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03 Williamson: His Story

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3 Williamson: His Story

It was a rainy afternoon in mid-summer on the shores of Spirit Bear Lake. This was the northern land of Minnesota, USA. It had always been the same, I mused, as I stretched out on my cabin cot to read. The Redman, the Norseman, the Whiteman; they had all been captivated by the `Land of the Sky-Blue Water.' Evidence is on every hand to prove that they all were acquainted with this country of mounds, mooring-stones and logging camps.

It was in 1951 and I was doing anthropological field-work amongst the Chippewa Indians. I had already accumulated many legends of these wonderful Woodland people. Woven into their age-old stories of 'Hairy-Faced Men,' 'Gee-By's' (Ghosts), and Nanabozho, were countless tales of the 'Gin-Gwin' or that which shakes the Earth. These 'Earth-Rumblers' might also be known as `Flying Wheels' or `Flying Boats.'

The venerable old Chippewa men still tell of the sacred `Little People' in a whisper. These highly intelligent little men were said to have appeared in ancient times to the people of the Chippewa nation. While they were with the Indians they taught them better ways of living. If you ask the Indian why these wise beings are no longer seen, they will tell you, `They don't come around much any more since the white man came.'

After many months of hearing and recording these legends, I still never associated them in any way with the saucer phenomena that was puzzling the entire world.

So, on this rainy afternoon, I began to read the pocketbook edition of Donald Keyhoe's, The Flying Saucers Are Real. Once started, I couldn't put it down until I had finished it. It continued to rain and I continued to read. He spoke of that day in Tucson, Arizona when thousands of people looked up to see 'something' in the sky. I had been in Tucson when all of this happened and I had seen that something myself. Now facts began to snap into place in my mind. I had always believed that this Earth must certainly not be the only inhabited world in the entire universe. Why would the Creator place man, his crowning achievement on one, rather small, insignificant planet? After all, there must be many planets and solar systems in outer space. Why would any earth be created to spin around eternally void of life; to fulfill its mission as a noxious ball of poisonous gas full of methane and ammonia? I felt that other worlds were created for one purpose only--to be the abode of Man!

Yes, I could accept Keyhoe's conclusion that the flying saucers were interplanetary in origin. They could be from planets in our own solar system, or they could even be from other solar systems. And then I seemed to hear uproarious laughter because I felt that the men of other worlds must think it humorous indeed that men of Earth on their little speck believe that the entire universe was created just for them. These men must also feel somewhat sad at the same time because such ignorance abounds.

I now collected my legends and so-called myths in a more serious manner. Where before I had not deliberately looked for saucer stories, I now intentionally dug them out. At the Chippewa rice camps, the Squaw Dances, the country grocery store and in the fishing boats, we talked saucers--the Redman and I.

Soon I discovered that the saucers existed in the tales of almost all the American Indian tribes and even in the legends of so-called primitive people all over the world! There were the `Flying Boats' of ancient India and the Orient. The `Flying Boats' and the `Havmusuvs' of the Paiutes and Navajos in the American Southwest. The `Little Wise People' of the Sioux, Mandan, Cherokee and many other tribes. The strange, almost forgotten tales of Poseid (Atlantis), Lemuria, Mu, and Pan the Lost Continents where men had the knowledge of `Flying Ships.' And in the Holy Bible itself I found an obvious reference to saucers in the Old Testament, Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, Chapter 1.

I returned to Arizona in the spring of 1952 and decided to continue my research, hoping to find some of the answers, at least, to the age-old mystery of the saucers and wheels. What were they? Where did they come from? What--if anything--was inside? What were they here for? I knew that somewhere there were answers to these and other questions. I wanted to find out.

I joined my wife in Prescott, Arizona. She had been conducting her own research in anthropology near Tucson, Arizona, and had her own across many strange tales also. We then began to read everything that had ever been published on the saucer phenomena. Keyhoe, Heard, Scully, Arnold, Palmer, and others.

During the summer months the saucers were headlined again and again. This time they were seen over the Washington Capitol mad were even picked-up on radarscopes.

One evening in late summer, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Bailey of Winslow, Arizona, came to visit with my wife and I in Prescott. I had corresponded with Al and Betty and knew them to be people interested in ancient history, philosophy, and anthropology. Al was employed by the Santa Fe Railways Company, but antiquities had always fascinated him and he made quite a hobby of it.

We discussed my research work in the Northern United States and what I had discovered while there. Inevitably, the conversation got around to saucers. Neither the Baileys nor my wife and I were absolutely certain as to what they might be. We did know, however, that the so-called official statements regarding them were very absurd and only confused the entire matter. A noted South American scientist claimed they were corpuscles passing over the retina of the eye. Another said they were seeking cotton puff balls floating in the New Mexico skies from Texas. Others said they were flying hub-caps, tow-targets, weather instruments, temperature inversion, etc.

We both had always believed that other worlds must be inhabited. Even most astronomers agree on that point. So, we decided that if the saucers were piloted by intelligent beings, they must be wiser than we. They must be, for they have developed space craft and we have not. Therefore, they would be able to understand our language by now and our code systems as well. This seems difficult for most people to understand. They ask, 'But how can the "saucerians" speak English?' Let me say it is not impossible by any means. We speak a language, don't we? And we learned it as children by hearing it spoken. As we get older it is harder for us to learn a language but we can learn it, nevertheless. Are we to limit them to our own intelligence? We have already proven that they are much wiser than we. But let us say for a moment that they are only as intelligent as we are (perish the thought). They then could learn our language in about six months by merely listening to it. Anthropology can explain this fact easily.

If one goes into a foreign land and wishes to learn the language of that land, he finds someone who is bilingual to teach him. However, if no one there understands him and he doesn't understand them, he has no alternative but to listen to them day in and day out. After about six months (this varies with different individuals, of course) he will begin to know what they are talking about. Sometime later he will learn to speak the language himself. So, you see, it is not too difficult to understand how they can speak our languages or know our code systems.

If there were intelligent beings in those saucers they must be observing our world--listening to everything we say by monitoring our radio broadcasts. We wondered what their purpose in coming to Earth was. We didn't think it conceivable that with countless planets in space they would desire our beloved Earth that we have contaminated for so many centuries. Besides, if they have been coming here for so long, why didn't they invade and conquer us when we were quite harmless with our bow and arrow playthings? Certainly they wouldn't wait until we had developed atomic weapons of war! Therefore, we knew that they had not traversed millions of miles of space for conquest.

We spent the rest of our evening together in Prescott enjoying a line supper in town and entertaining ourselves with certain games and parlour tricks. One amusing pastime known to many families as a diverting trick is automatic writing. We thought it would be fun to try it. We had heard that the idea was for one or two people to hold a pencil over a sheet of paper and then see if it would write some sort of a message. Although there are some who seriously consider the writing obtained in this manner to be genuine spirit communication, we never had such thoughts in our minds. We were just doing what many people will do in their own parlour for an evening's entertainment. In truth, since our dinner, we had just about forgotten the elusive saucers, and now were having a good time. What we did not know was the people of other worlds were watching and waiting f or a sign of receptivity on the part of their brothers on Earth, standing by and ready with their superior equipment to contact any and all who sought the answer to their presence in the skies of Earth. Little did we know what we had started with our simple little amusement. It was to change our entire life!

If what we were receiving through automatic writing was true, then there would be answers to many questions. Had we, through our intense desire to know more about the saucers, actually contacted the intelligence behind them? It didn't seem at all possible, but how could we be sure?

For centuries man on Earth has pondered the debatable question: Is there life on other worlds? If so, and this life is human, are there homes and cities where men live, love and work? We looked up into black space, pin-pointed with millions of these worlds, and wondered.