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01 Prologue

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1 Prologue

This documentary report on communication with space craft in the Earth’s atmosphere covers the period from 2 August 1952 until February 1953.

Communication was also established with several planets in our own Solar System and with space craft in our atmosphere from other Solar Systems.

For the most part, all messages were received in International Morse Code through radiotelegraphy. There was one instance, where radiotelephony was employed by the space craft intelligences.

The egotistical idea that our puny Earth is the hub of the universe should have died out with Ptolemaic or Earth-centre theory. If we believe in Infinity then there must be billions upon billions of earths and solar systems. It can be concluded by reason alone that other planets, many exceeding this Earth in magnitude, are not vacant masses, created only to be borne along and revolve around the Sun, and shine just for the pleasure of men on Earth. The Creator has created the Universe for no other end than that the human race may exist. Wherever there is an earth, there are or will be men.

Science knows that there are at least 1,000,000 other planetary systems in our own Milky Way Galaxy. A lot of room for a lot of people. Spectroscopic analysis, and our own misconceptions and conceit are the only factors against life on other worlds. We take intense delight in thinking of ourselves as Lords of Creation and in some cases, even deny the Creator Himself. Our egotism chokes and blinds us to reality and we deny what we know in our heart to be true. The spectroscope is inaccurate and this fact has been known and proven many times. The great observatories of our world, dedicated to scientific truth know that the other planets are inhabited by men and they know what the flying saucers are, too!

We are not the only ones who have been fortunate enough to make contact with the saucer intelligences. There are many other devoted and sincere workers throughout the world who are receiving messages by radiotelegraphy and other methods. The valuable information in their possession is almost identical with ours in every case.

These messages constitute a warning to men on the planet of the third orbit or Earth. There isn’t any threat of invasion; but as a father warns a child of danger, these people who are wiser than we, are telling us we have already done untold damage to our world through the use of Atomic Energy. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say, the misuse of that energy. The space craft intelligences know exactly what our insane experimentation has done in the past and they know the prevailing conditions on earth at this time.

Look at the increase in tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, plane crashes, sea disasters, the strange world-wide weather, and the recent floods in Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. We have but to look about us and we immediately know what we have done.

It is realized that many will not believe this report and will therefore reject it. But, there will be many more who will believe and who will accept its message and attempt to warn the world. We are not trying to prove anything to anyone. We have received this information from a great and noble people, and it is our duty to give it to our fellowman in truth.

Read the following account with an open mind. Think about it seriously, for it is a message in a time of world unrest.

This work is dedicated to the Brotherhood of Man in answer to the desperate need of a stricken world. In profound humility we thank those who have come a great distance to aid us at this time. Those who desire and seek truth have called this work forth, and for them it was recorded.

Prescott, Arizona
15 February 1953