August 1952

'Nah-9 here and also Zrs. Zrs is from Uranus. All planets are inhabited. Many moons are inhabited also. Planets were created to sustain the life of the human race. Your scientists are planning on going into space in rocket ships. You may get to your Moon, but not beyond that. Both of your Moons (yes, you have two; one is the `dark moon' of Earth. You never see it because of certain conditions) are within your own magnetic field. If you try to leave field with rocket power or atomic power you will be torn to pieces. Your first Moon is not as far away as you think. Your scientists say that the mean distance between the centres of the Earth and Moon is 238,857 miles. Distortion is present, they are wrong. Your first Moon has an atmosphere and water. Some of your scientists have observed snowstorms on the Moon. They have even seen meteors plunge through the Moon's atmosphere. There must be an atmosphere if they see them burn up. There are even inhabitants on the Moon! We have many bases of interplanetary nature there, also.'

At 12.13 p.m. Nah-9 again tried for a contact with us, but he claimed there was interference of some kind.

17 August 1952, 8.25 p.m.

`I am Zo. I am head of a Masar contact group, but my home is Neptune. I am going to Pluto soon. Pluto is not the cold, dreary world your astronomers picture it to be. Mercury is not a hot, dry world, either. If you understood magnetism you would then see why all planets have almost the same temperatures regardless of distance from great Sun body. Sister rites are Universal rites. They are rotting. Earth is backward, too many wars. Peace to all men everywhere.'

`Regga speaking. Please put water on your stove to boil. It will help our contacting you at this time.'

'Zo again. "To apples we salt, we return." You may not understand this strange saying now, but someday you will. It is from one of our old prophecy legends. Rites will save your people. We are here to warn you. If there is dissension amongst you we will not contact you. Be calm and quiet! We have only love for all men. We hold certain councils on Uranus. We must now decide what to do about your planet Earth. Your bombs will destroy Universal balance. Your Hydrogen Bomb could make an asteroid belt out of you. This happened many years ago to planet of the fifth orbit. We knew what they were doing but we didn't interfere. We cannot stand by and see another waste. After their destruction there were terrible disasters on Masar. Great volcanic eruptions took place. Many of our people perished. We would have been thrown out of the Solar System and lost if we had not quickly constructed two artificial satellites. Some of your scientists have noticed that Phobos and Deimos reflect too much light to be made of earthy substance. They are right. They are metallic in nature. They readjusted our unstable condition and saved a planet.'

It is true that the ancient poets knew of the satellites of Mars before their discovery and ancient astrological works mention them. Jonathan Swift in Gulliver's Travels, 1726, wrote that Mars had two satellites and his complete description of them was most accurate. They were actually discovered as late as 1877 by Asaph Hall of the Naval Observatory in Washington. How did Swift and all these other individuals know that Mars had two moons? It seems strange indeed, and one can only make guesses.

'Touka of Pluto speaking: Sister towers interfere with our contact with you. Turn on your portable radio here in kitchen. You will hear us!'

This didn't make much sense to any of us. How could we hear them on a simple portable radio? And did they mean that the new radio station at Winslow, Arizona, was interfering?


`Regga : Friday and everyday we will try radio. We wait. Try to listen for us, and get a better radio, a more powerful set. Go to see Mr. R, a radioman. He will be all right if spoken to right. Tell him the truth, that you heard that if the saucers are from space they might be contacted by the radio. It is most important that you contact us by this means. That is what we meant before when we told you to contact us as soon as possible! Contact between 340 kc. and 400 kc. Get a telescope, if you can. It will be a sin to witness the bombs. Listen to the radio signals we are now giving to you. Bell Flight-8 is to Arizona. We eat. But go look for a radio set. We are happy. Try 400 kc. We may even talk to you! Go in your car to the railroad station. Ask there about someone who might have a radio set. Listen to us. We will be over Winslow 8-22-52, 7 miles altitude.'

A staff member at Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona reported to a friend of ours that on 8-22-52 they would focus the large telescope for terrestrial observation over Winslow, but did not say what they were looking for or why. No mention was made of the source of information that caused this observation to be made. We thought this strange, indeed. Why would they be interested in something in our skies the very night Regga had told us they would be over Winslow?

We followed our instructions and went to the railroad station. We asked the telegraph operator on duty if he knew of a `ham' operator who might co-operate with us. He gave us the name of a well-known licensed operator. We talked to him over the phone and asked him to listen on his receiver to 400 kc. and see what he could hear. We waited while he went to his set. Finally he came back to the phone and said, `Some crazy guy is sending a series of V's, that's all.' We thanked him for his help and co-operation, and hung up. We then returned to the apartment, and when we turned on the portable kitchen radio, turned down as far as we could go, we did hear "•••-" repeated several times. One of us knew `C Q' in code so we asked them to send that over the radio if it was truly them. And sure enough, `C Q' was immediately forthcoming! This was truly amazing. We could hardly believe what was taking place. But with their superior equipment this was understandable. We decided to continue with our crude `board.'

'Zo speaking: I am on Bell Flight-8 at 50 miles altitude. We promise to transmit on 340 kc. to 405 kc. with International Morse Code 8-22-52 at 7 miles altitude.'

We wondered if Lowell Observatory's information source was as strange as ours. And were they instructed to look at the skies on 8-22-52 as we were instructed to listen on this date?

Now we were really excited ! Was it actually true? Would we really hear men of other worlds over Mr. R's receiver? Would they answer our many questions, and what message did they have for Saras? It seemed they did not want to give too much information over the `board.' We now know that by establishing contact with us on radio they knew we would accept what they said. They knew that the `board' messages did not prove their existence positively. No matter how startling the information was, they knew the materialistic phenomenon of code would go far in establishing their absolute identity. Someone had said we were in communication with low grade spirits. And that these spirits were having a good time by telling us weird lies. But we knew that spirits would not tell us to go to a radio set, for they would be cutting off their only means of communication with us. We felt sure these spirits couldn't use a radio transmitter and send us messages in International Morse Code!

Other saucer research groups had suggested systems of coloured lights to attract space craft. But we agreed with our newly found friends from space, that radio was by far the best method of contact. And what would it lead to? A personal face-to-face contact with men of other planets? We dared not have such high hopes, but we wondered!

Here at last would be positive proof that the flying saucers were interplanetary craft. It seemed hardly possible that by the use of a simple parlour trick, we had contacted other intelligent Universal individuals. On 22 August 1952 the strangest and most wonderful adventure of our life began!